How to Attack the Hidden Market Problem in Job Search

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Everywhere on LinkedIn you will read the {Hidden Market Problem} of 90% of the Market being invisible, but not one telling you how you should to attack it, except Networking. But they failed to explain how.

Well, Here I am going to exposed what I have been doing about for my clients, but first, let´s explain the problem for those of you unaware of it, since it has a heavy impact on Job Search...

The {Hidden Market Problem} has to do with the unknown dynamics of the Recruiting & Selection process as seen from the company side, and not from the Job Seeker side.

Seen from the Perspective of the Company, the Process is as Follows:

  1. Job Requisition to HR from the Internal Hiring Manager: "The Owner the Circus". Obviously the Job Position mus be within the approved organizational budget or famous Headcount.
  2. HR Units receive Job Requisition, verify Job Description, Validate Profile Parameters both Technical and Personality wise, and proceed to draft Job Post to used be used in the Recruiting Process.
  3. If the Company have policies on Internal Recruiting and it does good on Training & Development and Shadow Planning, it may even happens that the Job Post never makes to the market, because someone in the company will be promoted.
  4. In very large Companies, the Job Post will be posted for at least a month, and no external action will be taken after they consider there are not internal qualified potential candidates ready to be promoted, or at least developable.
  5. So far, at this Point the Job Post is at least 1 month old.
  6. If Internal Recruiting fails, and there no exist suitable candidates, then HR Unit dives into the Internal Data Base of External Candidates.
  7. If Internal Data Base of Company Career Center fails, then...
  8. Company activates its Referral Program which consists in Bonus Rewards to anyone who refer someone who ends up being hired. Here another month will go by.
  9. If Referral Programs failed, then the Job Post will be made externally available to the market, and it is a this point that you can see it if it published on a formal Job Board. It is posted within the network of the Recruiters involved, then you may not even be able to see it, unless you process the time line of your network and you happen to be following them.
  10. If the posting publicly on Job Board or Networks fail, then the HR Unit may decide to hire an external Recruiter, Headhunter or Agency to get rid of the problem. If the assignment goes into Headhunters you probably will not know about it, since Real Headhunters always work on Stealth Mode.

Now that you understand the Dynamics behind and you have a grasp of the Problem, how do you go about solving it?

  • For a given Country Market, Run LinkedIn Search Engine with the appropriate "Kewords", then choose the Job Tab, apply filters. Go through all of post until you reach 3 months old data. For Non LinkedIn Market Data, contact me here to construct you a Google Custom Search Engine
  • With respect to the Hidden Market, activate the search within the Tab called "Content" within the LinkedIn Search Engine. Make sure to include "Kewords"+Location, That is the trick to cut down the volume of posts. Also make sure to Keep active communications at least once a month with your own Network. If you do not know how to do it, just drop me a line, here. I have several tools to do the Job.
    See my post on

    Your Feedback is Valuable to improve this Presentation. Not sure if everyone will follow me.

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I hate working real jobs and I hate the traditional job searching methods ... oh wait, I'm in cryptos heavily ... so don't need or want to work real jobs haha.

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