Are all of these experiments like Project Rainbow, Philadelphia Experiment, Montauk related to the Aero Clubs of old? What was Charles Dellschau depicting in his art? Who were Dolbear, Tillman, Keely and Solomon Andrews? Tesla connect? Prt 2

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This is part 2 continued from part 1 found here because it goes so deep!

Carlos Miguel Allende (who also identified himself as "Carl M. Allen" in another correspondence) who claimed to have witnessed a secret World War II experiment at the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard. In this experiment, Allende claimed the destroyer escort USS Eldridge was rendered invisible, teleported to New York, teleported to another dimension where it encountered aliens, and teleported through time, resulting in the deaths of several sailors, some of whom were fused with the ship's hull.[6] Jessup dismissed Allende as a "crackpot".

So if he's just a "crackpot," (interesting phrasing up BTW) then why this? Why the attention? Do you give attention to hoax's and crackpots are do the nefarious have reasons for trying to quash what they have to say?

In early 1957 Jessup was contacted by the Office of Naval Research (ONR) in Washington, D.C., who had received a parcel containing a paperback copy of The Case for the UFO in a manila envelope marked "Happy Easter." The book had been extensively annotated in its margins, written with three different shades of pink ink, appearing to detail a correspondence among three individuals, only one of whom is given a name: "Jemi." The ONR labelled the other two "Mr. A." and "Mr. B."

So just what IS Space after all? Is it what people have been taught to believe and if that is the case, why all the messing around with other dimensions through Large Hadron Colliders? What are they trying to access? If you ask, you will find other entities and anti matter. What is the anti to God's creation? Who is always looking for a facsimile, a fake, his own distorted creation if you will? You know who, the one God refers in the Bible as that serpent of old, that Great Dragon? So what is going on? You decide!

Does it seem like Jessup is getting some great book deals out of this or is it just me seeing the schematic?

There were oblique references to the Philadelphia Experiment (one example is that "Mr. B." reassures his fellow annotators who have highlighted a certain theory which Jessup advanced)

The ONR (Office of Naval Research) funded a small printing of 100 copies of the volume by the Texas-based Varo Manufacturing Company, which later became known as the Varo edition, with the annotations therefore known as the Varo annotations. Why did they do that? What's in it for them and the picture they are trying to create?

Jessup tried to publish more books on the subject of UFOs, but was unsuccessful. Losing his publisher and experiencing a succession of downturns in his personal life led him to commit suicide in Florida on April 30, 1959.

In 1963 Vincent Gaddis published a book of Forteana, titled Invisible Horizons: True Mysteries of the Sea. In it he recounted the story of the experiment from the Varo annotations.

George E. Simpson and Neal R. Burger published a 1978 novel titled Thin Air. In this book, set in the present day, a Naval Investigative Service officer investigates several threads linking wartime invisibility experiments to a conspiracy involving matter transmission technology.

Large-scale popularization of the story came about in 1979 when the author Charles Berlitz, who had written a best selling book on the Bermuda Triangle, and his co-author, ufologist William L. Moore, published The Philadelphia Experiment: Project Invisibility, which purported to be a factual account.[10] The book expanded on stories of bizarre happenings, lost unified field theories by Albert Einstein, and government coverups, all based on the Allende/Allen letters to Jessup.

Moore and Berlitz devoted one of the last chapters in The Philadelphia Experiment: Project Invisibility to "The Force Fields Of Townsend Brown," namely the experimenter and then-U.S. Navy technician Thomas Townsend Brown. Paul LaViolette's 2008 book Secrets of Antigravity Propulsion also recounts some mysterious involvement of Townsend Brown.

The story was adapted into a 1984 time travel film called The Philadelphia Experiment, directed by Stewart Raffill. Though only loosely based on the prior accounts of the "Experiment", it served to dramatize the core elements of the original story. In 1990, Alfred Bielek, a self-proclaimed former crew-member of USS Eldridge and an alleged participant in the Experiment, supported the version as it was portrayed in the film. He added details of his claims through the Internet, some of which were picked up by mainstream news outlets.

So the questions remain, are these just. .

  • one more attempt at a government cover-up?

*Hoax's create out of thin air?

You decide! This caught my eye,

The experiment was allegedly based on an aspect of some unified field theory, a term coined by Albert Einstein to describe a class of potential theories; such theories would aim to describe — mathematically and physically — the interrelated nature of the forces of electromagnetism and gravity, in other words, uniting their respective fields into a single field.

According to some accounts, unspecified "researchers" thought that some version of this field would enable using large electrical generators to bend light around an object via refraction, so that the object became completely invisible. The Navy regarded this of military value and it sponsored the experiment.

Your question should be and likely is WHY?

Go back and look at what eye witnesses stated about JFKjr's Piper Saratoga that crashed, what was then covered up, who swooped in to keep details hidden and who sealed information regarding the plane and details about the crash.

Next up, look at what eyewitnesses (farmers in the area) who witnessed the main investigator in the case of the Franklin Cover-up which reached into the highest levels of government (all over the world if people are honest) and as he was traveling back with his 8 year old son, his Piper Saratoga also crashed. He had evidence regarding child sex trafficking and SRA. Look at what eye witnesses saw, what was verified to be published, then what was scrubbed. WHY?

Take a look at that video on Montauk I dropped up above as it is all laid out in there and the video description has numerous sources for back up and further study.

Another unattributed version of the story proposes that researchers were preparing magnetic and gravitational measurements of the seafloor to detect anomalies, supposedly based on Einstein's attempts to understand gravity. In this version, there were also related secret experiments in Nazi Germany to find anti-gravity, allegedly led by SS-Obergruppenführer Hans Kammler.

Now you have to remember, where did these top scientists come from? You know where, Hitler's top scientists from Project Paperclip.

So our government furthered them? Wanted their research? No, say it isn't so! Yet there IT IS!

Now as you know, you have to go back in order to go forward so take a look at who was Really funding Hitler! What was the True History of the Bush Family?

Did a deep diver here,
The true history Bush family, George H.W. Bush and the role his family played in WWII

Then look into this to see what was ahead of Project Paperclip and to learn more about Paperclip, all Fully sourced!

Hans Kammler
He was a German Civil Engineer who oversaw SS construction projects and towards the end of World War II was put in charge of the V-2 missile and jet programmes.

In 1919, after volunteering for army service, he served in the Rossbach Freikorps. From 1919 to 1923, he studied civil engineering at the Technische Hochschule der Freien Stadt Danzig and Munich and was awarded his Dr.-Ing. in November 1932.

Kammler joined the Nazi Party (NSDAP) in 1931 and held a variety of administrative positions after the Nazi government came to power in 1933, initially as head of the Aviation Ministry's building department. He joined the SS (no. 113,619) on 20 May 1933. In 1934, he was a councillor for the Reich's Interior Ministry.

In 1934, he also was the leader of the Reichsbund der Kleingärtner und Kleinsiedler (Reich's federation of small gardeners and landowners).

Now I would say That is very Useful considering what is needed to run operations and the fact that the human biological system's fuel is food!

Kammler oversaw Office D (administration of the concentration camp system), and was also Chief of Office C, which designed and constructed all the concentration and extermination camps. In this latter capacity he oversaw the installation of more efficient cremation facilities at Auschwitz-Birkenau as part of the camp's conversion to an extermination camp.

Kammler was also charged with constructing facilities for various secret weapons projects, including manufacturing plants and test stands for the Messerschmitt Me 262 and V-2. Following the Allied bombing raids on Peenemünde in Operation Hydra, in August 1943, Kammler assumed responsibility for the construction of mass-production facilities for the V-2. He started moving these production facilities underground, which resulted in the Mittelwerk facility and its attendant concentration camp complex, Mittelbau-Dora, which housed slave labour for constructing the factory and working on the production lines. The project was pushed ahead under enormous time pressures despite the consequences for the slave laborers employed on it. Kammler's motto at the time was reportedly, "Don't worry about the victims. The work must proceed ahead in the shortest time possible".

**The V-2 **(German: Vergeltungswaffe 2, "Retribution Weapon 2"), with the technical name Aggregat 4 (A4), was the world's first long-range guided ballistic missile.The missile, powered by a liquid-propellant rocket engine, was developed during the Second World War in Germany as a "vengeance weapon."

in March 1944 Kammler had Göring appoint him as his delegate for "special buildings" under the fighter aircraft programme, which made him one of the war economy's most important managers.

On 8 October 2019, an American lawyer, Dean Reuter, along with co-authors Colm Lowery and Keith Chester, published "The Hidden Nazi: The Untold Story of America's Deal with the Devil."

USS Eldridge was fitted with the required equipment at the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard. Testing began in the summer of 1943, and it was supposedly successful to a limited extent. One test resulted in Eldridge being rendered nearly invisible, with some witnesses reporting a "greenish fog" appearing in its place.

Crew members complained of severe nausea afterwards. Also, reportedly, when the ship reappeared, some sailors were embedded in the metal structures of the ship, including one sailor who ended up on a deck level below that where he began and had his hand embedded in the steel hull of the ship, as well as some sailors who went "completely bananas." There is also a claim the experiment was altered after that point at the request of the Navy, limiting it to creating a stealth technology that would render USS Eldridge invisible to radar.[citation needed] None of these allegations have been independently substantiated.

The conjecture then claims that the equipment was not properly re-calibrated, but that in spite of this, the experiment was repeated on October 28, 1943. This time, Eldridge not only became invisible, but it disappeared from the area in a flash of blue light and teleported to Norfolk, Virginia, over 200 miles (320 km) away. It is claimed that Eldridge sat for some time in view of men aboard the ship SS Andrew Furuseth, whereupon Eldridge vanished and then reappeared in Philadelphia at the site it had originally occupied. It was also said that the warship went approximately ten minutes back in time.

What ensues are side effects known to be experienced by alleged witnesses who were victims to the Montauk Experiments. Consider watching Stranger Things to get an idea of how deep it all goes.

It is also claimed that the ship's crew may have been subjected to brainwashing, to maintain the secrecy of the experiment.

An earlier theory was that "the foundation for the apocryphal stories arose from degaussing experiments which have the effect of making a ship undetectable or 'invisible' to magnetic mines." Another possible origin of the stories about levitation, teleportation and effects on human crew might be attributed to experiments with the generating plant of the destroyer USS Timmerman (DD-828), whereby a higher-frequency generator produced corona discharges, although none of the crew reported suffering effects from the experiment.

The USS Eldridge was not commissioned until August 27, 1943, and it remained in port in New York City until September 1943. The October experiment allegedly took place while the ship was on its first shakedown cruise in the Bahamas.

Interesting. . . the Bahamas!

Researcher Jacques Vallée[19] describes a procedure on board USS Engstrom, which was docked alongside the Eldridge in 1943. The operation involved the generation of a powerful electromagnetic field on board the ship in order to deperm or degauss it, with the goal of rendering the ship undetectable or "invisible" to magnetically fused undersea mines and torpedoes.

This system was invented by a Canadian, Charles F. Goodeve, when he held the rank of commander in the Royal Canadian Naval Volunteer Reserve, and the Royal Navy and other navies used it widely during World War II. British ships of the era often included such degaussing systems built into the upper decks (the conduits are still visible on the deck of HMS Belfast in London, for example). Degaussing is still used today.

Degaussing is the process of decreasing or eliminating a remnant magnetic field.It is named after the gauss, a unit of magnetism, which in turn was named after Carl Friedrich Gauss.

Interesting. . .what did Tesla work on?

The Navy claims that the naval destroyer the Eldridge was never in Philly! Why is Philadelphia so Important? Is Pennsylvania the Keystone state?

According to Naval History and Heritage Command,

The ship involved in the experiment was supposedly the USS Eldridge. The Archives has reviewed the deck log and war diary from Eldridge's commissioning on 27 August 1943 at the New York Navy Yard through December 1943. The following description of Eldridge's activities are summarized from the ship's war diary.

After commissioning, Eldridge remained in New York and in the Long Island Sound until 16 September when it sailed to Bermuda. From 18 September, the ship was in the vicinity of Bermuda undergoing training and sea trials until 15 October when Eldridge left in a convoy for New York where the convoy entered on 18 October.

Eldridge remained in New York harbor until 1 November when it was part of the escort for Convoy UGS-23 (New York Section). On 2 November the convoy entered Naval Operating Base, Norfolk.

On 3 November, Eldridge and Convoy UGS-23 left for Casablanca where it arrived on 22 November. On 29 November, Eldridge left as one of escorts for Convoy GUS-22 and arrived with the convoy on 17 December at New York harbor. Eldridge remained in New York on availability training and in Block Island Sound until 31 December when it steamed to Norfolk with four other ships. During this time frame, Eldridge was never in Philadelphia.

Screen Shot 2020-10-22 at 10.23.14 AM.png

Screen Shot 2020-10-22 at 10.23.36 AM.png

A copy of Eldridge's complete World War II action report and war diary coverage, including the remarks section of the 1943 deck log, is held by the Archives on microfilm, NRS-1978-26. The original file is held by the National Archives.

Supposedly, the crew of the civilian merchant ship SS Andrew Furuseth observed the arrival via teleportation of the Eldridge into the Norfolk area. Andrew Furuseth's movement report cards are in the Tenth Fleet records in the custody of the Modern Military Branch, National Archives and Records Administration, (8601 Adelphi Road, College Park, MD 20740-6001), which also has custody of the action reports, war diaries and deck logs of all World War II Navy ships, including Eldridge.

You don't suppose there's something they're keeping hidden about Magnetism do you?

What about the Aeroships and secret Aero clubs of yesteryear?

Who is Charles Dellschau, what secret society club did he belong to?

From a T. Benjamin twitter thread,

Screen Shot 2020-10-22 at 10.32.02 AM.png

Screen Shot 2020-10-22 at 10.32.41 AM.png

Screen Shot 2020-10-22 at 10.33.25 AM.png

I found evidence of these secret society clubs existing.

This in my Andrews article,

Screen Shot 2020-10-22 at 10.34.52 AM.png

Screen Shot 2020-10-22 at 10.35.37 AM.png

In 1882, Dolbear was able to communicate over a distance of a quarter of a mile without wires in the Earth. His device relied on conduction in the ground, which was different from later radio transmissions that used electromagnetic radiation. He received a U.S. patent for a wireless telegraph in March of that year. His set-up used phones grounded by metal rods poked into the earth. His transmission range was at least as much as a half a mile.

Screen Shot 2020-10-22 at 10.40.20 AM.png

Also in that Andrews article I dropped earlier,

In 1868 Dolbear (while a professor at Bethany College) invented the electrostatic telephone. He also invented the opeidoscope (an instrument for visualizing vibration of sound waves, using a mirror mounted on a membrane) and a system of incandescent lighting. He authored several books, articles, and pamphlets, and was recognized for his contributions to science at both the Paris Exposition in 1881 and the Crystal Palace Exposition in 1882.

Some key people to look into as I did in that article,

Screen Shot 2020-10-22 at 10.36.06 AM.png

Tillman was recalled from previous mandatory retirement to serve as superintendent of the United States Military Academy for the duration of conflict which became known as World War I.

Tillman alternating tours between teaching assignments at the academy and surveying the last unexplored portions of the American West. In addition to involvement in expeditions to explore and map parts of the western states of Arizona, California, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, and Utah, Tillman was detailed for a year as assistant astronomer on the national expedition to Northern Tasmania observe the Transit of Venus. In late 1878, Tillman became the sixtieth of the founding members of Washington, D.C.'s Cosmos Club, but resigned in 1881, after he was given permanent assignment at West Point as professor of chemistry, mineralogy, and geology.

903, legend of Tesla working on tech. He did work on antigravity technology.

Tesla did receive what he said were intelligent signals from space a decade later from Mars.
Jonathan Batista was aware of this.
He wondered what if the signals Tesla heard were actually from this secret group that attempted their flight to Mars.
What if they survived? What if it worked?

Are there remnants of a civilization on Mars? Did the 1903 group break away and make the technology their own?

The 1903 group would have been opposed to the NYMZA.

Steven Romano runs a gallery in New York and they did a book on Charles Dellschau's art work from his scrapbooks.

Dellschau did hundreds. One drawing date backs between 1890's and that man's name was Trump and it does have the name Trump in the Aero. His ancestors from Germany did immigrant from there to here.

Solomon Andrews in the 1860's could have been a member of the Sornora Aero Club or one of the other clubs. Andrews was called the Aeron and Dellschau Aero. Were they all working on the Black Ops project? Trump's known ancestor was in the US from the 1880's so a Trump could have been involved in the 1890's mystery.

Tesla was involved in

It makes sense that NYMZA would back the Bush dynasty and Clinton machine. Who would stand up to them? the 1903.

Is THIS. . .the 1903, the group who helped Trump take on such a machine?

School of Radionics archival interview with John Trump.

He mentions working for Weston and consulting Vannevar Bush.

This is getting long, so you will have to go to the article drop to see more.

Lost of Trump placement's in Dellschau's work including a Trump Train and various similarities between his work and some Travelers.

Screen Shot 2020-04-06 at 11.27.38 AM.png

Interesting as this was just One of Dellschau's pieces of artwork he drew in the late 1800's which appears to be connected to the Sonora Aero Club as it was done in one of the discarded scrapbooks saved from the rubbish heap in which Charles drew many Aeroships!

Will be covering more on Charles Dellschau linked to a Secret Aerospace club, his art looks like spaceships and an aircraft Keely demonstrated to Scientists in 1872

He described an alternative fuel source (wonder if this had anything to do with the Secret Aero club's supp or supe or suppe as Dellschau described) as originally described as "vaporic" or "etheric" force, and later as an unnamed force based on "vibratory sympathy", by which he produced "interatomic ether" from water and air.

On September 20, 1884 Keely demonstrated a "vaporic gun" at Sandy Hook to a party of Government officials. He said that he had brought with him five gallons of "vaporic force" in a "receiver" which, if the experiments were successful, would show that no bogus aids had been used.

It is said that The gun was also tested by firing against three 3 in (76 mm) thick spruce planks and penetrated the first and went halfway through the second. Keely said that he had used a pressure of 7,000 psi and could use 30,000 psi.

On the following day, Keely met with a reporter to whom he declared that his experimenting days were over and that complete success was close. He announced that his motor would be completed in less than two months and that he would then make a public exhibition of its powers.

The vaporic gun failed to impress Lieutenant E.L. Zalinski, who had witnessed the demonstration. He told the President of the Keely Motor Company, A.R. Edey, that with the same apparatus he could perform the same experiments with compressed air, and go even further than Keely had gone. Edey said he would "speak about it to Mr. Keely," but offer was not accepted. Zalinski said that none of the experiments at Sandy Hook showed that Keely had discovered a new force.

Why was there a need to code this? What are your thoughts?

Why do the "powers that be" push John Ernst Worrell Keely as a fraudulent, deceptive figure? Why did they try to bury his work and tarnish his reputation? What are they not telling us?

For example,

Do some comparisons to Baron Trump's Marvelous Underground Adventures and the following along with Dellschau's work along with Tesla's discoveries and drawings. Very Interesting!

Screen Shot 2020-04-05 at 10.45.19 PM.png

Screen Shot 2020-04-06 at 11.34.22 AM.png

Never Ever forget. ..the song which was originally called a PSA (Public Service Announcement) speaks of what started it all OFF! We are seeing the rest of this song from the 80's play out in real time Now. How did they Know?

Listen to and watch the lyrics. Uncanny, Eerie? Creepy even? You decide!

But bear in mind, if you look up the Official lyrics. ..they say trump!

It's the End of the World As We KNOW it!

Broke all of this down in here or check out the article if you prefer to read/skim. Fully Sourced!

Behind the curtain see 2 events 1 in U.S., other China held on the same day. See Corona Timeline

ALL THREE former senators who met with suspicious deaths were looking into problems with Child Protective Services (CPS)!

Connecting video reports and articles,

Montauk, Aleister Crowley's visit to the island, JFKjr, cousins summer at compound, Camp Hero, Plum

Guess what IT'S THE END OF THE WORLD , originally done as a PSA or Public Service Announcement was mirrored after?

The words come from everywhere." Stipe explained to Q Magazine in 1992. "I'm extremely aware of everything around me, whether I am in a sleeping state, awake, dream-state or just in day to day life, so that ended up in the song along with a lot of stuff I'd seen when I was flipping TV channels. It's a collection of streams of consciousness.”

More on Bush family connected in here and it's KEY! Skeleton key perhaps?
Facebook Frames The BIG lie, con, Greatest Deception! Who were nicknamed Gog and Magog in their "Secret Society" as Bonesmen? Who heralds death and who heralds LIFE?

Heads up, as with all the FB frames that I drop, you have to click all the way through to get the Big Picture!
Trust me, it's important to see it all, even if you need to click through Fast. All is Fully sourced!...

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