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So I've been craving roast breadfruit from since the summertime when my wife and I went to Brooklyn to visit my Dad. He happened to be roasting one on the stove while we were there. He served it with mackerel, salt fish and butta beans. Man that meal was delicious, the breadfruit was nice and soft.

Typically breadfruit is roasted outside on a wood fire. Here in the states and especially since its October now, I don't have that option. So this past Saturday I happened to be in Brooklyn to see dad again. Upon leaving I went to the Korean green grocery to get some fruits and veggies for the house. Things are a lot cheaper in Brooklyn than Long Island. It's also a lot easier to find West Indian food products from back home.

So I purchased 2 breadfruit, some scotch bonnet peppers, a hard shell water coconut. Side note (I put the coconut in the fridge for a couple hours, bored a hole in it with the drill. The juice was so cold and refreshing)

Anyhow I watched a video on how to make breadfruit on the stove. Trust I was hella nervous, but I got it done. I should of took more pics, especially of the finished product. It came out ok but wasn't really to my liking. My wife enjoyed it though, but she's American lol. Being from Jamaica I'm used to better. I'll do this a couple more times, because hey practice makes perfect.

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Disclosure: If you are roasting breadfruit on the stove, please supervise the activity at all times and do so in a well-ventilated room!


You scorch it on the stove directly, not on a griddle? could you roast it in the oven?

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Yes on the stove directly, and you can roast it in the oven

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Great post, I am going to have to ask @reggaesteem to include this in the next post of the week. It's just missing a disclosure, if you are roasting breadfruit on the stove, please supervise the activity at all times and do so in a well-ventilated room!

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Thank you. Btw I added the disclosure lol

Man I could go for some breadfruit and ackee right now! Never seen it done on the stove like that but my parents did it in the oven, turns out really good.

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I was gonna use the oven until I saw the video with using the electric stovetop. My dad used a gas stovetop.

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@babarakas43, It's reflecting as an Planet which is hit by Asteroid Ball. 😁 😁

Enjoy your time ahead and stay blessed.

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Very amazing and interesting! I haven't eaten roast breadfruit like this before. Thanks so much for sharing. ;)

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delicious fruit of Bread or Bread of poor as it is known in some other countries this fruit is very nutritious and beneficial for health I congratulate you good post ..

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