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This post is part of a series of regular updates which will promote challenges, tags and initiatives that are being run by authors based in Ireland. We will also keep you updated of upcoming meetups.
If your based in Ireland and wish to be included in the next roundup please contact me on or discord @eroche, or leave a message on this post.


Photo Challenge

Image Source @spoofnix

@rickyjrx runs a weekly photo challenge on Steemit. Each week he comes up with an interesting theme and has been getting great entries. I find these challenges a great way to get inspiration for posts. There is also has a weekly prize which makes this one attractive.

  • The tag to find these posts is "#rickysphotochallenge"

Culture Vulture Challenge

Image Source @eroche

I have been running a monthly Culture Vulture Challenge since last month, where you can feast on Culture from around the world. This is a Steemit community effort and I have been getting great help from @boxcarblue and some significant donations from other Steemit community members for the monthly prize fund. There are some exciting announcements to come for this challenge in the coming weeks. Stay tuned.

  • The tag to find these posts is "#culturevulture"

BISteemit Tag and Challenges

Image Source @paulag
@paulag has rallied the datascience community together under the "#bisteemit" tag. There is daily posts coving all apsects of Steemit data. This tag is still in its early days but is sure to become an important source of BI for the community.
  • The tag to find these posts is "#bisteemit"


Image Source @votu

Every week @beanz hosts the VOTU (Voices of the Underground) podcast with @sirlunchthehost. Be sure to check this out, they have some very interesting people on each week. Their intro post can be found at Who are the VOICES of the UNDERGROUND ?

Regular Series


There are already 3 people confirmed going from Ireland to Steemfest in Portugal, @beanz, @demotruk and me @eroche. @fiveboringgames and @ishtar are possibilities.
Will you join us?
Check out the post by @roelandp if you want more information on the lineup
SteemFest² Updates - First names announced - Ticketshop open - First locations revealed - New site is live!

Next Meetup

There will be a meetup in Dublin on 30th of September at 6pm in the Duke Pub. We are going to have a regular meetup on the last Saturday of the month. Save the date. Hope to see you there!

Previous Meetups

For pictures from previous meetups check out

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Nice Nice )) upvoted and following ) the photo shown here by @spoofnix is awesome really !! steem On Ireland )

A great meet up Saturday looking forward to the next one


It was good to meet you Daithi.


You to, where is the destination tonight for your pub review. It is a great idea those @steemit meetups it makes the whole social media aspect so much better....


I didn't make it last night but maybe tonight or tomorrow night I'll head to the Swan pub. Another Victorian gem in the city.

One of the aspects of steemit that sets it apart for me is the interesting people on it, even better if you get to meetup with them. 😀 It was good chatting on Saturday.

Good on team Dublin!

FYI Under @eroche 's culture vulture photo his name is spelled wrong. Should be @eroche not @ruche.


Good spot..


Thanks for catching that. I have updated it.

My whole channel is almost Ireland in one way shape... God, I miss home...

Hi all!

I'm a writer from Dublin and just published chapter 2 of my book "Method For Madness". If yous could resteem and upvote it I would really appreciate it!



Hi. I am sculptor, toy customizer living in Dublin. This is my first week at Steemit so very small fish, but planning to stay here for a while. Hope to meet you in one of the meetups. Happy to see there is more of us :)