Will tomorrow be our day?

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All Ireland Hurling Final day is almost on us. I just spent two hours travelling half way across the country to pick up this golden ticket. Tomorrow I am hoping to see my team lift the Liam MacCarthy cup for the first time since 1973.


Pride & Passion

You may be forgiven for thinking the players are professionals but hurling is not a professional sport.
Players train year round and play for the pride and the honour. The games are almost tribal and because of that magic happens. The game is a game of skill, but it is played with an intense passion and pride, you play for your club, for your county. There is no switching sides, no transfer windows. Generations play for the same team, it is in your blood and you will do anything to win the coveted Liam MacCarty Cup, or get one of those gold Championship Medals. There is no greater honour!

Getting the Ticket

There are so many traditions and rituals to the sport. Getting the ticket is no exception. This year my friends have gotten tickets in raffles, from family, thorough facebook, from contacts in England, you name it.
There is no queuing up or buying online. You almost have to be born into this sport. To get a ticket you need family or a good contact to get a ticket.
Today, at the eleventh hour someone came through for me, I had to meet them in a hotel half way across the country to pick up my ticket. It will be worth it. We have been waiting since 1973, and I don’t want to miss this year. The closest we came to win was back in 1994, 6 points up with 5 minutes to go, people had left thinking it was all over but that is how quickly a game of hurling can change. It is end to end stuff, and the greatest spectacle to watch.

Match Day

Traditionally All Ireland Final day is the day when the Culchies decend on Dublin with the sandwiches and flasks of tea.
This year is a bit unusual, match day is in August, a few weeks early. I live in Dublin now so the trip to Croke Park is shorter than it has been in the past but I am really looking forward to the day.

See you in Croke Park!

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Galway or Limerick ? Anyways have a good one :))


Up Limerick 😁


go on Limerick then! :P

Superb, very awesome keep the hard work up

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¡very good post!

Enjoy the day 😀.

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Im a clare man living in galway so kind of torn on this one. I normally would support galway in the match but after being at the two semi final matches its hard to like them at the moment.

It would be nice to see limerick win. I like their team and its been so long that it would be some result for them.


Im a clare man living in galway so kind of torn on this one.

Ah that is a tough one. It has been some championship this year. Up Limerick!


Congrats on the win. I know how much it means to everybody and it was a long time coming so im sure you will enjoy it for a long time to come.


What a nail biting finish to the game. I can't believe we hung on.


It would have been a disaster if ye didnt win it. Linerick were by far the best team for 65 minutes. Galway only had joe canning on proper form. I know limerick did panick at the end but after waiting 45 years its to be expected. Thankfully they got over the line and can enjoy it now.


What a nail biting
Finish to the game. I can't
Believe we hung on.

                 - eroche

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You from Limerick?
Enjoy the match! Will be watching on TV!


I am from Limerick. Really looking forward to the match. It will be a close encounter I feel.