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We've been pretty busy preparing for SteemFest, releasing the SMT testnet, and wrapping up the MVP of Communities, but don't think we forgot about The Steemit Podcast.

Dan Simerman

We were super excited to interview the Head of Financial Relations for IOTA, Dan Simerman. IOTA is the first open-source distributed ledger that is being built to power the future of the Internet of Things with fee-less micro-transactions and data integrity for machines.

In this 20 minute interview, Dan and our Head of Communications, @andrarchy, discuss a wide range of issues like their solution to the Trilema (Coordicide), their work to establish IOTA as an open standard, how Dan thinks about IOTA from a marketing perspective, and the surprising parallels between IOTA and Steem.

Audio Only Version

One thing to note is that in the interview @andrarchy talks about SMTs being released "very soon." To clarify, he's referring to the release of SMTs on a testnet which occurred almost two weeks ago. This interview was recorded prior to that release.

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Steem Marketing


IOTA rocks, been on the ICO


Just to say that you have spelt “Financial” wrong in the title photo 💭

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Thanks, the correction should appear shortly

Facial Relations? :D

First curation lol

Flagged because last time I used IOTA it was a tangled Mess! I don't know if it works better these days, but glad I sold out on that mega spike!

How is the ad revenue stream doing?

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One question.
How IOTA as a business is sustainable if there is no fees ? We've seen in the past it doesn't work and everybody needs fees to make their business operations sustainable. ICO money usually gets depleted pretty fast.


Currently (as far as I know) most of their balance is actually effefct of fundraising within IOTA community and (most importantly) their work on integration with multiple products, services and platforms (like solution for electric cars stations, BOSH products, WV cars etc). As they have proper platform live already (IOTA tangle) and knowledge to quickly develop enterprise solutions for other companies they can benefit from there.

@steem.marketing Listened to the audio... Its really informative thanks for making this content!!!! Keep up the good work

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