Mining STEEM Accounts With The INVITE Token....?

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In case you haven't noticed.... The guys at @Oracle-d are some of the sharpest tools in the shed on the STEEM blockchain. After crushing it with the launch of 3Speak, they have been busy working on so many projects it's hard to keep up...

I was poking around the STEEM Telegram group today and then one of Oracle D's developers @wehmoen shows up and posted this...

invite token

Nico (@wehmoen) is the brains behind @Steem.Ninja and a lot of the development taking place with Oracle D...He has a much needed skill of making complicated things look SUPER easy and I know everyone appreciates that. Steem Ninja was brilliant and the first program we recommend to all our students @SteemSavvy

So here's a huge solution that Nico and Oracle D just came up with....

How about using your own Steem Power to MINE Steem accounts?


The Steem-Engine project has opened up SO much for Steem. From Palnet to SportsTalkSocial....To Splintertalk to now...The 'INVITE' Token!

The INVITE token is powered by Steem-Engine and allows you to trade INV for a STEEM account...Currently the exchange is 1 for 1. But what this means is that you can park (delegate) your Steem Power to Steem.Ninja and every week this thing will spit out INV tokens for you.

You can then take these INV tokens and exchange them for STEEM accounts!!



Right now there are only a few Steemians that have delegated (I had to jump in obviously!!!) but I'm sure this will get VERY popular very quickly.

Currently, there will be 300 INV distributed to delegators each pay cycle / week...The more you delegate, the more INV you will earn....This is absolutely HUGE for onboarding people into Steem and essentially, creating even more value for the blockchain.

I'm so pumped for all the exciting things taking place here on STEEM and even more so since the launch of the Steem Engine platform.

I believe we are just scratching the surface of what's coming....

If you aren't yet excited for everything that's going on right now on Steem and Steem-Engine....Check your pulse ;)

Don't delay, jump in and start mining those 'INVITE tokens' today :)

=> Check out Invite by Steem.Ninja Here!

And when you are at it, throw a vote for Witness for @Oracle-D , these guys are doing HUGE things for all of us on STEEM...We should be supporting them as much as we can :)


New to Steem? We can help @SteemSavvy

steem training

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thanks helpie :) you guys rock.

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This is nice way to earn some free accounts and give it to our family and friends. Basically I get an account using my own SP and this is great initiative. Thanks for sharing @jongolson

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for sure. it’s really exciting. we are slowly getting to the point where there is no barrier of entry for people joining steem.

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This is exactly what it is for ::)

I’ve been ‘mining’ account tickets with my RCs, but this makes things so much easier!

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Yeah it's ease of use for me too....Love the simplicity of it all.

How do you mine? Is it similar to how Bitcoin is mined? Can Steem be mined on a laptop without like GPU? I might have some GPU but I mostly have a 4-core 3 GHZ CPU and 4 GB RAM. So, I don't have a lot at the moment for mining, I'm guessing.

nope. just delegate to steem ninja. and it’s automatic :)

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This is a very nice project, they are doing great work

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Indeed. The future is looking bright :)

Tremendously amazing news for this community...!!

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Great to be back from vacation and seeing things like this happening! Continues to show how the community evolves and the protocol demonstrates its flexibility and capabilities! Still not have not found anything close to similar around!

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i thought you were @whatsup similar logo

anyway this is fascinating to have a Invite token, whhat a clever way to use steem-engine

ive been one of the TOP complainers about lack of steem on boarding, I follow teh developments and try to find ways to yell at whale sto create neew instant accounts..... and how steem should be using tools like @steeminvite by @pharesim

so im glad we have someobne tacking teh issue
just please tell @oracle-d and @wehomen about steeminvite by @pharesim and how it lets you plugin your active key to harness account creation mana that many whales are not even utilizing, as there wasn't an easy fornt end for it but i think this can be built into steeminvite now

we can finally use your invite tokens to be like teh gmail invite system

appreciate the comments and resteem :)

oh i’m just but a humble steem servant compared to the legend that is @whatsup :)

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that’s what blows my mind. there is nothing like this on earth. still the world doesn’t know about it. we’ve got something so special here.

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yes man and thats why i think even Facebook might wanna BUY steemit inc or a large stake in steem so they can prove to teh world they do invest in projects for social good, it could be like a pet project of zuccerbergs and he could just buy so much steempower and give top facebook users who work as volunteers, the chance to curate and chance lives with steem accounts holding like 100K SP delegation etc, we could have a big pitch to facebook and see if they can buy steem and maybe buy steemit inc from need and help keep steem alive forever as a sort of charity organization for social good in the back pocket of facebook,

having facebook logos all over steem projects would help our price so much people would invest in steem if facebook was involved.... or maybe reddit is the better target

hey but anyway thanks for the post and im very excited for any new onbaording system.... invitation tokens seem liek something taht can finally work!

Yeah I know why people are upset about Libra and all that, but I think it's great for STEEM....More people will be looking our way, and things like INVITE are going to help for sure....Exciting times ahead!

There are a lot more good things is going on with STEEM right now.

Do you have any idea why we are sleepring down on CMC position man?

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less buying. more selling. that’s all i can think of.

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@jongolson, we only conceived of this idea recently and you have done a fantasic job here of fully understanding what this is in this article, and made your own blog before even we could at @oracle-d :)) amazing work! massive credit to @wehmoen here for doing the hard work to get this out! looking forward to 7th July!

He's an absolute gem for sure...Dude 'gets it' when it comes to making things simple and easy to use....We (the tech-illiterate lol) appreciate that so much....Thanks for all you guys do!

Heheh, he is pretty genius at back end, but on the stupid user side, im the stupid user, and taught him a lot of what he knows by complaining that things aren't simple enough to use. he has finally started to crack it now :)))))

ha ha ha i dunno man. i can give you a run for the money. i have apple products because i can’t screw up ‘one button’ on my phone lol that’s how bad i am lol

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Funny thing is I just created a similar post only half an hour ago..I am glad I came across this post as well because I just learnt about the SportsTalkSocial website. I am sports enthusiast and this has definitely made my day. Thank you.

that’s a great project. i think sportstalksocial caters to a huge niche!

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What an awesome idea! Great job!

absolutely brilliant. such an incentive for people to bring more people into steem. love it.

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Thanks for sharing the news man and for the great write-up!

Just a tiny step before all owners of claimed accounts will be able to sell them on Steem-Engine, even if they are not technically tradable.

ya man. it’s really exciting. the future is looking awesome.

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You know what? For all the complaining and FUD'ing the real OGs of steem are really pushing out some epic products I have to say. While we have problems with the system new solutions are being put forward every day. Really like this one, we know account creation has been a major problem that got worse with the last HF! Well done peeps

it’s awesome. that’s why i will never understand how steem doesn’t get more love. there are so many amazing things happening here.

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Thanks for spreading it across. The payout, is it every day or every week

pretty sure it’s every week. after 7 days :)

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Excellent, I shall delegate!


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I think the project is so beautiful. But I do not understand how to delink here. Thanks..

not sure what you mean by delink?

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How much Steem to delegate for 1 INV token ?

It will fluctuate. Depending on how many people delegate and how much.

I want to make a new account. So, I delegate how much SP or SBD or Steem to or what is delegation? Does it mean giving Steem Ninja all rewards that I would earn during a seven day period in order to earn an invite, AKA ability to create a new Steem account?

I am confused about the details.

It seems that there is an ability to create accounts from the wallet.

So, I'm trying to compare and contrast the different methods there might be for creating additional or secondary accounts.

I registered for a second account like some weeks ago and was not approved.

So, I feel like I should look around for other options.

you can. it looks like it’s about 200 sp or so to get one free account a week. sounds like you have a lot of questions about steem itself. have you checked out @steemsavvy ?

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I only have about 200 SP in my wallet or maybe a little bit more but that's about it. I did register for a second account. But, I will check out @steemsavvy and thanks.

This is only a niche and will not help to onboard the mainstream.

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i think this is perfect for one on one relationships that steemians have with people off chain. so they can set up an account for someone without any barriers.

this is just the beginning. i salute this so much and think we’re starting to see the potential for onboarding becoming seamless.

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Dapps is doing that since last year. Anyway, happy that you enjoy it. ;)

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on @steemhunt you can create instant free account with 15 sp delegation

Yes, the dapps have that ability and we can always find ways to create accounts....This is more of the simplicity of it all. Ease of us and ease of onboarding.

Thank you so much for participating in the Partiko Delegation Plan Round 1! We really appreciate your support! As part of the delegation benefits, we just gave you a 3.00% upvote! Together, let’s change the world!

Can I Invite somebody.? If Yes how. THX

Hmmmm This looks interesting, however, Please excuse my ignorance and I'm sorta playing catch up here as I have only just recently returned to the Steemit Platform, I noticed the regular (original) referral link appears to be inoperative... and so does this functionality replace the original referral programme? Is it now impossible to just simply buy an account with immediate effect. I'm looking for the quickest and most simple way to create a new account, again please excuse my lack of savvyness, I'm getting back in to this after being out of the loop for almost a year. Did you happen to create a video on this subject?

pretty sure he killed this project sadly.

I have just sent in an email to try to shed more light on what's going on with the Steem Ninja project in terms of affiliate link use case and onboarding, Perhaps they will respond with some good news?

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