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RE: Mining STEEM Accounts With The INVITE Token....?

in #invitetokenlast year

@jongolson, we only conceived of this idea recently and you have done a fantasic job here of fully understanding what this is in this article, and made your own blog before even we could at @oracle-d :)) amazing work! massive credit to @wehmoen here for doing the hard work to get this out! looking forward to 7th July!


He's an absolute gem for sure...Dude 'gets it' when it comes to making things simple and easy to use....We (the tech-illiterate lol) appreciate that so much....Thanks for all you guys do!

Heheh, he is pretty genius at back end, but on the stupid user side, im the stupid user, and taught him a lot of what he knows by complaining that things aren't simple enough to use. he has finally started to crack it now :)))))

ha ha ha i dunno man. i can give you a run for the money. i have apple products because i can’t screw up ‘one button’ on my phone lol that’s how bad i am lol

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