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RE: Mining STEEM Accounts With The INVITE Token....?

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Great to be back from vacation and seeing things like this happening! Continues to show how the community evolves and the protocol demonstrates its flexibility and capabilities! Still not have not found anything close to similar around!

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i thought you were @whatsup similar logo

anyway this is fascinating to have a Invite token, whhat a clever way to use steem-engine

ive been one of the TOP complainers about lack of steem on boarding, I follow teh developments and try to find ways to yell at whale sto create neew instant accounts..... and how steem should be using tools like @steeminvite by @pharesim

so im glad we have someobne tacking teh issue
just please tell @oracle-d and @wehomen about steeminvite by @pharesim and how it lets you plugin your active key to harness account creation mana that many whales are not even utilizing, as there wasn't an easy fornt end for it but i think this can be built into steeminvite now

we can finally use your invite tokens to be like teh gmail invite system

appreciate the comments and resteem :)

oh i’m just but a humble steem servant compared to the legend that is @whatsup :)

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that’s what blows my mind. there is nothing like this on earth. still the world doesn’t know about it. we’ve got something so special here.

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yes man and thats why i think even Facebook might wanna BUY steemit inc or a large stake in steem so they can prove to teh world they do invest in projects for social good, it could be like a pet project of zuccerbergs and he could just buy so much steempower and give top facebook users who work as volunteers, the chance to curate and chance lives with steem accounts holding like 100K SP delegation etc, we could have a big pitch to facebook and see if they can buy steem and maybe buy steemit inc from need and help keep steem alive forever as a sort of charity organization for social good in the back pocket of facebook,

having facebook logos all over steem projects would help our price so much people would invest in steem if facebook was involved.... or maybe reddit is the better target

hey but anyway thanks for the post and im very excited for any new onbaording system.... invitation tokens seem liek something taht can finally work!

Yeah I know why people are upset about Libra and all that, but I think it's great for STEEM....More people will be looking our way, and things like INVITE are going to help for sure....Exciting times ahead!

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