Generate up to 10% of truely passive income with STEEM

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Passive income - just a buzzword?

Who doesn't have the dream of earning money in their sleep. Thousands of YouTubers are trying to sell you their guides, and in the end they all come up with the same things. Real estate, dropshipping, blogging. It doesn't speak for their short term memory that their income suggestions are far from passive most of the time.

Dividend Stocks!

This is one of the few types of true passive income. Companies pay out parts of their profits to stakeholders on a regular basis. There are a lot of investors who prefer this type of stocks over non-dividend ones for providing them with a constant cash flow.

Income on STEEM

STEEM offers a lot of ways to generate an income. From posting and curating to automated voting and leasing out your SP. All of them require a bigger or smaller amount of maintenance work though, so they're at most semi-passive.

Best passive income in crypto?

@curangel is set up in a way which eliminates any overhead work for investors who decide to delegate to it. The income is generated by manual curation, using the investment to provide a better experience to the userbase of STEEM and retaining a diverse mixture of content creators. In this way we make sure to put the investments to a good use for the long term, and delegators do not have to worry about supporting value extracting behaviour.

Although the main focus is put on supporting authors, and a small share goes to the curators, delegators to @curangel still can expect a yearly dividend of 8-10% of their investment! Couple this with the future potential of the STEEM token itself, and the possibilities are mind blowing!

How to get involved?

If you are not on STEEM yet, you need to create an account. Get some STEEM, power them up, and delegate them to @curangel. That's it :) Your will receive about 7% in daily liquid payments for your delegation, and about 2% on your STEEM POWER. These values can change over (longer) time, so it doesn't hurt to check on it once a year or so. You can also maximize your returns by regularly delegating what you earned. If you haven't heard about the powers of compounded interest, you should read up on it now!

Are there risks or traps?

Crypto investments are generally high risk. If STEEM fails completely, all your investment is gone. If @curangel stops, your delegation won't create an income any more. Your STEEM won't be liquid, it takes a few days to recall the delegation, and about 13 weeks to fully liquidate your position if you decide to do so.
As always, don't rely on a single post on the internet. We're not investment advisors, this post is written by the guy who developed this service (and uses it himself). Do your own research.

Thank you for your interest in the Curangel project! If you want to help us supporting a wide range of valuable community members and at the same time receive a share of the generated curation rewards, consider sending us a delegation. By doing so, you will also receive the possibility to help us move rewards from overrated posts back to the pool. For more info, check out our introduction post Come and join our Discord! Curangel project is brought to you by witness @pharesim Vote for your witnesses here

Out in the real world 8%-10% return on a passive investment is considered good. If my retirement account, or my kids college savings account does that kind of return over the next 15 years compounded, I can comfortably retire in the Caribbeans.

However, there is a good news and there is a bad news. Which one first, you ask? Well it doesn't matter actually and you will see in a second. The bad news is that the underlying is not USD but Steem. Which in the real world has reputation similar to the currency of Burundi (no offense) or Nigeria (no offense again). I mean if steem tanks, 8% return on investment is meaningless. Therefore, the return is highly speculative. The good news is the SAME. Just because the underlying is highly speculative the investment return can be quite high. For example, the value of the underlying (Steem) can easily double (already, have doubled between Nov 25, 2019 and today, between the two red arrows on the chart).

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Since I am one of the early investor's in Curangel, I can testify, that I have not missed earning even a single day. It deposits to my wallet as clockwork. Since I am not an active poster, I rely heavily on the Curangel return for my total steem return.

Another item I must point out, and it is quite amazing actually. I have never powered down and sold a single steem. Due to my impeccable market timing and thanks to Curangel, today at 0.20 cents, my total steem investment is in the GREEN.

everything said here is my personal opnion and not to be taken as an investment advice

Some thoughts about the Caribbean :)

With a bit of editing and even snappier explanation this would make a good external advert for Steem, to draw new people in!

It really is one of Steem's biggest selling points, delegate to earn a passive income!

Great write up!

Yes, long explanations which only relate to but not directly touch the point I want to make have never been my strength. Hope it's still an acceptable external advert, already shared it on twitter :D

It does the job!

It is tough with Steem, getting that balance right between catchy and explaining in enough depth!

It's well written and clear enough. Learning about a golden opportunity should require attention from the reader :)


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It sure helps create passive income when you have over a million steem in your wallet, whale prevail in this community........Rental income and real estate is one of the best passive income ideas based on monthly income, asset appreciation , and massive tax deductions

Posted via Steemleo

How do you get rental income without buying real estate? You have to invest before you can reap rewards.
The percentages are the same for everyone, of course a higher investment results in a more comfortable income.
The 1M+ steem on the curangel account are delegations from people who already use the service for their investment, the individual amounts differ widely from person to person.

Which asset class you trust more in terms of appreciation, and how your tax man handles them, is not part of this post. And you won't get into the realms of 8%+ p.a. with real estate, especially after substracting costs and time (because, as stated, it's not passive).

Of course you must invest the cash, but buying at the right price in a good market, creating a positive cash flow. Then hiring a good property manager, this creates passive income long term.

So why's half of your previous comment about the necessary investment and whales on steem?

It depends on each individual investors risk profile and future expectations what to invest in. And putting all your eggs into one basket is generally not a good idea. If you think the upside potential of real estate is higher than steem's, or if you are shy of the risk steem naturally includes, that's up to you. Speaking of a "best" seems weird.

The good property manager to make it passive cuts even deeper into your profits. Getting half the APR you get here would be exceptional, not considering asset value. The risk is lower, but that's the only thing "better" about it.

Good points. It's hard not to agree with you @pharesim

This is a great idea of investing! I will start investing today. 😊

Thank you @curangel! 😊

I feel like this would actually be great to get some new people into steem :D

Can you include some figures e.g. if I delegate 1K SP, what would be the returns based on some recent past data ?

As you already hold the SP, we won't look at the interest on that. The delegation returns about 7% p.a., that's the minimum value based on the last ~4 months. Which means it will yield about 70 STEEM per year, or 0.191 a day.

Wow! This is amazing news!! Thank you very much for sharing such a wonderful project!

Good luck!

How much is a keen amount to delegate?

There's no minimum amount for delegations, even if your daily payout shouldn't reach 0.001 STEEM it's carried over and paid out as soon as it does. For income purposes it should be a bit more, depending on your goals.


Thank you for your article and information. I’ll definitely check out your first post.

Get on it y'all.

This comment does not constitute financial or investment advice and should not be relied upon to make any financial decisions. The author recommends investors perform their own due diligence as to the viability and suitability of the curangel product for their investment requirements.


But yeah...Get it done y'all.

Love that small print, mate!

Haha...Just figured a small legal disclaimer may indemnify my expert investment advice of get on it. 🤣

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