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I am relatively young in the world of crypto but I have seen my fair share of slack community growth and decline on many coins.

I originally spotted a resteem about PIVX and the reason it got my attention is because the person that resteemed it was the same person that got me into steem.

I quickly joined the slack community to see what was up.

I am not really one to engage a lot because of lack of knowledge, so I tend to sit back and observe and try and learn and evolve.

It only took about 5 hours of reading the history in the slack, and witness what was going on and feeling that positive spirit, that i decided i needed to invest quickly into this.

Some things you just know will just explode and there has been many times before where i missed opportunities from holding back before pulling the trigger.

Dash was one of the coins I bought a few of back when it was $6-$8.00, unfortunately I wasn't in a financial position to buy more, but that's the way the cookie crumbles.

PIVX has given me the lost opportunity with Dash but something tells me PIVX will be the new coin on the block in the near future.

So why do i think PIVX will move forward?

1. Community - This community is growing into a swarm with Army Ant like characteristics, like I have never seen before. It is spine chilling to watch.

I joined the slack on the 12th and have a display with it open all day so I can keep up with the news etc. I can tell you it has crazy growth

What PIVX brings to the table.

I originally purchased Dash. I am in noway bashing Dash because I am invested and I think it will do fine, I just believe PIVX is a better version with what it has to offer.


Sitting 22nd in Market Cap and top 12 in volume, this is a huge jump. I have been watching this like a hawk and all indications are positive.


What I love about PIVX is the oppurtunity for Masternodes (WHILE THE PRICE IS STILL AFFORDABLE) but also for anyone holding coins. The way they have the "seesaw" integrated makes it possible for small stake holders to also earn rewards. I urge you to checkout the Whitepaper it is awesome

What I have Invested

Like i said I am new into the world of the blockchain but I seem to have luck for picking winners. I only invested what i can afford and that's not a lot but it has already been worthwhile.

I have purchased just over 7000 and I have it staking in a wallet. I have already minted some coins so I am happy with that.

If your interested I made a very quick basic tutorial for the people in the slack channel, which shows how to setup your wallet for staking

This post is only to inform you of something that is available. I am not an experienced investor I just like to take opportunities if I believe they will succeed. So please don't invest unless you do more research:)


Just incase you like to tip don't be shy:)

BTC ADDRESS: 124uA1iykceyhzzSaG8ZiFYMUkZmD7thEK

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I bought some on the 17th and if I sold now it would be a nice return. Something tells me I should hold though. Part of me wants to sell and buy back at a lower price. I also set up the wallet and just now got my first minted PIVX after trying for over a day. Pretty cool. :)


Best decision I've made in the past 3 years!


Did you cash out to something else or are you talking in terms of unrealized gains?


Unrealized but I did have to pull out $300 today and will buy back in some tomorrow depending on the price when I get paid again lol, it was just nice to have an emergency fund of sorts from yet another amazing alt I found early.


Awesome man!!..Yeah iam holding every last coin until my grave is half dug..and even then ill probably pass it on to my grand kids,lol


Haha. I've been around crypto long enough to see some big pumps followed sadly by dumps. Some coins have their moment of glory and then crash so hard they get unlisted by exchanges to fall into oblivion. I made some money off Quark when that happened. From what I've seen so far of this team, I don't think that's likely to happen here. At least, I hope not.

I have good feelings about it too. Researching more. Thanks for the video tutorial.


Np...Yeah when you know you know..well that works for me anyway,lol

Bro this is awesome I have over 7k too and I'm looking to have a master node,😀 I hope price stay stable to buy cheap


Thats whats cool though with the seesaw...Masternodes dont mean drastically higher rewards than staking so it makes it a more even playing field for all users to earn...just awesome..but yeah i am also trying everything to get enough for a MasterNode also.


I'm actually very happy with this token, I just buy a nice stach before the 140%spike and then Ii got the rest in the lows😀 so I'm ready to Go.


Done, I finally have my 10k PIVX 😀 ur info was so good an encouraging for me 👆



I just have to say man this post is very high quality! Very informative and honest. Good stuff! Def sending a tip your way.


thanks man...yeah not such a good writer so just tell it in basic form and how i see it.

Excellent article, thanks for spreading the word!


My pleasure.....I only post what I believe in. :)

seems like truly a people's coin

WOW i thunk ill start a PIVX masternode too!

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