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Hello Steemian's undersea world!

Respect for each Plankton’s, Minnow’s, Dolphin’s, Orca’s and of course all Great Whales:

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Special reference to the founders: @ned & @dan.
When you created this community, accidentally or deliberately, you chose this wonderful maritime hierarchy of ranks, with whales on “Olympus”.

I want to ask you all. Here you are such graceful whales, majestically and leisurely sailing in the digital crypto-ocean Steemit, what do you think about helping to conserve real, living whales on the Planet Earth ?

We all having a knowlege that whales are listed in all the Red Books of the World and believe that these giants are protected and are safe.

And we are serene and calm with this knowledge.

But there is a nuance. Aboriginal quotas for the whaling(killing) of whales for some small indigenous peoples.

2016 year.

rip dear friends

Killed 361 whales.

(62 in USA - Alaska, 122 in Russia - Chukotka, 177 in Denmark - Greenland).

Statistics from 1985 to 2016

2017 year.

Killed 120 whales on Chukotka only.

119 Gray Californian whales and 1 Bowhead Greenland whale.

New annual season of whales killing will open in May.

Why kill whales?

As part of the allocation of aboriginal quotas for the production of whales. The rationale for allocating quotas is:

  • the need to survive
  • for preserve national identity and culture

Of course, these are not empty words and each is important.
If the issue of survival and food supply can be resolved in the 21st century, the second argument is very difficult to solve.
When solving the first question and also take into account that no self-respecting person does not want to be a dependent and parasite. For this reason, humanitarian food supplies are excluded as a solution. It is necessary to search for employment, which makes it possible to earn in conditions of arctic deserts. The STEEMIT platform can be a solution to the issue of employment, as well as a means of communication between these remote regions and peoples living in them with the rest of the world.
To achieve this, needs maximum support of the STEEMIT community from plankton to whales.

Aboriginal ancestors did not use speedy boat for hunting whales. Culture, traditions, this is a hunt. Motor boats - a massacre.


What we can do?

Schematic diagram.


  • Whales as the most influential part of the STEEMIT community accept their participation in this program.
  • A public agreement is reached with representatives of whaling communities with a representative right.
  • Accounts of the community of whalers are created.
  • Accounts of representatives of whaling communities are supervised by the community.
  • For this purpose, a special register of accounts is maintained.
  • The community defines the minimum requirements for content: the number of characters, images, media materials.
  • Rewards from publications from these accounts are necessarily directed to the acquisition and supply of food, minus ~% of the author's remuneration directly to the author.
  • In a comparative equivalent of the food delivered in this program, whalers do not use quotas for the whaling. Xfood = voluntary whale conservation and non-use of the quota.
    Xfood is determined by a joint agreement, previously this can be expressed in the average weight value of the whale of whaling in the region (in different regions, different types of whales are the objects of extraction). Example, of Chukotka. Gray (Californian) whale. Weight of 15-35 tons. The average value is 25 tons.

I send letter for chief of Lorino's local community with questions about them opinion for voluntary stop whaling and join for STEEMIT.





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My name is Andrey Knyaz. I'm from Moscow. For contact use comments or e-mail: [email protected]



Hello welcome to steemit!! it's really nice to have you here enjoy the platform and explore the community.....wish you all the best.

Welcome to Steemit @uberwhales .....................this heartbreaking issue is one many the world is dealing it right now, but non of it will be resolved until majority of population is VEGAN.

@lenasveganliving thank you for attention and support! Of course it is heartbreaking issue and maybe whales of Steemit can reduce acuteness of the problem. Step by step population become VEGAN. I believe in this.

You are very welcome and good luck with your mission 😊


But I do like the whole idea of whales helping whales. It seems that this is something you have done your research on.
I support you!

Thank you for attention and support @doctorcrypto!
Hope that Steem whales hear this voice and answer.

Wonderful post ..thanks for sharing...Best of luck friend ✫
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