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Hello there, welcome to my little space!

I'm happy you're here. My name is Gilaine, I love to eat and I love to cook!

I currently live in Cebu, the Philippines with my beautiful family and two adorable cats, Oreo and Bacon (I named them after my favorite food at that time).

My love of food started while watching the food network channel on Netflix. I got amused by how the cooks prepare their food. I watched curiously how they turn some exotic ingredients into a glorious dish!

This inspired me to start making my food at home, I started learning how to cook very often since I had all the time in the word. I find cooking to be fun that it turned into a casual hobby during my free time.

My partner and I decided to go to Singapore to try some food and discover new flavors. It was my very first time to travel abroad, and the feeling of just being in a different country was exhilarating! After that trip, we always travel for food!

I love discovering different flavor even the deep lingering ones and incorporate them into my cooking.

During my travels to Thailand, I fell in love with their food culture, my partner and I paid for a full day cooking class in Chiang Mai. The experience and the connection I had with food was huge. It was not just about consuming the food so you get full but rather the emotions you get from every bite and the satisfaction you feel after the experience.

I daydream about traveling around the world and try different kinds of dishes and come home thrilled to experiment with those newly discovered flavors and ingredients to my food.

You should know that not only I love food but I also love to workout, so I would like to share some healthy, easy and tasty recipes that I eat in real life that can also be flexible whether you're cooking for yourself, your family or friends.

When one compliments what I put on the table, it makes the time and effort worth living for. I am sure we all can agree to that. ;)

I enjoy capturing the beauty of food, it's color, texture, contrast... one great food shot and the photo speaks it all! Although I can't call myself a pro when it comes to photography rather an armature who strives always strives for improvement.

Currently, I am using Nikon D3400 which is perfect for amateur photography. Although I am still new to photography, I am constantly learning how to be more creative and would appreciate any feedback on how my creations came out.

I am obsessed with pizza, ice cream and anything with peanut butter!

I have been blogging for over two years now, I am the owner of @purepinay's account, with over 10k followers ( I thought it was impossible for me to even reach 1k followers, lol). In that space, I share my daily activities. I would love it if you followed me there too!

Steemit community helped me entered into a whole new world. It helped boost my confidence in writing, to go out all out and inspired me to share with everyone my story. Btw, Steemit is a social media site that rewards its users for their contribution using Steem tokens, you can read more here.

If you don't have any steemit account you can create one here.

Above all, my goal is to inspire people to step into their kitchen and have fun making some delicious, simple, and mostly healthy meals.

My hope is that you will join me on this food journey. Also with the desire to continue learning, I would love to connect with you and share your ideas on food.




I'd like to know you too! You could start by answering some of the questions I have below. ^_-

1. What weird flavors of food combination do you really enjoy?
2. What's the worst food you have eaten?
3. What's in your fridge right now?
4. What's your favorite food?

Ah im so excited for your new project and the mukbangs lol

  1. I don't think it's weird but peppadew and jalapenos are my new go-to at the moment
  2. I love all foods
  3. Lots of mangos
  4. I want to see your take one julienne fries, basically Gilaine fries since thats my favourite

It shows that are there are few numbers of people show engagement now a days. It's so sad! Tsktsk

You deserve my 100% upvote!

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Peppadew? What's that? Lol that's new to me!

I love me some mangoes too. What's your favorite mango dessert?

Gilaine fries haha, okay I'll add that to my list of dishes to make!

Wew! This is going to be fun! 😘

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Lol it’s these bad boys right here - https://www.peppadew.com/peppadew-products/they are I yummy you can put it on just about anything

As for mango dishes I’d say mango cheesecake would be my number 1 and yours?

Lol I hope so, go wild! I’ll be here watching all the madness

Mine would be mango Graham.

My internet is sadly slow at this time, have to watch this when I get home, have to torture myself at the gym now, lol

You workingout today?

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Never heard of that dish before, ill have to google it later and then stare at the pictures and feel sad that ive never had it

Good luck hope you have an awesome training session and yes i did, i played soccer yesterday and today ill go do weights and some boxing

And all bots i see

I know! Geezzz what happened to the Steem community! Are we all just here for the money? 😔

I miss the old days when everyone was just having fun and genuine with their comments but now most people here are racing to make a living. 😔

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I'm even getting more response on Instagram😣. Most people are too lazy for Steem.
Yeah I like healthy cooking♥️.

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Except chekohler Hahahah he is just great

He is one of my best solid followers here, if i get rich I'd definitely buy @chekohler a round trip ticker to where ever country he wants for a holiday lol

Aaawww aren’t you sweet! Lol and I not wanting to dissapointment you would take you up on the offer should it happen, hurry up BTC go to a million already lol

What did I do right that two lovely ladies are chatting about me? 🤭🤗

I love to cook also. I am excited to see what you post. Here is a weird food combination i love.
Peanut butter and dill pickle sandwiches.

Wait did you mean you add peanut butter to dill pickle sandwiches, those two?

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Hello Beth! Thank you for being here. I will be posting occasionally on this account, only if I am confident with the recipe that I made.

Hope to see you around! 😘

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Hi, Gil.
Best of luck with this new project. I am not much of a cook. My skills are limited to survival cousine :)
But I used to eat a lot, almost anything. I lived in the states for some time and I enjoyed going to different counties to try foods from different cultures.
At the moments, given the horrendous crisis we've been going through in the last decade, our diet has been limited to very basic items.
About your questions

  1. What weird flavors of food combination do you really enjoy?
    I like black beans with sugar, which many of my fellow venezuelans would rather eat salty or tasteless.
  2. What's the worst food you have eaten?
    Hard to tell. can't recall. I have tried some afican food, like chicken with peanuts that i did not like that much, but nothing as bad that would make me throw up or something.
  3. What's in your fridge right now?
    some fish
  4. What's your favorite food?
    can't say one in particular. I love most foods. From paella to roast meat, from (chicken, fish, meat) soups to pasticho. I love sea food in general and I die for any dessert, especially icecream and cakes.

Aw Thank you so much for this! I have to get back on you very soon. Am currently having problems with my eyes, might have to get another eye check up.

Will read your comment again soon!

Much love!

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Thanks. Hope everything is ok with your eyes. I, too, have to have my eyes checked. Need new glasses

For now, Upvoted your comment 100‰ and showed love on your page 😉

Thanks :)
You have a great week

Black beans with sugar? Is this a sort of dessert?

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Haha. No. It's kind of a main course. But in some regions of Venezuela people like their beans sweet. You eat them with rice, meat and fried plantain.

Oh haha I thought it's a dessert, whenever I hear sugar, lol

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It sounds good! Would you mind sharing the recipe?

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Oh no, I love peanuts, especially peanut butter! 8 haven't had food with peanut butter that I didn't like, so far because I haven't tried anything so crazy. Maybe I should do that on one of my vlogs?

It might be fun, what do you think?

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I'll add it to my to do list! ☺️

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Haha it's so me, I'd die for desserts too, and you mentioned ice cream, of course!

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  1. my gf likes the mcdonnalds french fries dipped in their ice cream... but recently I discovered how great Orex meat tastes in nori leave rice sushi wraps with mayo inside (kind of a japan europe namibian food combination)... ive become really good now at making sushi wraps :P
  2. worsed food ive eaten was in a hotel in tanzania, which tasted really nice but the next day everyone who attended the event was out with food poisoning with body fluids shooting out of every hole...
  3. east german marcipan cake (contains no marcipan but potatoes), orex meat (from relatives living in namibia... I dont usually buy meat), strong german cheese, danish rogn (fish eggs), vegetables mushrooms, beer vodka and chocolate milk
  4. banh bot loc
    welcome to steemit

Our food in Nigeria are different from anything you've ever tasted before and most times, we rely on locally found vegetables and stuff.
I once tried Noodles and beans porridge. Everybody thought it was weird.

Then I hate yam, irrespective of how you process it, whether it's yam porridge, yam and pepper soup, pounded yam or fried yam, I can't stand it for some reason.

1-Blood sausage, pear and blue cheese pizza is my latest weird obsession.
3-Jaguars dont have fridges
4-Ribeye steak with noisette potatoes

Buko salad first recipe please . Good luck with the new channel :-)

You know, perhaps this channel should be a new community? Maybe that's the way to find shared interest people and followers? Just a thought.

Buko salad? Haha why that?

I hope so, but it's mainly for me to show more of my creativity at the same time documenting it, see how I really progress... And of course if it brings inspiration and entertainment to right audience. Wait I think am talking yo much, I should be sharing this to my vlog, you're a spoiler you know! 😂

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LOL...you could also try showcasing some Filipino classics ......it's not well know food!

I could, I have actually been trying different recipes and the whole week consumed it, I think I gained a little bit of weight just by creating this recipes coz I have to eat them too lol!

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Excited to see the foods you are going to share. I am a foodie too.

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Thanks! 😀

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That is a cleaver name. Busy Kitchen. You are a legend now.

Haha! Thank you, thank you! Now may I have my crown pls? Lol

Happy to see you here!

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i am quite impressed with you

Aw thank you 😊

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here is your crown, queen

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