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Hello! I’m Helga. I’m a writer and a freelance copywriter living nomadically since 2017. I love to tell stories, so this is my own. Writing is my passion, but I always knew that making a living writing was almost impossible, especially in my country Brazil. So, I went to law school, graduated and worked as a lawyer for seven years. In 2013, however, I was in a big crisis. I didn’t see any meaning on my job at all and I was feeling the pressure to become a corporative woman which definitely I wasn’t. One day my boss called me saying that we need to talk and I was sure of what was to come. After 15 minutes of those cliché dismissal speeches, I was kicked out from a big law firm and a successful career. I felt like I was jumping into an abyss, but, someway somehow I was relieved to leave that life.

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Being a lawyer was not an option for me anymore. So I used the indemnity that I receive to pursue my dream: writing. At the end of 2013, I published my first book, which also becomes a theater play. But after all the effort to make my dream to come true, I needed to face the reality: I couldn't pay my bills being a writer and an artist. I sell around 200 books and finance all the theater play with a crowdfunding project. It was enough, but not sustainable.

One good friend said to me so “Helga, you like so much to write and you write so well, why don’t you write content to the internet?”. I just said “WTF?” and some days after I was approved to one of these freelance platforms to write for pennies. I didn’t earn again to make a living writing, but when you have nothing, some pennies count.

In this part of my life, I like to say that I become a kind of juggler. I did all kinds of jobs to pay my bills and not go back to a law firm again. I worked as an English teacher, freelance writer, courier, and waitress.

One day I was pissed and tired enough to confess to myself: what I want to do is writing. So, how can I make a living on this? I opened my website, started to study copywriting and digital marketing and my first clients started to come. After one year, I become a solo entrepreneur and I have an income that was enough to live in some places in this world. So, why not buying tickets, right? That's what I did.

I started living in Israel, then I came to Poland, Serbia, Portugal, Bulgaria, Greece, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Laos, and counting… The digital nomad lifestyle is very far from putting a laptop on a pool or a beach. It’s about finding a balance between work and life, one thing that is definitely not easy. I keep traveling because traveling brings me enchantment, exercise my curiosity and promote many deep and meaningful meetings which I could never have If I didn’t leave my country, my family, my friends and my comfort zone… The constant exercise to adapt and to get surprised about this world is what make me a wanderlust.

The world also gave me funny, beautiful, chaotic and crazy stories to tell. And this is what I want to share here on Steemit! I hope to have you with me in my backpack! See you around!

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Welcome, Helga.

That's a fine intro. It's good to read about the paths (many paths, indeed) that brought you to this point and this place and this platform. My path to Steemit was quite different from yours, although it also involved a boss waving goodbye, and me waving a goodbye finger in return. (more on "paths" below)

Shortly thereafter, I found this platform, and thus began my blogging career .... again. But whereas my previous attempts to blog had led to nothing, I knew that my Steemit blog would lead me far beyond any previous jobs or blogs.

And it has. After being on the platform for a year and a half, I can claim to be relatively successful – not to mention productive and pleased. I spend many hours per day composing posts, but it's much more enjoyable than sitting in an office and doing even the most pleasant work for someone else.

Even tho our paths here were quite different, our goal is similar in at least one way. That is, we want to do nothing but .... WRITE.

As anywhere, success on this platform will entail many different factors, including diligence, focus, luck, and patience. But from my experience, this is not only one of the best blogging platforms, it's also one of the "easiest," in the sense that Steemit makes it easy for us to produce quality work and to present it to a large audience.

Even tho our paths to this platform were quite different, our goal is similar in at least one way. That is, we want to do nothing but .... WRITE.

Write on!
Full Steem Ahead!!

You make my day! This kind of comment coming from an editor is kind of an Oscar for me! hahahahhaha

Thanks for your recommendation buddy :)

Hello Helga, I'm Joey, love your smile, and I love to tell stories, too, just like you hehe. I'm from America and I lived in Vietnam. Have not been to Brazil yet. Welcome.

Hey @joeyarnoldvn! Thanks for your comment and support! I'll follow your stories too! :)

Thank you so much @muscara! is always good to be welcome! <3

Excellent intro ... Welcome to Steemit. If you haven't already I would suggest checking out steem-monters via clicking ---> Thousands of dollars of Steem has already been given out in this game. You can use your steem details to log in.

  • Good luck with your account !

@helgalubevi glad to welcome you to this marvellous platform. Your story was quite touching yet inspiring. I love your daring spirit and I am sure that it will pay off soon. Welcome.

PS: @majes.tytyty who is a good friend and mentor told me about you. I am pleased - not disappointed. Cheers!

thanks a lot @gandhibaba! He also told me about you!! Curious about your writing! I'll follow you!

You're being followed already, too. I hope I can get to know you more and read greater works from you. Cheers!

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Dear @helgalubevi

Good friend of mine (@majes.tytyty) recommended to visit your profile. He mentioned that I may like your work and your lifestyle and indeed I do :)

ps. you've been to Poland? wow. I just moved back there after 14 years of "moving around the globe". Have you ever visited Wroclaw while you were here? Just curious.

Have a great upcoming week,
Yours, Piotr

thanks for your welcome and support! always good to meet more steemians! Yes, I lived in Warsaw for 3 months... Just wait for the stories!! I have some! And I really had a great time in Poland! Love this country!

Wow @helgalubevi

So you have different impression of Poland. I do not even like this country hehehe :) It's hard to love anything about this place. So cold, people so sad and serious. Food very fattening hahaha.

But well, it's at least very safe comparing to the rest of the world.