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Hello steemians my name is David. Even though I joined a few weeks ago, due to slothfulness (on my part), work and family matters I have not yet made an introduction or other post, that changes today.

I discovered Steemit this summer (around July) while searching for alternatives to Ethereum and came across an interview with @dantheman discussing EOS. After spending a couple of months reading Steemit posts (mainly about EOS, Ethereum and other blockchain related tech) and researching Steemit and the EOS project I signed up. The catalyst that drove me to finally join was this post by @voronoi. His expressed idea of presenting the processes of making art stuck a cord in me.

Why I Find Steem So Appealing

  I am a software developer by profession (more on that later) and that forms a main part of my creative outlet. However I have been a musician since I was six, and a creative writer since I was nine. Almost all of the presentation of my works has been only with family and friends. Several years ago I joined Facebook with the intention of sharing my work there but quickly learned that Facebook considers anything posted on Facebook as belonging to Facebook. The idea that if it is free then you are the product, not the customer. This has become more evident as they (Facebook and other social meadia and search application) have begun censoring content and access due to political and social pressure. The greatest draw of blockchain backed, distributed applications is that ownership of work is easily established and work is difficult to censor.  

What I Want to Contribute to Steem

  I want to share my writing in a collaborative manner, meaning as a work in progress, sharing my thought processes, soliciting feedback, and hopefully encouraging others through sharing. I would like to share experiences through story telling via a medium that will preserve them long enough that my children's children can enjoy (or at least experience) them. I will also hope to take part in the sharing of ideas in my posts as well in those of others. Finally as a tech guy I will inevitably share tech news as well.  

A Little About Myself

As I mentioned earlier I am a software devloper and have been since I taught myself to program at age 14. I enjoy programming in any language and platform but I must admint that my language of choice is Python, even though I make my bread and butter programming C, .NET, Java, SQL, and Javascript.  

I have created and accomplished a lot in my twenty-plus years as a software developer but if I had to single out one accomplishment for which I am most proud, it was the designing, building and programming of an Atmel328 based active RFID tag which I then pushed through FCC certification. Though that project ended up going nowhere I have created several follow-up devices, the latest of which is a combined BLE (blue-tooth Low Energy) /NFC device based on the Nordic nrF52.

To me the most import characteristic a programmer must have is a perssitance to learn new languages and technology. Currently my self-learning time is split between Machine Learning in Python and dAPP development on Ethereum, NEO, and EOS. I have a degree in Education and a Master of Scince in Comuputer Information Systems.

 My wife and I have been married for almost twenty years. For now I will usually refer to her as Dr. Roz (she has a Ph.D. in Psychology). We are blessed with four creative children who we have the honor of teaching, directing and loving.     

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Hey David! Welcome to Steem! We're glad to have you here!

I am a Steem curator and have started a new series "The Daily 5" where I pick five new Steemians to share with my followers that they should know about. I have selected you as one of my five for today. Your post has been featured in my post you can find here: The Daily 5.

Unlike some of the bots and follow 4 follow spammers you will find in the Introduction tag, my work is 100% human and without any required response from you. While I invite you to come check out the post and interact in the comments, nothing further is required but that you enjoy your time here on Steem!

Have a great day! Looking forward to seeing more of you on the platform!!


@mikepm74 Thank you - I am glad you got the Douglas Adam's reference, remember to always carry a towel!


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Welcome to the Steemit platform, I hope you enjoying posting your original content here!

Please reply and i'll share your intro post with the @OCD Curators, which may bring you some extra views to your post! Good luck with your Steemit blog!


Honored and thank you!

GREAT to SEE you! I guess, welcome aboard the Steemit Train! You are already a great blessing to us all by being on this platform with us.All for one and one for all! Namaste :)


I apreciate that - thanks

welcome to steemit

Welcome to Steemit! It's tough to find time to post sometimes, but better late then never! That's a pretty awesome project you pushed through, too bad it didn't lead to where you wanted, but who knows, plenty more time to see.


Thank you. I loved the experience of developing hardware instead of just software. It was a huge learning curve but I enjoyed the journey and am glad to have added the skill. I mean to write more about this project at a later date as a way of sharing perserverence and how important is it to take up new challenges.

Hii David. Welcome to Steemit :)


Thank you

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hello, interestingly written, good luck on the project, look at my blog


Thank you

WElcome to steemit, i found your post through a friend that shout outs new members. I am here to officially invite you to the minnow support group. It is a great place to meet new people and build your steemit network. It brings me great joy that you waited to post your intro post. I did the same. Also, the way you organized your post is awesome. I wish there was a way to save it and use it as reference for other new users. However, I think you should add more tags.


@kubbyelizabeth, thank you for your kind words and the advice to add tags. What tags to add were a question I had - as someone who has over 5K posts, what advice can you give about what tags to use? I will check out the group you suggested. Thank you.


Hello! I also recommend using a popular tag for your first one. Then look at the trending tags and choose accordingly, forexample your first post could be a collaboration of all your interest. Such as, introduceyourself steemit program newbie therearefourtags<---the last one should always be silly or random in my opinion. :) Pay attention when reading other peoples post and see what they tag and add accordingly. :) Let me know if you have any more questions. I would also recommend following @minnowuniversity blog. WE post helpful information on there too.


Thank you.

Welcome to the community!
Grow your followers by posting your content @futurewhales
Upvote for upvote
Resteem for resteem

Welcome to the Steemit community @xactant You are going to do well here. Ready for your stories!

Welcome to Steem 😊

Welcome to steemit! Nice to meet you. Have fun Steeming

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