Steemit + Artists : A New Stage for Craft

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Steemit as a New Stage for Craft

In a world curated by the resolution of your computer screen... creativity can be a hard thing to capture. Steemit is changing that. With Steemit, we have an rapidly evolving resource that helps to break down the barriers that have prevented many artists from fully embracing the digital landscape. An artistic utopia could be closer than you think! It’s still very early (if you’re counting in STEEM-years) but platforms like this one will serve as catalysts to propel creatives into the 21st century.

90% of Art is Process

Value has traditionally been assigned solely to the final product. But a real work of art is about the story and the process. Steemit gives value to the narrative hiding behind the canvas.


Endless sketchbooks, bar napkins, eraser residue, smudges, study models, late nights, early mornings, crumpled-up paper and globs of paint that dried too quickly. These preliminary stages of the creative process make up an invisible 90% that is rarely shared with the world.
The “process” in art can be where the best stories are hiding. It’s where the artist’s rigor, passion and craftsmanship are brought to a boil. The “final” piece is just a small window into a much bigger landscape. With Steemit, artists are finding a platform to share the stories beyond the frame.

Artists - this is so important. You should be rewarded for 100% of your work and not just the final 10%. Steemit gives provides you an opportunity to monetize your discovery and exploratory process!

Value & Feedback

When I first opened Steemit I was excited to see that “art” and “photography” were in the top 5 trending topics. I half expected “catmeme” and “selfie” to be there instead. (I mean honestly, it’s tough to open a social platform from scratch in 2016 and not be bombarded by cat memes… although, for the record, I do on occasion enjoy a good cat meme...)

Ahem, anyway, seeing “art” and “photography” in the trending column was one of the central reasons why I decided to join the platform. What it showed me - is that here, creativity has enormous value. This growing community of Steemians genuinely appreciate and want to see behind-the-scenes stuff just as much as the final product. In my own work, I’ve found that those moments of chaos and not-quite-yet compositions are the most honest. As an artist, those moments stand out the most to me. They are where you learn, grow and hone your craft. When the final piece is framed, published, or installed… there’s a moment where you step back... stare back at it… and admiringly see every flaw, every smudge and bruise, even as others don’t. You see your final work and think about all the stories hiding behind the pane of glass now protecting it.

Steemit isn’t a polished art gallery or a quiet museum… it’s more like a communal work desk. It’s a place where you can share raw thinking and receive constructive and honest feedback.

Photos - 12946.jpg

Share Your True Work

During my first few weeks on Steemit… I was posting single images with little to no description. I was making 10 cents here and there when a staple-Steemian by the name of @fairytalelife reached out to me and challenged me to do better by my work. She said “what is your process?… tell me everything!”... and that really woke me up. In that moment I realized that this place isn’t instagram or twitter. I can’t just post a final picture or sum up a produced image in 140 characters.

I thought... as an artist, this could be a major opportunity. Here, you can share your work in the moment, just as you are creating it. You can write about it, take a progress photo, share an idea or inspiration. In most cases honest content receives honest feedback and actual value. That’s an unprecedented thing for an artist to be able to tap into. By finding value in process the Steemit platform could revolutionize the way artists are able to work and support themselves. In this community, your work can be elevated in an unprecedented way.


For the artsy Newbies of Steemit! If you're wondering what in the world to post... Start simple. Try introducing your creative work with three basic rules in mind. Use these rules as building blocks to carry your craft even further.

Posting Art on Steemit… 3 Helpful Tips!

1. Thumbnail Image

  • The first image of your blog post is important! Design it in a way that will seduce people into clicking it. Make it colorful, beautiful, contrasty. The thumbnail might look small on a feed but this little rectangle of real estate is our first glimpse into your unique and artsy world.

2. Art From Start to Finish (3-5 images)

  • Select a handful of good quality images / examples of your creative and discovery process. Show us a little bit of the behind-the-scenes action. It's okay if your desk is messy! If you have a smart phone or camera, try experimenting with a time lapse. Play around with different ways of representing your work and see what sticks!

3. Write 300 words

  • Writing is tough, but an important part of relaying your ideas. Take a moment to sit and write down the thought process behind your art. I promise you, this exercise will help you in describing your work better (not just through blogging, but IRL also!)

Have FUN. MAKE friends. Seek out other Steemians with likeminded interests and begin communicating with them through comments. And most importantly... STEEM on!

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This is excellent advice @voronoi. This quote in particular: "Steemit isn’t a polished art gallery or a quiet museum… it’s more like a communal work desk." - is a very insightful way of pointing out the value of Steemit.

Steem: Earn value from your art process, not just your art. Love it!

Thanks so much for the kind feedback @heymattsokol :D
Glad you enjoyed the post!

Love this! "Earn value from your art process, not just your art"

Your comment reminded me of something Dave Ramsey says- that opportunity is often overlooked because it shows up wearing boots and coveralls, looking a lot like Work!

Steemit is perfect for artists!, as a musician i have learned this platform suits me perfectly, it suits all kind of artists! :D

Musicians especially. There's a ton of behind the scenes work when it comes to writing / composing / producing a song. That information has value!


I am working with some artists and hopefully they will do just that - show behind the scenes and all the work that goes into writing and producing a song and then making a music video @edenmichelle @leelektrik @owenkay @danshaw

Looking forward to seeing/hearing how you are using the platform. This thread has started some ideas brewing in the back of my mind, but actually seeing some possibilties realized would be a big plus.

You have a strong point. But won't instagram be a better avenue for you to promote your art though?

To that very reasonable question, I say this... How much $ have you made through instagram? If you're super lucky, you can get a commission or a show through posting religiously on instagram. But that's relying on a third party to spot you and hire you. Insta doesn't pay you. Steemit literally does. It might not be hundreds of dollars at first, but if you're persistent you can get there!

Another point, have you received good feedback on instagram? The comments are mostly emojis. On Steemit, you can receive productive feedback AND actually have a conversation like you and I are having right now!

Jeez. That was hands down defeat. You sure know what you are saying. When I praised instagram though, I was talking about the exposure to a global audience. You have to admit that instagram is a far bigger community than steemit right now

Haha sorry I didn't mean it to be an overwhelming response. You're absolutely right that the global audience is way larger. But in terms of real artist empowerment, Steemit takes the cake.

Why not use both? Each has its advantages. Maybe one could even promote his/her Steemit profile through Instagram. Give a sneak peak on Instagram and leave a link to a Steemit profile with more detailed work.

I feel that with ig, the art is seen and forgotten about in 30 secs. We are new her and we saw the art today! We were not distracted.

Awesome post! I totally agree. Joining steemit was one of the best things I did to let my creative potential flower :) Resteemed :)

Thank you @yoganarchista! That means a lot coming from you :D

Well, I just started drawing, sketching and doodling last month. At first, I was writing stuff about my art, then I stopped writing at all. Maybe, I should add thoughts about my work again. Thank you @voronoi! Upvoted and resteemed!

Add your thoughts! I'd love to hear the backstory of your self portrait :)

Hahaha. You checked it already. I'll try to add some. Thank you!

Great piece, as a newbie i find it truly inspiring thanks alot

Glad you enjoyed it

Steemit is an amazing way to express yourself and make a passive income from what you love doing :)
Amazing art BTW
Cheers and have a blast ^^

Thanks for the kind feedback! Cheers!

Hell yeah! I mentioned this in my very first post a few days ago, bon voyage the idea of the starving artist. Great article!

Bon voyage starving artist, let's flip the script!

Thanks @voronoi you have inspired me to dig a little deeper and express my music! 😎 Great Post!

Hello, thank you for the advice, I am new here and also exploring is there any opportunity for artist, designer, illustrator etc. I am very happy and feel lucky when see this post!

There's a lot of opportunity! Use Steemit as a chalkboard to test out new ideas and share your thought process. Enjoy!

Thanks for the post.
I'm new for Steemit.
I like creating so much but I really don't know what can I do with Steemit actually.
I'll try to post my works here.

Awesome, give it a go!

Hello @voronoi !
Great advice, I'm resteeming!:)
I also started posting a brief lessons about graphic design, check it out if you're interested!:)

Definitely, I'll check it out. Thanks for the resteem :)

I have been absolutely pleasantly surprised by the art community here so far. You encapsulated the idea well here.

I am continually shocked at how pleasant, thoughtful and supportive people are here. That's a hard thing to come by as a creative person!

exactly! I'm feeling more inspired to create and share

great points. very agreeable.
I'm launching the chat channels for artworks offered for sale.
don't know if it can work though, since Steem, as you said, is more a collective projecting and shareing community.

Great article @voronoi. You raise some interesting points about showing the process behind the work.

Solid insights and advice. I totally see how Steemit is an excellent fit for artists of all sorts. As a cartoonist, it has instant appeal to me personally too. Thanks for breaking it down into easy to digest tips for the community.

Absolutely, glad it could be of help. There are some great cartoonists on here, welcome and enjoy!

This is a great read it really validates how I like to show my art, the end product is great but its the little bits of your soul all along the way that makes it really become meaningful, I adore opening a window for people to see the gears turning, thank you for this post, it totally made my day :-)

I'm so glad! This place is so supportive and eager to learn about those little bits we typically hide away. There really hasn't been a good social platform to share it until now. Cheers :D

I love Steemit and this is very inspiring thank you for kind words ;) Resteemed and Followed

aww @voronoi this is soo cool and helpful! Instant upvote! :)

Very helpful, thanks! I just started creating art a year ago and am always looking to learn from others. I think (especially for a medium like this) progress shots and written explanations are fantastic ideas!

@voronoi Thanks for posting this... I got my husband to sign up and we are waiting for his approval. Only one step away. He is an artist and will love this article. ¯_(ツ)_/¯Resteemed

Thanks so much for your support!

Wonderful post! I have a friend (@luckyfellow) who could greatly benefit by some of this advice.

I wonder if SteemIt could be a workable alternative to Patreon for getting artists paid for their work.

I see a lot of users have accounts on both, I feel putting a focused effort in Steemit might pay off longer term for any artist just because Patreon itself is a pretty full market

That's a good point. Patreon is a good option for the current financial system, but SteemIt does feel more like the future for artists.

I agree with that. I think Steemit has all of the monetization tools already built-in to the system. There should be a subscriber service, or little tip buttons that add means of supporting folks beyond upvotes. I have a hunch that the upcoming "communities" feature may play a big role in transforming this...

I think what I love most about Steemit is that from what I've seen so far and that you have touched on here, is the constructive criticism people provide you with. Which is awesome for artists like yourself. Great post, keep it up!

Pretty much been doing all this for my art post... Though it pretty disappointing how most artists on Steemit havent gotten the rewards they deserve all because they don't have a nice write up and stages of progression.... Thanks for spreading the

Great tips. You know what - I've shared some poetry and pictures on here, but never have gone into details to the thinking and ideas behind them. Thank you I think a new avenue has just opened up for me.

Dang I love your posts @voronoi. You have such a great way of sharing yourself and your artistic inspirations. The info you shared here is truly of great value and such a great boost to anyone wishing to improve their artistic posts. I love how art is appreciated here on Steeit too. One day I will draw and color with you!

Thanks for your advise....i have been using this like instagram...and yes i have seen u get more feedback when u write a bit more in the post... so i will apply it... thanks once more!

I love this post! I can't wait to share more of my art (and the process of making it) :)

Your work is great flo! Looking forward to more :)

Thank you so much, glad to hear you like it!

Really great advice

Glad it could be of use!

brilliant, just brilliant. and i feel your compassion by doing this post.

thank you @teamhumble that's very kind

it takes one process to make our creative art. it comes from another place to then pass it on to others. good job! :) smile, time to make more coffee.

Cheers to that! Haha

Very good tips and information, thank you.

Excellent! Great article!

Steemit is good for artists and also for us non artist that are learning to appreciate all the types of art.

Nice post, I'm a new member here and i would like to thanks all

Nice tips! :)


Hello my friend
Happy day .. nice this post

yeah man

Clear and practical text. Thank you for the tips.

Very useful post @voronoi, thanks

Steemit no just good for the artist....but all types of users....upvote and resteem for your post..

Steem and Steemit definitely could help out the starving or new artist looking to get that big break.

Maybe helpful for you, @nadejdaalienor?

Thank you, this is very encouraging! I'm figuring out how to use Steemit as a designer and how Steemit can work for me in return and this has given me some ideas!

I did not even start this Steemit as a creative venture in mind at all, but after being here almost a year arts and crafts and creativity just comes out, as I did this last night just for Steemit

Great article
I am trying to produce artwork with my son
This is so helpful.

Thanks for the info! Re-steemed and upvoted!

Thank you for this post in my first few hours of trying to find my way around and evaluate the functionality of this site. My intended use of this platform is multipronged with one of the intentions being to display work and workings and to share communications surrounding many topics, especially related to the nature and practice of making artworks and collaborating within our peers.
Art is analogous with life, we can learn so much about ourselves and others via the various mediums that we have our dialogues with.
It can be a platform for understanding and even a space for healing.

Watching with interest and I hope I might eventually be able to bring a bit of helpful content to this space.

Hey thanks a bunch for this article. As a nuub this is very helpful cheers!

Just one question anyone can answer for me...How do I upload my videos? I'm spank brand new on this platform!

This is a very insightful read as a musician joining the Steem community! Thank you for the detailed overview of the sites creative meaning. Looking forward to sharing!

I love this perspective!
You have just opened my mind to a whole new realm of possibility on this platform - THANK YOU!

Upvoted and following :) Great post!

Thank you for the tips. I have worked so hard at my art all my life it is nice to see it finally being appreciated a little bit. :)

Yes - you nailed it. Welcome. This place is awesome for artists! Indeed!

Great post! Thank you so much @voronoi Excellent information.

inspirational post. thanks for sharing
upvoted resteemed

Love it! thanks! I'm an artist too! Follow you now! ;)

Thanks so much for sharing your ideas that will end up being helpful for so many! :)

I'm so happy I stumble on to your post. You laid this out so clearly about the creation process. A matter a fact it applies to any process really. Like song writing, a traveling blog, making a cake, making a short film, whatever.

I've only been here a few days and a few posts and I'm so surprised that I even got upvote so many times for a post I made today with all old artwork. It's at about $20+ and the other post around $8. How's that even possible?

That 3 panel gif of your art is way cool. Definitely following you and explore your other posts now!

300 words isn't too much? English is not my mother language, and even the proofreading and composition is not my strength. I'm a visual type. But I agree with the other points.

I am a Newbie in this platform and seems to be very helpfully your post @voronoi

thanx for sharing your knowledge how to show progress of art on steemit. amazing. that was a crafty yet colorizing image of the gif you created of coloring in your drawings.

Great article @voronoi - have a look at @Deimus who has featured some artists on his page. Have upvoted you

I love this post. Not only is it extremely helpful and informative, but it's so pretty too. You lead by example, that's for sure! thanks!

Daymn, your work is great 👍, how did you made the second picture?

totally love this article.. A great read !

Great advice!

Being a newbie here, and also just beginning to hone in my art in real life, I find myself confused about how to get my art out onto this platform. But the way I'm trying to look at it is like blogging, only getting paid/value instead of social media 'likes'. Your post was really helpful in giving me ideas on how to get my art out on Steemit! Followed :)

Is there a specific tag for crafters on steemit? I have just been using craft, sewing, quilting, etc. Thought I would check and see. Gracias

Valuable info

Thank you! I'm an artist and this is very helpful.

Fantastic advice, thank you. I literally just signed in for the first time and I am really not sure where to start. I'm definitely going to take your advice. I sometimes get so involved in what I am creating I dont always think to document the process.

Very true and the same goes for poetry. When I wanted to join I looled up the ta poetry and saw many awesome poems and a lot of contests. I knew I would love it here. An I really do!

I'm brand new to this whole concept... Thank you so much for sharing this post and you deserve every bit of steam you get for it!

You've really challenged me and given me a place to start from for my first post, and I'm already getting choked up thinking about it as I'm realising... I'm almost always treating my insta pics like little mini blog posts, and trying to provide a bit of background story to each piece and explain some of the process that's gone into it - but so often it feels like it falls on deaf "likes" and hollow followers who're hoping I'll follow them back for the sake of an increased number.

When what I really want, is for my words to have an impact - make a difference for even ONE person... And I feel my eyes have been opened to the power of what's possible here on steemit to do EXACTLY THAT!! I can't wait to see what the future holds in the next few months!

Thank you again so much for putting the effort you have into doing this post! ❤️

I am new to steemit, and this paper is very useful for me who is confused in displaying the works in steemit. thanks for the tips

Thank you for this @voronoi! Just jumped aboard the Steemit ship and want to share what I've been working on, and this has been one of the greater insights into what value it can provide and how I can approach it. QQ -- I'm curious to know if once you post it, can people download and then just repost it elsewhere on the internet? Does Steemit track that too; if not, do you think there runs a risk of unattributed art coming from Steemit posts? (a clarifying question, as I haven't found the answer yet...)

Thanks for this post, this is exactly what I need!

Sharing the process of your work is a great concept. Seeing the steps and learning the thought process that goes into a piece of work helps me understand and appreciate the art more. Additionally this method helps others understand what goes into creating a type of art and can help us in our own creativity.

Wow. Great write up and tip!
It can be tricky to get exposure in the sea(Steem) of all the other artist ;)

Ciao I am new to this platform and am a photographic artist. This is the first post I have read and it is very informative and I wanted to thank you for making it. I am really excited to begin this journey on this platform.

Merci beaucoup.Très instructif,vive la création.

This is the first thing I read on steemit and upvoted of course since I just signed up. Great tipps, thanks. I'm excited about what steemit will become, especially for artists.

I like this very much :)
Thank's for posting this, it is really helpful.

From one artist to another and being a new Steemit user, this post was absolute gold. Great job.

Still trying to wrap my head around the platform and this was an excellent thought inducing piece on what sharing the art process can be like.

Being a DJ and a producer, there is a fine balance of original content and sharing other people's craft, but I believe as long as your heart is in the right place, it has a potential to resonate with people.

Thank you for these lovely pointers, definitely got my thought cogs moving :P

I am a total newbie and coming back to my art practice after some time away due to illness. We have moved to an incredible place in far north Queensland Australia so I can create again! I really appreciate your post as I have no idea where to start on Steemit and am hoping to find ways to connect 😌

I follow you.

This is such a great post - thank you! I'm a new artist on here and it's awesome to find resources like this.

A lot of useful learnings here. Thanks for the post. I can now put more matter in my posts rather than just finished products.

Great Article to incite artist not to overlook such a potential content, Plus its true not only people do interest in the finished product if not in the process. I guess there IS people that only want to see the finished product but by mainly incentivizing this kind of behavior of self documenting step by step we are going to target the same kind of audience that cares about the procedures and not just the end result

Great post! Thanks for sharing. As an artist brand new to Steemit, this is super helpful. I wish I knew about the first image being the thumbnail before I made my first post :/ Live and learn.

Very useful your advice. I was just going to start with the art area, more specifically, the music :)

I just got here at Steemit and I am on tears reading your post. I just realized how much I need society to appreciate and value the whole process of my work. Usually we dont get to be valued even for our final piece in this capitalist world, but your words made me feel how much I need this. I hope I can make it happen here. Thank you so much for this.maria_b.jpg

I honestly find process photos just as interesting as finished work, if not more! As an artist/designer myself, I really enjoy seeing how others work and getting to know their processes. It's so inspiring!

I was overwhelmed coming to Steemit, like the first day at school but you calmed me down with this post and I found the artsy lunch table group. Found my clique....whew! Thx @voronoi

Great post! I'm going to try to do this with my comedy videos & such!

"Artists - this is so important. You should be rewarded for 100% of your work and not just the final 10%. Steemit gives provides you an opportunity to monetize your discovery and exploratory process!" Well said, voronoi.

This is definitely a particular reason that I decided to join this platform. Currently I work full time for a University in an accounting position, but my love is art and I am a polymer clay artist. I am just now starting to try to learn 3-d printing.

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