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Hi Rokaia - we introduced ourselves on the same day - you invested loads more time on your introduction - loved to read your story so far - and will be glad to follow your progress on the platform and to listen to new music....

Aww thanks so muchhhhh :) :) Followed you as well, looking forward to the Steemit journey! :)

Good choice you made here. I see a great potential for you in steemit, your blog just needs some exposure to the right people and you will have a great fan base. Maybe consider joining some groups to post your content (Thesteemengine?)

Steemit is an amazing platform but can be disappointing sometimes but you said it best

the greater gift is in the creation itself

I wish you great success in steemit and Happy new year

Thanks so much @lifealeaf for the solid advice. I've never actually heard of that platform, I must check it out sometime!! Thanks again, going to try my best with music from here on in! :-)

Thanks for posting! We need some good music in Steemit!

good music, i love it..!!

your experience is really interesting and can be a reference for people who read it.
indeed it is one of the excess steemit, and I who became a beginner should find my identity first to make it easier for me to post what may be appropriate for me to share with other steemit users

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