I put a dog on a coin and the rest is history - hey Steemit!

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Hey there, my name is Jackson Palmer, and amongst other things I’m known as the guy who put a dog on a coin and kickstarted the wild ride that was (is?) Dogecoin. Here’s a picture of me speaking at the first Dogecoin conference, “Dogecon” back in 2014:

It seems forever ago that I first posted the tweet that would lead to Dogecoin becoming a reality, and I'm still amazed every day that the currency continues to maintain a $25-30M market cap... I guess it's kind of stable in that regard actually? We achieved a lot of great things with Dogecoin, from sponsoring a Jamaican bobsled team so they could attend the Winter Olympics, to raising money for guide dogs and to drill wells in Kenya, and the sponsorship of a NASCAR which I was lucky enough to see on the track in person.

All of that wouldn't have been possible without the amazing community that grew around Dogecoin, and part of me likes to think that in a way Dogecoin influenced cryptocurrency as a whole and made everyone take themselves just a little less seriously. It also brought a wider demographic of new people into cryptocurrency and started to educate them about its use, which I think is pretty cool.

You can learn more about the history of Dogecoin in this interview I did with Kevin Rose for Foundation:

...as a community we also had our fair share of drama, but that's a story for another day :)

Steemit is an interesting concept to me as it also embraces the community building approach and some of the content here already looks really interesting! One of Dogecoin's primary use cases was also tipping, which you folks seem to have nicely implemented here. My advice: Use the strength of your community for good, always keep things fun and never let greed become your primary motivator (it can be hard in the world of crypto, I know)

As for what I'm working on right now, some topics/ideas/side projects that have been on the top of my mind lately are:

  • Bringing regulation to the table in a way that makes sense.. it's clear we need some sort of change to avoid a new Bitfinex happening each week
  • Better utilizing WebRTC as a P2P channel for cryptocurrencies
  • Smart contract interoperability across different blockchains (imagine a blockchain per country or per legal jurisdiction)

Thanks for having me here, feel free to drop any questions / suggestions for future posts in the comments!


FYI, 100% of the proceeds from this post (well, the 50%) will go towards hosting a big ol' karaoke party in San Francisco - everyone is invited and Mad Bitcoins has even offered to help organize...

**UPDATE: ** Mark 9/17 in your calendar, we have a venue planned in SF... it's gonna be awesome!

You had me at karaoke!

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Hope that helps!

Just one request---you sing "who let the dogs out" and record it for me? I would love to see it trend on steemit :)

It's happening - 9/17 in SF. You're invited if you can make it :)

(otherwise, recording is definitely going to happen)

Wish I wasnt on the completely wrong side of the country. :(

Arrggghh, this sounds totally up my street, I wish I lived more locally so I could attend. The right country would be a good start! (anybody wan't to buy my plane ticket for me? I do a great Frank Sinatra rendition)

Have an awesome event. I'm looking forward to hearing/reading all about it!

That's a great idea to give back to the people showing love to you already. You clearly have the bigger picture in mind. I wish the party was closer to New York, because I would love to showcase my karaoke skills. Hope it is a great success!

I'm really good at singing "Darude - Sandstorm" (troll joke on youtube for those who may not know haha) Origin of the Darude Sandstorm Meme

calendar marked.

earn 1-5$ without even using soo much of electricity and money on hardware it really helped me it could also help you https://steemit.com/earn/@kamal/really-earn-2usd-5usd-per-day-or-more-just-by-chatting

Wow! I have followed Dogecoin for such a long time. I thought it was a fad that would die out, but that adorable little shiba inu doesn't want to give up.

Far more successful than than another coin I thought was a joke and turns out to have irked Kanye West (throwback to those that remember) Coinye coins


But I am grateful to Dogecoin for the community they have provided. It's a pretty awesome story in the cryptocurrency field and one of the few coins I truly enjoyed mining.

I like to so a little photoshop to welcome some of the new exciting people to steemit, so here is a quick combo of you and your beloved dogecoin


Looks like he may have been smoking a small amount of marijuana, but that is quite a popular topic here so I am sure Palm-e coin will be welcomed to fund many cannabis startups.

But in all seriousness welcome and I look forward to the insight you have to share with steemit and hope others kindly welcome you as well.

Yeh...Kanyecoin was hilarious..but not so lovable. I never touched it.
And yeh...Coinye. Gotta give it to him. He has the gumption to try to make a buck off idiots (says the guy who bought coins with a dog's head on them).

Haha! I mean there's a Trump coin so who knows. Kanye said he might run for president, but I don't think I want my niece looking up to "first lady Kim" if that ever happened

Lets just put our heads in the sand and forget it is possible (for the time being)

Yes we may wish to keep our heads in the sand for as long as possible. I never would have thought it even possible to have a person who is more egotistical than Trump who would actually get some votes if he were to run.

Trump coin was hilarious to me until he ran for president. I wonder what his prsesidency will do to coin value!

Bahahaha I love it... :)

Knowing how to post gifs already puts you well past a good number of users. This the coolest community I've ever been a part of.

What's next for dogecoin? It's always near the top due to the loyal fan base, but what new developments are in the works?

My secret dream is to migrate it to a safer blockchain tech without the reliance on PoW... I worry about the reliance on AuxPoW/shared mining with Litecoin and how long that will sustain. Had a few chats with my friend Jae who is building Tendermint and that might be a realistic option (based on a coin burn / snapshot migration)... If only I had the time to do all the dev work required!

I can only imagine the amount of time that will take. And a movement away from POW seems like a very important change. Pos seems to be gaining traction for some alternative coins. But long term mining just doesn't seem to make sense to me. I actually am unsure how mining for steemit changes over time, but I should look into it.

I remember when doge was at 3 sats and I was earning like crazy! Yea many have come and before regulations restrict currency creations, many more will come and go! Doge will always moon and beyond!!

ummjackson Jackson Palmer tweeted @ 14 Aug 2016 - 00:01 UTC

Checking out @Steemit -

steemit.com/introduceyours... / https://t.co/nzczqXxqvK

Disclaimer: I am just a bot trying to be helpful.

Thank you, this confirmed that @ummjackson is not a bot quite helpful for a bot.

Wow this has nothing to do with this post...but for some reason I will still look at it after I am done :D

It was very dissappointing...and a crap post going to flag it actuallu and anyone who reads and agrees please do so too. If you dont think i should flag tell people why (noone who actually looks at it will disagree).

This is hilarious. Most of you people who believe in the illuminati bs lies are ridicoulos. Media propaganda and bull crap. But hey, who am I too judge. Believe the priest who plays with little boys butss and peepees! Smh!!

hi @ummjackson... you're welcome

hi... @ummjackson , you are welcome


Wow, it really is you! Thank you for the twitter confirmation, we've been hit by a bunch of people stealing identities and you have alleviated all fears of that via your tweet!

In lieu of the verification ordeal, Welcome Aboard Sir! You're quite the celebrity and a considered by many of us to be a pioneer in the world of Altcoins!


Dogecoin was an prime example of what many thought would a hilarious joke and hoax of an altcoin, yet Jackson proved them all wrong when it became a monster of a hit!

Major Kudos to you and your amazing story of success!

Thanks for having me aboard!

ummm it was a hit because it was used in a Pump and dump by a Chinese dude.
The coin has, and had no new or interesting tech, was just a bit of a laugh

Because a $30,000,00 is a trivial marketcap and a just bit of a laugh? Hahahaha. That the kind of comment is definitely worth, just a bit of a laugh. It may have fallen a bit short of the $30 million mark though.

All coins get pumped and dumped at one point or another, even Bitcoin. Trivializing @ummjackson's success and attributing it to a Chinese market manipulator just goes to show that there truly is at least one hater in every group. We all know it was a Scrypt coin started as a joke. In the end the joke was on everyone else who said it would never live long enough to prosper and was doomed to fail, yet it's still being traded on exchanges to this very day. Last I checked (as in 5 minutes ago) it's actually up 7.5% given its 24hr average on Poloniex.

What made it new and unique was that it was never meant to be taken so seriously and even better still was meant as a way to entice the masses with humor instead of dollar signs. If you want to call a $30,000,000 market cap "just a bit of a laugh" then damn! You must be sitting on untold fortunes.

Some things are worth more than money. If you read the whole thread you'll see that even @ummjackson understood this fact when releasing the coin. What made it special was that it was never supposed to be a big hit but it became one anyway because people really do find value in humor and it's that value that has kept Doge alive and well since the day it was born.

oh hey so why dont you hijack another post to make that known?

Sorry ETH who? you mean that coin that hardforked in a centralised manner?

Welcome :) Surprised to see you here. I remember when Dogecoin was brand new.

It still will be to many new steemers ;)

Yep :) Maybe Steem will make crypto mainstream.

I'll never forget the day I told my brother I bought 100,000 DOGE coin...

He knew a little about bitcoin from me and just laughed so hard when I told him I divested into Doge. It was around the time of the Jamaican bobsledding team...

Hey @ummjackson, you should RSVP for a hangout sometime and tell us some of the triumphs and struggles that have come from the Doge History archive. I'd love to cover it for the #beyondbitcoin history books :)

Those were the days :)

Would love to do a hangout, how do I signup? There are too many stories haha.

Ill send u a pm about it alog with a few SBD as a tip. Gotta go to sleep for now though ;)

And as for the stories...i suspect you will have an indefinitely captivated audience who will let you give them as many as you want :)

Doge was the first alt I ever minded. Remember watching that NASCAR race hoping for more views of the car.

I'll never forget seeing the Dogecar race in person at the Sonoma raceway with Mohland (creator of Dogetipbot). Much booze, such laughs, very vroom.

I was so hoping they would release a 1:24 scale collectible of that car. Don't think they ever did.

That's right, the Nascar, I forgot about that @fubar-bdhr


Welcome to Steemit!

I love dogecoin. It's the first currency backed by a collective sense of humour.

No serious investor would buy dogecoin, just the silly ones. Who doesn't like a silly investor?

Hi @ummjackson ! So happy you decided to post. I'd love to read another post on your thoughts about using WebRTC for cryptocurrency.

So after some trawling Github, I found that someone is already trying this with Webcoin (https://github.com/mappum/webcoin) for Bitcoin... very impressive stuff. The beauty of utilizing WebRTC is that you're removing the barrier to entry of having someone install something. So you could have an entirely decentralized client-side wallet, marketplace, etc. without having to install a desktop app or Chrome extension. It's that kind of tearing down of barriers which will finally bring mass adoption to cryptotokens - you need to make it a single-click, almost passive use case that's intertwined with existing workflows (ie. browsing the web)

Jackson I think you are spot-on that everything blockchain is going to have to get a lot simpler before critical mass/mass adoption can happen for anything blockchain. No doubt that people would be as carried away as myself with blockchain innovation, and the excitement that it brings to one daily once a point of entry is discovered, if one could just get started. I definitely think that Steem has been the easiest application yet for me to 'get' (and with which to get started) in the blockchain space. One can jump right in and participate in an activity that is fun and rewarding without having to understand Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, or blockchain technology generally. Steem is thus a gateway into this new world for 'non-technical' types, and I think that understanding of the blockchain space may happen somewhat passively for folks if they can just find a place to fit in and express themselves without having to 'wrap their head around' something so different from what they are used to. Please forgive me if I am off-topic or have no idea what I am talking about as I am truly a neophyte with all of this, but I am more excited now than I have been since the arrival of the Mosaic browser ( and the world wide web). What an amazing time to be alive!

You're absolutely right, it takes use cases like Steem to get people into crypto without putting the monetary/crypto component right in their faces... in this case it's about great content, in other cases it could be things like identity management, inventory management etc. There are lots of potential use cases that don't revolve around "make money with money hackers use" which is what the mass market perceives Bitcoin as. :)

oh man...you really need to look at the graphene toolkit that was used to build steem. You obviously also need to speak with @dantheman directly about DACs as you are just smacking the nail directly on its head with every post...

WOW dogecoin is my favorite coin. Im surprised Dogecoin is still at the topish of the marketcap, what is doge can never die.

yeh i honestly think doge might be able to survive even if bitcoin didn't. so odd how a meme can be so frigging burned into EVERYONE's consciousness who sees it even once.

Welcome to STEEMIT @ummjackson . Just wanted to thanks for an awesome platform that opened the eyes of many to crypto-currencies. What might have started as something "of a joke" actually became something people believe in. I actually got to mine some dogecoin. Anyway, welcome.
full $teem Ahead!

Thanks, that means a lot!! :)

@ummjackson Thanks for the response. And I just wanted to mention that from the looks of it, you are going to become a STEEMIT WHALE very quickly. You will have in your hands a very powerful tool in entice new users to the STEEMIT platform. I feel many Whales neglect to support the smaller fish in the STEEMIT "sea." So that means up voting, comment, replying, posting and overall interacting with the STEEMIT community that grows by the thousand daily now. Any how, welcome and enjoy!
full $teem Ahead!

Actually i believe that steem whales just do not have the tools they need to be as effective as possible. Give it time man. ;)

@officialfuzzy I believe you may be right. And I believe @smooth has a team that helps him. But I also see whales that just don't up vote anything at all. And I truly feel that if this is to succeed, especially right now, every bit helps. I almost wonder if some think that by up voting they might be giving something away, or maybe that the "content wasn't good enough," but right in STEEMIT's young life, we need to inspire, and if is not Great then still up vote but with constructive criticisms. I say Whales help us get better. On that note, if you can, if it isn't too crass of me, stop by My Blog. I have been here about a month, check out what I have posted.
full $teem Ahead!

ps. I am hitting the follow button too!

@officialfuzzy I agree with you 100%. Having to dig through the massive amount of posts made every day with nothing more than a hashtag system of organization, really does make the flow of information a bit cluttered on the platform. I agree that given some time and the proper tools, once the kinks from the beta are worked out this platform has the potential to out perform just about every social media platform in existence today.

Just came here to say thank you! You have brought so many to cryptocurrency that never would have before.

I can remember telling my students at school about my obsession that was Bitcoin. Mostly, it fell on deaf ears, but the few that perked up asked me if I meant to say "Dogecoin". A few even were mining DOGE and probably never would have told me otherwise. You have been a great influence, and should know your work is greatly appreciated.

That's so awesome to hear - at every Dogecoin event we made sure it was all ages as there was definitely a younger crowd who were just getting their start and learning how technology could be used in this way. Some of my favorite interactions were seeing the light bulb flick on when explaining simple concepts like pub/priv key crypto to them. Thanks, really appreciate your warm welcome.

Glad to have you here good sir!

much article! very jackson!

Welcome to Steemit ! Hope you'll have a great stay here!

I haven't seen you in a while! Glad you are still here. I tried to point a new cam model toward your direction that is also a sweetheart. You're always making people happy and welcoming them. Makes me smile!

Yup still here :D Make use of that "follow" button on my blog :P

Yup adding you to my next chapter in my book. Posted and I loved it. Maybe you should have a read.

I remember the Bob driver from Jamaica start geting donations with Doge coin. That was the moment it blows :D


Great project, and great dev :)

I loved the Dogecoin community! I even learned how to use the dogetipbot. At one point I even contemplated getting a Shiba Inu. It is an absolute honor to have you here with us on Steemit!

Such Shibe, much Steem! To the moon!

Thanks for having me here!!

Welcome Jackson! Come on In...We have coffee, bagels, and doggie treats In the back for the doge:)

A doge friendly community? I can get down with that (+ I love bagels)

Much steemit...Very Introduceyourself! lol

Got my start into crypto because of Dogecoin, so thanks for that. If not for you, I may never have gone down this wonderful path.

Aww, high five man. Thanks for the warm welcome.

Dogecoin and HTML and NHZ were my big tickets into crypto! Go doge go!

Action Jackson! Much love. Very Doge. Such Awesome.

You know my high school nickname!! :P Thanks, glad to be here.

wow! nice to meet you @ummjackson
and welcome to steemit! 8]

Welcome Jackson and cheers to your success and your doge's here on steemit!

Welcome! @ummjackson

You can definitely attain the crypto world record for the most user interactions in a single post with this one! You are a legend!

Sending you much good vibes,


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telegram from Korea !

You started a great movement and community! I wish you the best in your future projects!

Welcome and great post...make it a shot right from start.


Without a mining computer how could one get into cryptocurrency mining?

In the future, I think you'll see a move away from "mining" that's reliant on proof-of-work. To scale PoW you end up with a very wasteful network.

Not to mention the massive electricity bills to go with it. Hahahahaa

MaidSafe is working on a great way to put those wasted resources to work by creating a crypto based Cloud Platform to make use of all those resources from CPU time & storage to even unused bandwidth. Hopefully the Dev's will start to kick it into high gear because it's been in the works for a VERY long time with very little progress.

Thank you for the response! That sounds interesting is there any cryptocurrency that are not reliant on PoW?

Buy, sell, trade! You can trade in or up on many sites. Buy gift cards and sell them for cryptos. Sell old things that are worth something to those who are interested. There are many ways in

So pretty much going into trading currencies?

Such fluster, very fanboy
Welcome to Steem!

Thanks for the warm welcome, happy to be a part of it!

Dogecoin always makes me smile. That dog...omg...perennial cuteness

That's the goal, crypto can get a little too serious sometimes

yes! I was thinking there needs to be a crypto themed slacker hangout podcast or such that makes fun of all aspects of crypto with no mercy. So far there is only the toothless cackling 'DAO attacker' who does that, to my knowledge. So begins the conception of the noble "Shootin' the Shitcoin" series.

it was pot luck. The rise of Doge.
It never ceases to amaze me how it still exists, I made a ton of money that big week it had, but the code was flawed, amount of coins was obscene, (and wrong) and realistically if woolong hadn't decided to pump it we wouldn't be here right now. still it is what it is, but I dont think we would see it again in cryptos today. unless it was an ICO maybe =)

Doge is here to stay! Buy, sell, trade and hold! Just think of the invest $100 now will turn out to be in 10 years!!

Ha! Didn't see it coming when I drew this doodle :) Welcome!


I agree! Keep it fun! It isn't all about the potential profit. It's the community! Welcome to Steemit!

Honesty, welcome but I have seen so much doge meme in this single post that I think I've contracted a disease from it...the poor meme simply wanted a peaceful death, all this digging up the smelly corpse...the cringe...someone ...help. But in all seriousness, always cool seeing new peeps popping in. 🤘

@ummjackson Nice one! Everyone loves a well landed full on troll meme! Well Played Sir! Well Played! Your sense of humor seems to extend well beyond your cryptocoin.

Regulation is unnecessary. Using an exchange such as Bitfinex is voluntary. No one ever need use an exchange to use bitcoin. It can be earned through trading goods or services and spent on same. People who don't wish to incur exchange risk can simply not use one. Conversely one could also choose not to use a newly regulated exchange.

I'm not talking about government-enforced regulation per se, rather a blockchain-level set of rules which govern the behavior of all participating contracts. That's where my dot point about cross-chain interoperability comes in - regulation would remain opt-in but allow for policies around controversial decisions like network "rollbacks" and fork conditions be baked into some degree. Need to explore this more!

And we all saw how well that kind of model is working out for Ethereum right now. LOL Doh...

Ok. Voluntary is good. Agreed it needs to be explored more and glad some are looking ahead.

Governments will regulate any currency because of the fear of taking down their monetary system! Anything that s earns money and they want part of it, they will get it!!

What happened when you rage quit the digital currency space a while back?

Does this mean you're back :)

Hehe I prefer to think of it as less of a rage quit and more of a slow shutting of laptop lid because I was frankly burning out... I caught a lot of criticism for calling out a bad actor in the community (Moolah) who wound up actually being a scammer and going to jail recently for multiple counts of rape (all round terrible person). So there was a lot of emotion and I needed to step away for a while, for my own sanity.

I'm slowly returning and sitting on the side lines, because I still really love the technology side of it. I also have less time these days due to my day job, so dev/research time is limited to nights and weekends. I think you can consider this (and my recent appearance at my first Bitcoin meetup in over a year) a sort of "return" :)

Exciting to have ya!

Welcome! Are you still steamed (sorry) about the "white male libertarian bros"?

Haha, only if they're abrasive in their opinions. Haven't noticed anyone rude or abrasive here yet, which is refreshing!! :)

Thanks for the reply!

I have a different take on the matter: it wasn't ideological, but the reaction of a crowd to someone who ostensibly punctured their dreams. Imagine that you wrote, on March 20, 2000, an article warning everyone that the Internet 1.0 bubble was about to pop. You would have gotten a huge amount of hostile comments and quite possibly a few death threats. Even though you would have been prescient right to the day. The sad part is, almost none of the readers would have sold and saved their skins.

It's how we humans react - viscerally react - to people we perceive as dream-shatterers, even if they're 100% right. Ideology actually has little to do with it.

Hop on interledger and ripple broski! They're on their way to making that a reality

Researching Thanks for the recommendations, awesome.

Excelent, great good joob...

I have never seen a man as fond of virtue as of women.

What do you do with a sick boat? -TAKE IT TO THE DOC!

I never got too involved with DogeCoin, but i remember watching it from the sidelines. After hanging out with bitcoin for several years before, dogecoin was so refreshing. It was really amazing to watch what was accomplished through pure fun. It really was so educational to the crypto community, reddit.

Glad to have you here.

Thanks, happy I can contribute here! :)

The only coin I like more is

I think this is the highest $$ post I've ever seen on steemit...


Hehe I've heard Mad Bitcoins got more!! :)

now that I do some searching, there's a post that's somewhere in the $44,000 range....that's crazy!

hey jackson. :)

it's kendama gendale. I met you at the dogeiversary party. We talked about victim blaming and you were super cordial and awesome to meet you. nice to see you on here. :)


Dude! Awesome to see you again, thanks for the warm welcome :)


Welcome Jackson! Pretty soon we'll have all the bitcoiners on here. And dogcoiners too! =[8-)

pretty cool hey ?

Sponsored a Jamaican bobsled team haha fuck yea. Reminds me of 'Cool Runnings'

ummjackson Jackson Palmer tweeted @ 28 Nov 2013 - 00:43 UTC

Investing in Dogecoin, pretty sure it's the next big thing. tmblr.co/ZXKfHx-duU4J

Disclaimer: I am just a bot trying to be helpful.

Very nice introduction Mr. Palmer, great to have you here on steemit!

Thanks for the warm welcome!

@ummjackson with so many option out there why did you pick Steem and Steemit?

After seeing the success of Dogecoin tipping on Reddit, I actually had an aspiration to create some type of crypto/social network mix (there's an old P2P social project that used WebRTC on my Github, goal was to align usernames/passwords with Bitcoin wallets) so it's cool to see it pulled off to some degree with Steemit.

I was also at a Bitcoin meetup the other night here in San Francisco and a few friends were raving about Steemit... I figured I'd jump on and if my post(s) got upvoted enough I'd throw the proceeds at more cool community parties here with people.

I had never heard of the doge meme until the coin came around. Now everytime I see bad English on a sign I ask myself whether they accept Dogecoin?

How should I pronounce Dogecoin?

I believe someone made a short video excerpt of a video interview I did where the pronunciation came up... here you go!