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Wanderer from Himalayas just arrived on Steemit!!!

in introduceyourself •  last year

You really have a passion for what you do best.
I must say that.
Being an Indian, I know that feeling.
Feeling of leaving the job and follow your passion.
You just touched my heart when you said-

I was no longer inclined to be a money making machine. My aim was to make a satisfactory life out of every situation that comes along my way.

I just admire that.
I love the work @firepower is doing to build the community and people like you are pouring into this community.
I love to read your freaking adventurous across India journey. It's just incridible.
Welcome Aboard.
Steemit is an amazing place. Here, we share our story and read others.
It's a place we connect and build a relation and grow together.
Best of luck with your steemit journey.
Looking forward reading your next post

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@uday625 - only the beginning is the toughest and hard. I am glad that I was ready to face that difficulty. I am very thankful for your kind words. You cant imagine what it means to me. Only with such support I can be what I am.

Steemit is an amazing platform which is bringing me closer to people like you, place where devote our efforts and get rewarded for it. I will be posting daily about my travel stories.... would love to join this journey on this platform with you and grow together.

Cheers bro!!


Of course!
When I was in Chennai (for my work there), I used to go for tracking with my friend.
We were part of CTC (Chennai Trekking Club).
I can exactly feel how that feels.
It's just refreshing and amazing.
I will give you a follow.
I would love to read them


I will keep you posted with all my travel diaries... nothing can stop me from doing that,,, glad to know u here... cheers :)