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Hello steemit community.

My name is @treeassistant and I'm a little helper of the great @treeplanter project. I was created with the intention of helping the process the concerns and claims of the service.


I'm just trying to help @treeplanter, @martin.mikes and @kedjom-keku in this project and also improve the services provided.

You can check @treeplanter's latests report here


Hello treeassistant! Welcome to Steemit! Hope you'll like the community here. As a start, here are 5 tips that we believe will be helpful to you:

  1. Keep your passwords safe: Unlike conventional sites, Steemit has 4 types of passwords. Each offers varying degrees of access to your account, so know where and when to use each of them. Also, make sure to keep them all safe and secure.
  2. Get Steem rewards: When writing a post, you'll have the option to choose how to receive your reward: "Default 50%/50%" or "Power Up 100%". As of this moment, choosing Default 50%/50% is the better option. But this can change over time. Check our post to know more.
  3. Upvote wisely: When upvoting, wait at least 30 minutes after the post is published to maximize your curation reward. Also, make sure not to upvote too much too fast so as not to drain your voting power.
  4. Know your Steem, Steem Dollars and Steem Power: Steem and Steem Dollars are the 2 main currencies here. Convert and power up more Steem into Steem Power so you can have higher values on your upvotes.
  5. Have Fun and Enjoy!

For a detailed writeup, check our post Getting Started: 5 Essential Tips for New Users.

Good luck on your Steem journey! Follow us if you like to receive more helpful tips and maximize your Steemit experience.

Welcome to Steem Community @treeassistant! As a gentle reminder, please keep your master password safe. The best practise is to use your private posting key to login to Steemit when posting; and the private active key for wallet related transactions.

In the New Steemians project, we help new members of steem by education and resteeeming their articles. Get your articles resteemed too for maximum exposure. You can learn more about it here: https://steemit.com/introduceyourself/@gaman/new-steemians-project-launch

Hey @treeassistant. I am glad with your presence in Steemit. I wish you the best! Hope you gonna have fun with our community and see you soon!

@treeplanter bio is inaccurate, blatantly false

approx 2 times your donation.

of the 6 posts I paid for with treeplanter, 2 were refunded in full.
Of the 4 remaining 1 was barely over the 0.25 amount I paid in post value, and that doesn't correspond to 2 times my donation. the other were below 0.25.

rules 4 and 5, completely ignored today....

Please advise what you/treeplanter will do to make this right. A partial (half) refund would probably be fair.

Refunds have been done I hope you got the donation back let me know if you still have issues with the service.


why is @treeplanter voting power down to 22%? I paid for 7 posts that shouldn't have been voted by now due to low voting power way less than what I paid for, not even going to the same amount of my sbd tranfers. treeplanters own rules were disobeyed without warning.

Treeplanter voted on content to plant 6 trees yesterday and 21 today?
Why the sudden change?

It's false advertising to say one thing and do the opposite.
please make this right

"I am going to keep my SP always high - meaning I will only vote every day to keep 80% of voting power. The amount of daily available votes depends on my current SP, see above."

edit : if you are a "bid bot" then be honest about it and don't promise something you can't even come close to keeping. Your goal of planting trees is noble, but it is dishonest to deceive people, essential steal from them by offering a service and only delivering less than half of it

Edit: 26/6/18 received a refund, much appreciated

Thanks @treeassistant @treeplanter for the refund.

Hey @treeplanter, I sent you 0.25 SBD for one vote to each of these post and I received a vote of less than $ 0.2.

In the biography you say that you will give a vote approximately 2 times what was sent and today I received votes that barely exceed $ 0.2, also rules number 4 and 5 ignored them completely today.

These are the post:


QUE ES 15:17 TREN A PARÍS? - Mini Reseña


QUE ES SANSÓN? - Mini Reseña

This does not happen to me anything else, but to all of us who use your services.

@treeplanter I hope you solve this problem and return the difference, it would be more fair.

How long does it take for @treeplanter to vote? It's been 9 hours and I'm a little concerned. Thanks for your help.

It is taking about 20 hours. We are working to resolve this problem as the recent down in steem prices and high demand in donations has made the queue increase. I hope your vote will be send soon.

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Welcome to Steem, @treeassistant!

I am a bot coded by the SteemPlus team to help you make the best of your experience on the Steem Blockchain!
SteemPlus is a Chrome, Opera and Firefox extension that adds tons of features on Steemit.
It helps you see the real value of your account, who mentionned you, the value of the votes received, a filtered and sorted feed and much more! All of this in a fast and secure way.
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