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Well I recently ran into this website and, as an aspiring satirical columnist and political commentator, felt that it was almost exactly what I was looking for - if only it had a centralized authority that profited from exploiting my creative works and selling my private information to corporations, all the while having the power to censor me at a whim, then it'd be perfect!

Until such perfection comes along however, I'm going to have to settle for Steemit.


I am ethnically Chinese and currently live in Australia. While I'm aware the guide instructed me to post a photo of myself holding a current newspaper or whatever, I would hate alarming friends or family who'd stumble onto such a picture mistakenly believing I had been kidnapped and held hostage. Subjecting them to the eventual disappointment they'd feel after discovering I was actually safe and sound would be far too cruel an act on my part. Therefore, you're just going to have to decide for yourself whether I am who I say I am or if I'm merely using a profile picture of a random Asian guy so I can freely tell racist jokes in the future.


I foresee myself writing predominantly in my areas of interest: politics, economics, philosophy, sociology and perhaps other -ologies and -ophies as well as the masters of our species: cats (boy you know a sentence is well written when there're two colons in it; colonception if you will, or is that a medical procedure?). That's my cat Meowie. Yes it was I who gave her that name. And yes, that's the level of creativity you can expect from me in all my subsequent posts.

I am very much looking forward to getting to know you all and being part of the community. Feel free to follow me if you think you'd enjoy my writing. If I'm honest this is very new to me. I've tweeted snarky one liners for a while but this is basically my first attempt at long form writing. I'm guessing my initial attempts at writing topical political satire will quickly devolve into crude click bait pieces like '7 Ways You Can Hide An Erection On The Bus'. But who knows, maybe the former would be of an acceptable quality and surprisingly well received? Or maybe you're constantly struggling to hide your erection on public transport and are desperately seeking advice?

If you wish to support me directly instead of giving to the billion or so people on the planet who are struggling at the edge of subsistence earning less than $1 a day, then feel free to donate Steem @trafalgar

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Wow! For years I've tried to avoid social media as good as I can without becoming an outcast. There existed only few more annoying things to than twitter. This really changed today! I've landend on steemit few days ago and just stumbled over your posts. Since one hour I'm trying not to fall off my chair because of LOL :D I really enjoy your writing and your great and sharp sense of humor! You made my day :) Following now …

thank you, I hope you enjoy steemit, i think it has a lot of long term potential

OMG you are Australian!! Trafalgar - would you consider being our 'Whale Mentor' at 'Team Australia'...


I said hi in the post
I'm not too sure if I can do a mentor thing, I'm quite busy irl and i'm a very slow writer on here, but I can probably throw out some votes to good aussie authors :)

Terrific - thanks Trafalgar - instead of promoting you as our Aussie Whale Mentor - I will call you our 'Aussie Whale Sponsor' (or similar) - 'proudly supporting good Aussie authors'. Another matter - are you looking for witness votes? SK.

I'm not running for witness, it'll be pretty greedy of me to want everything
I got lucky with the investment and honestly enjoy posting a bit of comedy, or at least attempts at comedy on here, I don't post more than once every 2 days (unless it's a contest), to leave some in the rewards pool for others

I honestly don't think I can be a responsible witness on top of trying to put out decent quality posts and curating with a reasonable effort

Understood T - just checking - would have promoted you if you for this if you wanted.

I enjoyed your post yesterday on 'Is the world becoming more violent?'. I might debate your conclusion if you took a mere 50 year time frame though - but if you look at the full history of mankind - you are most certainly correct. SK.

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OK that's the best Steemit intro post I've ever seen - following you now - and being nosy I'm wondering how on earth you came to have 176 000 Steem Power - guess you must be either loaded or very keen to make a mark - most impressive.

Here is a pic of our cat:)

Thanks! Yes I'm honestly quite attracted to the platform, I think it has great potential, I've just started investing in cryptos, so after that phase is done I'll concentrate more on writing, hopefully, decent satire :)

And what a beautiful cat! I hope you were more creative than me when it came to naming her/him

Just found this post. I've talked to you in chat already, but welcome to Steem @trafalgar!

Thanks a lot pfunk, glad to be here :)

thanks for visiting and voting....^^

Hello and welcome to Steemit, look forward to reading more. Upvoted and followed

Welcome to Steemit. I look forward to your posts @trafalgar. Might even be able to get into some discussions and debates? Followed you and resteemed :-)

Thank you @maninayton, I'm looking forward to it. Most of my posts will be in a fairly light hearted satirical tone though

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Great first post. Love your sense of humour!


@kus-knee (The Old Dog)

Thanks a lot, I enjoyed your article as well and followed

Now THAT is a funny intro post!! I'm following!!! :)

Thank you, glad you enjoyed it

Welcome to Steemit @trafalgar

Steemit is in it's Beta stadium. A lot of miracles seem to provoke you. You will earn STEEM if you produce unique content (authoring), write comments (interaction) and making friends (followers). Very Important: Vote! Around 40 times of voting within 24 hours is the limit. Then your voting power decreases. And don't forget to resteem to show your followers what you like very much.

The number of your recent votes is shown here. Just put in your avatar's name in the upper left field and wait until the red countdown in the upper right is ready.

If you need help, please feel free to ask. Steemians always helping each other. Before you ask it's better to look up in the Steemit Help Net. And visit the official Steemit Welcome Page as well, where you will find all informations and a lot of links around Steemit.

Use this Steemit FAQ as well. It is a very helpful collection. Steemit development is in Beta stage. Some things may seem to be strange. Just ask!

For editors it is better to use the Markdown Styling Guide. It is an important source when you want to work in an editor without any icons. Below of every editors frame (comments and postings) you will get the Preview of your work.

Including Images in your post works perfectly. You can do it in several ways, as described in the image help.

For sophisticated alignments read my article about alignment in the editor.

Happy steemin

Thank you for all the advice =)

You are welcome. If you have success the Steem will have success, too. Have fun!

Welcome aboard the crazy steemship...

Thank you gavvet, if there's an iceberg I hope we can avoid crashing into it by powering down in time =)

These are tropical waters...

Welcome to steemit :)

Haha! You gave me a couple of nice laughs!

haha thank you, was my intention, hopefully in a few weeks I'll have more free time to write articles on a more consistent basis =)

I'm following you :)
Lets hoard some Steem!

Thank you, I just saw your post about art, I followed too :)

Welcome to steemit!

I think your areas of interest will make for some great posts that people here will enjoy! And cat pictures are always welcome online! Have fun here and Steem On!

Thanks kenny, I'm sure it'll like it here :)

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Very funny intro post and I would definitely read '7 Ways You Can Hide An Erection On The Bus'. Would that also work on a plane? Awesome job on the investment, really impressive. I always advise people to buy in gradually but you took that to a whole new level. 25K a day wow! Welcome to Steemit, I think you will fit in nicely.

haha thank you!

  1. Wear pants

now that is something I will try from now on...

Hahaha. Nice intro post.
Welcome on steemit @trafalgar :-)
You have a new follower.

great intro post welcome to steemit im new as well but very excited to add more to this growing space, I look forward to seeing more post from youu

Thanks okaye!

Awesome intro post! Welcome to Steemit, i'm sure you'll like it :)

You made me laugh a couple times, well done. :) Definitely upvoted and followed as well! Good luck on steemit! I look forward to more of your posts in the future.

Thanks a lot, I'm glad you enjoyed it, not sure if many people share my sense of humor

I'm still getting use to writing lengthier pieces, I come from a twitter background (strange thing to put on a cv)

You're welcome. Glad you're glad that I enjoyed it. ._. And yeah, sense of humor can be an odd thing. Also, I see.. Twitter is prob the one I'm the least interested in cause it doesn't let me type enough..
I'm sure you'll do well, you can treat this platform like twitter if you really want too.. It's a pretty versatile platform.

Welcome to Steemit!

Thank you Daveks!

Welcome @trafalgar. Something tells me you will do just fine here.

Thank you, hopefully my attempts at providing both insight and humor won't reliably fail every time =)

Attempt, attempt, attempt; then you can't fail each time! Comment way to find your way. You will do just fine!

welcome to steemit friend

Thank you =)


Thank you :)

You're welcome. Nice to see you getting started with posting because I have seen you being active in the chat for a while!

It is only one month i am on steemit but I have rarely seen nice posts such as yours. Nice job.

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Without mincing words, You're good. And you mention two things I am completely crazy about, cryptos and political satire. I am from that part you say people are struggling at the edge of subsistence, eking less than $1 a day out of jobs threatened by extinction. Will follow you closely to see how generous and kind you could be by holding my hands and teaching me the ropes to break the chains of want.

Welcome to Steemit. I see you bought a load of Steem. I hope that pays off for you. I have confidence this site will be massive. Just wait until more people discover what it can do. Obviously this isn't the ideal time to do that, but it will be back to normal in a few weeks

@trafalgar Great to have you here

Great post...Upvoted & followed!

I saw satire and told myself if I laugh JUST ONCE, i'll follow and give him my money.....
he ended up getting my monies.

Thank you for the upvote on my most recent blog... I had to find out who this new-to-me Steemit user was, I followed you and this:

"if you think self upvoting is lame, I made multiple Tinder profiles just so I could right swipe myself"

is the best thing I have read all week 😁 😆
That is my kind of sense of humor.


Really a really good introduction
I really like your style of language, and I will always follow each of your next post :) sir @trafalgar

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Really cool to see how huge can one become from "nothing". As I see it, your @steemit journey should really be inspiring to any @minnow.

Lots of us struggle with writing for the first time, blogging and stuff... And it's just important to be yourself and write about things that interest you/us. If they are useful, even better:)))


See me around!

A nice little intro article. I shall be giving you a follow and will be looking forward to seeing what you come up with. I think my name will tell you that I am quite the fan of satire, so I'm very glad to see you on here.

Enjoyed your writing as well, I followed too

Thanks. Means a lot.

I commented on your first post.

You are so great @trafalgar.
you have not joined 1 year in steemit, but you've got nearly 3000 sbd in one post.
this is very great .
let me learn from your experience.
I will learn from you.
Thank you @ Trafalgar (y).

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This Guy

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Hi and welcome to Steemit @trafalgar!