Hi - I'm Toni Lane Casserly, executive, advisor and "hottest woman in cryptocurrency".

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Hey everyone and great to meet you :)

My name is Toni Lane Casserly, or as my friends call me, TLC.

This post will be a bit informal, because I'd like to think of steem as a community of friends. Be prepared for me to be less of the atypical executive and more of that cool chick who played video games under her desk in high school while reading batman comics and making better grades than the kids who studied ;)

That's my face.

That's me with Richard Branson.

That's me being featured in a magazine alongside the CEO of Credit Suisse, the founder of Burning Man, the Vice Minister of Finance in Panama, and a bunch of other amazing people.
(read the full magazine here: https://issuu.com/st.gallensymposium/docs/st_gallen_symposium_magazine_46)

I'm a pretty lucky lady, y'all.

My first piece was intended to be "Bitcoin Is A Network Of Peace for the Islamic State", but I wanted to take the time out to introduce myself and update you guys on a few of the contributions I've made to the industry already.

I was the second employee at ChangeTip (thanks, Nick!)

The first ever CEO and co-founder of CoinTelegraph (because if bitcoin is going to be called sketchy, we might as well go all in on that joke)

A consultant for Tether and Mycelium (amazing teams, so fortunate to contribute)

And an advisor / partner / board member at 10+ companies, including:

I'm also a free-market philanthropist, so after using bitcoin to do disaster relief funding during the ebola crisis, I created Kids Compassion. We give kids who lost their families to ebola the opportunity to have a home, an education, and financial freedom / economic opportunity when they graduate from our program.

Check out the project here: https://www.kidscompassioncharity.com
If you want to hear the story behind it, check out this slide deck: http://www.slideshare.net/tonilanec/blockchain-for-human-rights-and-activism?qid=de4ca008-6e13-445c-acd6-9dff427d32ce&v=&b=&from_search=3

Currently, I'm helping a few massive people learn more about the blockchain and working on a few secret projects that I can't talk about yet :)

If you know anyone that needs a little (or a lot!) of TLC (Toni Lane Casserly, my full name), feel free to reach out to me at [email protected] or through the contact page on my website www.tonilane.com.

Great to meet y'all <3
I can't wait to get to know this community better!

All the love,


TLC, could you verify your identity in some way. A social media post or a verification pic?

Edit. Don't upvote this without verification. Someone tried this last night with Stefan Molyneux.

Edit. She verified it on Facebook. www.facebook.com/tonilanecasserly

Welcome to Steemit. Gotta be sure.

Sure! Look at my Facebook wall, www.facebook.com/tonilanecasserly

Thanks for verifying! :)

Of course :) Thank YOU for being such an awesome watchdog to protect my identity!

I edited my post. Welcome @tlc.

Thank you! Ditto 🌟

can you make the thing with the photo and the date? that would be cool.

What's that?

nice verification

lol, you guys are funny. Yes, it's me. Thank you for being so stern on checking for real identity <3 I need you as my personal watchdogs!

We get a lot of fake accounts trying to cash in on others notoriety. Thanks for your understanding and welcome to Steemit! :)

Always! Thanks for ushering me in!

I don't think that's going to happen. Just a hunch. ;)

I bet the opposite but I'm not sure. Let's see.
We could have an exciting prediction market just for this ;)

As social-media savvy as she is, she would know to tweet a verification or post it somewhere official. Her Twitter feed has been dead a good while. She would have also likely been brought here by someone else prominent and they too would be providing verification, that didn't happen. I hope I'm wrong, but so far nothing is pointing towards this account being real.

Edit : Yeah I was wrong lulz.


Yeah, I never use twitter because I think it's a total distraction. The only way I interact with twitter is generally to show speaking engagements and to disrupt the general flow of the bite-sized thought feed to try and get people to go deep.

Cheers :)

This case intrigues me a bit:

I wonder what "Working on better introduction" means. It's a bit hard to make a next move after the initial post failed but who knows - it seems this person does not give up easily.

My 'Steemit Mentor' was telling us that these good looking 'chicks' will make a ton on their initial #introduceyourself and I see why. If only - but I will survive...

You seriously did not self proclaim yourself to be the hottest woman in cryptocurrency. Any how, enjoy an upvote from me.

@cryptocurrency1 no, of course I would never self title. I was affectionately titled by a publication and am totally humbled by the statement (look at the photo). I was a total ugly duckling, so when I read that... It was news to me!

This case intrigues me a bit: https://steemit.com/@tesschristine

It's the same routine of posting some semi-internet-famous person's info (too much usually) yet not providing any form of verification, like a simple tweet that takes less than 30 seconds. She's also very social-media literate so not doing it right off the bat throws up flags.

The promise to do it at some point (after the intro payout of course) and then not following through after 3 days pretty much answers any questions I have. It's the same routine used by the Heroin Addict intro post and several others and I would assume it's the same person/team.

But I'm skeptical by default, it's a requirement of running an online business I think. ;)

Love that you're such an awesome watchdog :) The exact kind of person I like to surround myself with.

My 'Steemit Mentor' was telling us that these good looking 'chicks' will make a ton on their initial #introduceyourself and I see why. If only - but I will survive...

@wymetto I appreciate the compliment, but I don't value myself, or any woman or man for that matter, because of their beauty alone. Stick around and you'll see I have a lot more substance to bring to the table :)

Well you were right on this one. :)

Hey! Yep. Check my Facebook page www.facebook.com/tonilanecasserly :) Cheers.

I'm gonna assume it's the real TLC and give you an upvote.

But please verify your authenticity by sending a confirmation via twitter or other social media. We've had quite a few imposters here.

EDIT: removed my upvote.

Verified on my Facebook wall! www.facebook.com/tonilanecasserly

I love your name :) We should working something out together - no serious great u are on board at steem!

Will turn it into a downvote if there is no confirmation.

Never learns what?

We've already given out many thousands to the cause of encouraging identity theft and every time we award an 'introduceyourself' post without verification we donate again.

Is this the correct response?


Hey look, I'm really happy for you and I'ma let you finish but @royaltiffany is the hottest woman in cryptocurrency right now.

Everyone is beautiful! No one, in my book, is more beautiful from another person because the true value of beauty is something you can't see :) And we all have that light inside!

May I give some charity advice?

When raising Bitcoins for charity, keep 1/10 to 2/10 of the fund in place for future distribution for when the price hits levels like 5k-10k USD. Don't spend them all at once at any-market-levels. Of course be transparent about it.

@alexgr that's a great point! I never do that with donations as I have donors to be accountable towards, but I do take this strategy when investing my personal funds into philanthropic endeavors :)

Obviously if the donor expects that the full fund will immediately be spent, that's another issue - and it must be spent. In the context of a "donation fund" instead of a simple donation, where the donor knows up front, I guess he wouldn't mind if that means that the donation can actually be doubled or tripled. To ensure that the spending will occur, you may put a time-limit in place ("if the price doesn't reach the desired targets, the amount will be spent in 3 years time at market prices"). If that's too complicated for donors, or they might think it sounds sketchy, you can avoid it altogether :D

I'd love to have you help with this if you're interested, @alexgr!

Nice to see someone active in spreading the word about Block chain and crypto currencies aboard! Welcome!

Always! The faster we can create substantive change for industry, the faster we can evolve this world... one step to world peace at a time.

No Offense , but I have seen much hotter ladies in the crypto field. And guess what else ? they don't even brag about it.

@eyass, it's just a nickname given to me by the press. Everyone is beautiful. Beauty is inside. For me in particular, it was a huge gift to receive a compliment like this because I was bullied and called ugly for years. I don't think I'm particularly anything. Just myself trying to make this industry as successful as possible. :)

:) I am just being a grumpy bear ... nevermind me

Hot and Smart ! Thats the way to go Lady !! I bet you provoked a few other hot women out there . Lets see who is hotter :) Have fun on Steemit

Oh gosh no, everyone is beautiful. I believe in peace and harmony, not one to spend my energy on that kind of debate.

Hope you told Richard Branson about Steemit :)

Not yet!

Excellent post!

dawwwww thank you! Keep being you, reach for the highest!

Hi wellcome, I don´t know if you really are the real TLC, but this is complety true "hottest woman in cryptocurrency".

awwwwww THANK YOU! So sweet!!!!!!!! Everyone is so beautiful for the simple act of being who they are! Love yourself and you are beautiful.

Welcome :) Me thinks Steemit will be signifcantly better now that you've joined.

Thank you! You rock!


hey hi ho hi

I just don't know how to argue with this post - awesome..

lol, debate is great but arguing is sad! Thank you :)

great to have you here @tlc

Great to be here @tjpezlo!

Welcome to Steemit @tlc! Great post!

Thank you @joemz! Big smile!

You are the first person I followed. Pretty inspiring.

Awe, thank you @ebartlett. I am in constant service to my highest self.

TLC, you may want to consider some herbal remedies for being so hot. I hear Yarrow, Peppermint, or Catnip will help. 😉

😂😂😂😇 I like rose hip tea, cut the blossoms before they bud and boil them.... So good.

Welcome to Steemit! Nice to see you here! :)

Ditto, I hope you're having the most amazing day. Enjoy the adventure of life!

Ciao! Ciao!

False advertising I thought I 'd see hotness when I looked and this woman is ordinary at best. Please be less of a liar. All, ok not all but ... no, no love for you I sorry. Go

Everyone is beautiful, that's not why I value myself (or any woman or any man, for that matter) :)

Nice to meet you TLC. I'm sure you'll get blockchain questions from this cat! Following and upvoted.

I'll teach you how to dodge the shadows in exchange.


@thebiglunchkin you know I don't even use the cell networks for privacy and security reasons. Friends with a lot of spooks and political revolutionaries. There's a device that should be released soon to help with this problem, stay tuned.

Great topic. Blockchain tech is going to enable huge innovations for privacy companies based on the ability for the individual to take control of and monetize their own data.

I definitely look forward to seeing what the market offers, though I've a deeper professional experience on this topic than what I can let on. My mind is always defeat oriented and other technologies, IMHO, are more sinister than those that exploit cell phones.


Great topic. I look forward to future conversations with you.

Steem ahead!

Thank you! Ditto!

Have you ever won an award? What was it for?

Greatest award I could ever receive is true friendship :)

Welcome to Steemit, you certainly seem to have made a grand entrance.

Thank you @markrmorrisjr! I'll bring my ball gown next time 😅

I love the "oh, Facebook, well, pssshhhtt, that settles, couldn't mock one of those up in an oh, an hour. LOL

Saw your Singularity University talk. It was pretty amazing. Your words were inspiring and you did a good job explaining. Thank you. 🏅

The first ever CEO and co-founder of CoinTelegraph

Why so many scam are featured on CoinTelegraph ?

@moonguy can you point out what you mean? I sure hope not.

@tlc A tiny fraction of scams u have promoted are listed below...

i. PB Mining - https://cointelegraph.com/news/pb-mining

ii. Cloud Hashing - https://cointelegraph.com/news/cloudhashing_com_announces_huge_mining_project

iii. Cloud Think - https://cointelegraph.com/news/cloudthink

Hm! That's a really goood question. I don't support cloud mining and never have (to the extent that I have talked major players in the game out of pursuing that business!).

CoinTelegraph is probably the only major CryptoCurrency news outlet which has promoted Cloud Mining scams so vigorously. Even, right now, CoinTelegraph is promoting another Ponzi scam called biteminer.com on its home page. And u, the CEO and co-founder of CoinTelegraph, are saying...

I don't support cloud mining and never have.

What a tragedy!

This doesn't count for me as meeting you but great to have other participants.

Great to be here, @leprechaun!

The community is privileged to have you join us. Welcome to the party... ;-)

Now all we need is a piñata!

she just wont $

What a sexy babe, you got my 23 cents! ;)


"Hottest woman in cryptocurrency"? According to whom? =/

@orestespaz, check the photo from the article I posted. It's an affectionate nickname from the press. I think everyone is beautiful. Nice to receive that compliment after being teased for so many years about being ugly.

Is this some kinda paid advertisement for Sephora? Sorry to be informal, but even for an introduction post this seemed a bit egotistical.

@scottcal I just wanted to give everyone a bit of background. I don't think of myself like that and it was nice to receive such a huge compliment after being called ugly for so many years. It does feel good to be cherished for a quality you thought you never had. Sorry if you think it came off that way... just introducing myself :)

@tlc I appreciate you explanation and I am sorry that people called you ugly. I know that can be devastating and I don't condone that. Online you see a lot people touting "I'm the best" without a lot of real substance behind it. They just do it to get attention and people believe it or just go along with it. I was just hoping for more substance and less flashy marketing. When I look at posts, I ask myself what is this person doing to improve/contribute to the community? In any case, I do wish you luck and hope this helps you understand why I said what I said. If you would like to chat more about this please feel free to reach out. :)

For sure. Feel free to look at the work I have done or read my recent post for a substance check: https://steemit.com/politics/@tlc/bitcoin-is-a-network-of-peace-for-victims-of-the-islamic-state

Substance, virtue and depth are the qualities I admire more than any others in those I keep close to me. I appreciate you seeking out substance and responding with a clear explanation of your intention to preserve the integrity of the platform. We share that vision :)

You look a bit like Deanna Troy.
Counsellor of the U.S.S. Enterprise.
Welcome on board, commander! :-D

Thank you! Can you post a photo of who you're thinking of? V cool.

I got this pic here:

I hope this is creative commons

Wrote her name wrong.


"Troi is half-human, half-Betazoid [meaning she is telepathic]and has the psionic ability to sense emotions."

From her wiki article. This is literally an overly accurate description of me, lol.

Hehe, she's great. Always sensing when someting is wrong with you. Super important when exploring universes :-D

Hi Toni!

Always great to see you. Upvoted, followed and now this comment :-)

Ry, you're great :)

Waw amazing

After reading this "Be prepared for me to be less of the atypical executive and more of that cool chick who played video games under her desk in high school while reading batman comics and making better grades than the kids who studied ;)" I only have one thing to say...
Will you marry me?!!

🙈😇😅thank you


upvoted - I like the pic of you and Richard. But how do you know you're the "hottest woman in crypto currency"? ;)

@karchersmith just a sweet nickname from the press. Everyone is beautiful!

Hello @tlc welcome onboard. Look forward to reading about your projects and will read your project with children next.

@sgnsteems let me know if you want to get involved!

I love seeing and meeting bad ass women on steemit! After ready the comment thread, I hope this is you, and I look forward to reading more!

@missjessica, me too! Ditto! Thank you for being awesome and secure and super cool :)

Welcome to steemit Toni @tic, I hope you're not like other people who doesn't care people of less influence.

We are all one. We come into this world and leave this world the same, what we do while we're here makes us who we are.

Hey TLC! Welcome to steemit! Glad you finally made it here!

Best of luck, and I'm sure you'll love it here!


Glad to see another alien here 👽👽👽✌🏻️

Haha! Glad yo have you with us! :)

Whats with the "casserole". Typo? or was someone taking the piss. You know with the whole "hot" thing. ;)

It's a joke and a lesson. Never make laughs to the press, you never know how seriously they're going to take you after they call you a hot dish and you give them a fake last name, lol.

Flagging until some kind of verification is made.

Verified! Check my Facebook wall www.facebook.com/tonilanecasserly

thats so rude, flagging a person's post pending verification

The post already had momentum, my flag wasn't going to prevent it from being visible, but it could have helped others to notice that there wasn't any verification yet.

Please remove your flag from the post, thanks!

I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.

Do you have a photographic memory?