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Hello folks,


My name is TJ Kirk and I have over a million subscribers on YouTube, but after years of shabby treatment, I am looking for the door. I have decided to embrace steemit and, as I have looked these websites over and decided that these platforms are the future.

I am tired of censorship. I am tired of inequitable pay. I am tired of bowing to the arbitrary whims of my corporate masters at Google. I am tired of the ever-changing landmine field of what is and isn’t appropriate to say according to these aforementioned corporate masters.

I am tired of dancing to their tune.

This blog and my related account at

represent my first step in taking back creative control of my intellectual property, and being compensated for viewers and readers within the context of a fair system that is applied the same way to everyone.

Here I will be talking about anything and everything that I wish, without restraint and without the fear of censorship. I hope that you will join me on this journey.

And if you have no idea who I am and what I’m about, here are some relevant links:

Youtube –
Twitter –
Wikipedia –


Welcome to Steemit!!!!! Well said! Many Youtubers are being censored because their content doesn't fit Youtubes narrative. Here you will find freedom and a great platform to get your voice out there, and most importantly you will be appreciated. ☺️

Agreed. It's funny how their efforts to enforce "inclusivity" means they have to exclude more and more people.

i agree with you, i think its the time to think out of youtube...

hi umair how r u i up you please do same

@tjkirk you are the best i always waiting your new video on youtube but i am very happy to see here welcome man.

yep! youtubers can now get justice with google

Steemit Founder and CEO Ned Scott.jpg

In times of universal deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act.
-George Orwell.
I have run FFRnews on Youtube for a number of months now and the demonetization and straight censorship is out of control. If you want to know the truth about a society, study who you can say negative things about and who you cannot say negative things about. That will tell you where power is truly held. The narrative we hear from the establishment is that right learning white males hold institutional power. Yet it is far left progressives who control all information. They control social media, the mainstream media, Hollywood, and academia.

I love his work,always honest and always direct.
Steemit is the FUTURE#

I am followed you

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You mean *I followed you

Hi, i also have youtube channel and i think its diffucuilt introducing there. I like Steemit and hoping to find here muself.

This guy absolutely cracks me up. He is real and doesn't sugar coat it! If any of you want 56 seconds of laughter come check out my video. If you are into Crypto you will understand.

Absolutely Correct!!!

Been a fan for a long time, your content is always amazing. Glad you made the switch from youtube.

YouTube sucks checking vid's for content not up to their standards kiss my ass YouTube, Greedy scum sucking pigs.

I totally agree with you!

:D hi, I'm new to this platform, if you like you can take a look at my blog;) and I follow you. And thank you

Welcome @tjkirk This is great place to feel appreciation in the power of the people. I hope you use that power wisely and help US keep this place the way it is and not like YT. RESPECT

Each and every person coming here tells Youtube that they need to step up their game, and not mess with their creators without warning. Cheers to what both steemit and d-tube can be.

I hope this will take off, so that we can leave Youtube behind!! me up

Self promotion could make your reputation a whale snack!

Your Reputation Could be a Tasty Snack with the Wrong Comment!

Thank You! ⚜

The new look of dtube is looking good. It is going to help many more people coming aboard


Hello friends, greetings @sephiroth @dedane, I'm new to this platform, check my blog, I like to make friends!

the feeling is mutual

Welcome TJ. You've got my follow, as I've enjoyed your videos for some years now. It's a big help that Steemit's revenue doesn't come from ads, because a big part of what has increasingly shaped Youtube content into optimized inoffensive, flavorless beige paste over the years are the demands of advertisers who somehow expect compelling content that offends absolutely nobody, anywhere.

That is of course an absurdity and an impossibility. Besides which the video only format of Youtube unnecessarily constrains the type of expression. With any luck that will equal substantially greater growth potential, less in the way of samey clickbait 10.1 minute videos and more writing, music, photography and other media types which require an attention span in excess of what the average ten year old possesses. In a very real sense, Steemit includes the best of Imgur, Soundcloud, Inkitt and Youtube with few of the drawbacks.

I've enjoyed a great deal of success already simply posting my short stories here. I won't pretend quality content is all it takes, as ever there's a huge luck factor involved, but you have the benefit of a pre-existing fanbase most of which will likely follow you over to Steemit. I have no doubt you'll find this site a better fit. I know I did.

In times of universal deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act.
-George Orwell.
I have run FFRnews on Youtube for a number of months now and the demonetization and straight censorship is out of control. If you want to know the truth about a society, study who you can say negative things about and who you cannot say negative things about. That will tell you where power is truly held. The narrative we hear from the establishment is that right learning white males hold institutional power. Yet it is far left progressives who control all information. They control social media, the mainstream media, Hollywood, and academia.


Glad to see bigger Youtubers realise how much they can make with steem, and with still only a fraction of their YT audience. I can only imagine what would happen if PewDiePie, H3H3, Philip DeFranco and Howtobasic find their way here and start talking about it. Imagine also how glorious it will be for all those constantly shilling and begging for donations and Patreon support, with steem they won't need to as their audience/supporters can literally send them money in the form of their upvote where they lose nothing and from which they can even profit themselves.

I see you currently have zero steem. I suggest buy some Steem with your SBD payouts so you can work on becoming less TJ and more Whale J.

Just imagine having a powerful mighty upvote. (I also upvoted a few of your comments to show you how easy it was to send you a little bit of money.) Even as little as 4,000 steem can make your voting power feel powerful, you even get a slider as you approach this much so you can choose how much of your voting power to use per upvote. Some people have enough Steem in Steem Power for each upvote to pay several dollars, double digits, or even hundreds of dollars worth. Although to be fair 4000 steem has become about 5 times more expensive than it was even in November where it was still around $1 which it had been at for several months, around 8 times more expensive if you count the fact that the price got to over $8 before it corrected back to $3.85 and is right now back up to $5).

Basically right now try to hold off cashing out your steem earnings into $$$ if you can afford to, it's worth more here to accumulate some prime real estate and which becomes progressively more valuable as the price increases. Steem's still got a long long way to go even at it's current price. Especially when Bitcoin finishes it's bearish correction and goes back up $20k+. Reaching about mid-July's Bitcoin prices last summer Steem will be around +$12 and still not be back to it's all time high. I expect at some point the price to really start increasing (mooning as we say in crypto) when we inevitably hit an inflection point/critical mass and then just like many coins you can see recently have done see a strong next wave upwards very fast as it starts it's new super cycle. At the very least try and save your payout rewards. Steem is still very undervalued in Bitcoin value. It fell a long, long way down since the summer. It's higher in USD only because Bitcoin has gone way up since then.

I'm not sure if Steem Dollars is currently so high because there's some kind of a bug or because it's a feature as I was always told it was meant to be pegged to be around $1USD so that makes me a little nervous about what it's doing now especially as this is similar to last year. At any rate personally I'd strategically sell a little more than normal for Steem until someone that knows what they're talking about can confirm that the +$10 SBD won't be artificially nerfed somehow for some reason. (I hope not, I think it makes the platform more valuable)

YouTube's new slogan should be "Broadcast Yourself...providing we agree with you".

Even as little? as 4,000 steem :-)

Yea i know i know but not so long ago that wasn't nearly so much! :D

Even just going by the average exchange price on Coin Market Cap you could have got 1 steem for about 85 cents in November so buying 4000 steem would have cost $3400. Of course 4000 steem is now worth about $20,000 at $5 and after just hitting $8 was worth $32,000. Right now it looks like it's working on forming the handle to it's cup on the bitcoin charts which means once it goes back to $8 which you know won't take much if you're familiar with crypto 4000 steem becomes nearly twice as valuable, nearly twice as expensive.

So if a content creater especially, like TJ, has the resources it would be well worth him considering a more substantial investment.

But hey, you don't need to spend anything to make money as anyone can see from his post getting over $500 in upvotes (is that SBD dollars???) so maybe if you're making that sort of money you might see less of an incentive at this point

Of course buying that much steem can look like a good investment for the big influencers but do you think that it's worth it for people who are just getting started with steemit?

Of course buying that much steem can look like a good investment for the big influencers but do you think that it's worth it for people who are just getting started with steemit?

It depends how you're using Steemit and what you want out of it.

Mainly the reason to buy is...

  1. For investment purposes. No matter who you are
  2. With more steem power it allows someone to get more out of the site. I definitely know that the way the site felt when my vote had no value, before I had any steem power in my account, was quite different. The more steem power I've experienced the more this changes.

I stayed at about 4/5/6,000 and at one point I had I think 8 or 9,0000 steem possibly more but I can't remember but at any rate at some point II withdrew down to the figure I now have. Im glad I said to myself I'm definitely leaving this much here. (Steem was a huge loss for most of the Summer after costly mistake of putting most of my capital into it in June/July)

Anyway the point is that I've experienced what it felt like with no voting power at all, and with at least double the voting strength I have now and I can definitely say it really does change things. I felt silly upvoting myself when I had no voting power and my vote was worth maybe 1 cent, and I really wished I could upvote people for more. I earned some coins here and there with curation rewards but it's far less fun even trying to get your upvote on something first at hat level. For me steemit at this time was a far more passive experience and less engaging.

When I deposited my first thousand something steem - WHOO!!!! this changed everything, my upvote started to feel substantial. It really did feel like it had some weight behind it. I could upvote I think about 10 cents or something (this was also when 10 cents was actually 10 cents) The more my vote became worth the more profitable the whole experienced felt, because I knew I could upvote myself, upvote other people, and have more of an influence on what people see. The fact that if I don't use my voting power I lose it means it incentivises me to keep using the site so I don't waste it. I do find it quite rewarding to be able to send someone money with my click and which doing so doesn't even cost me anything. It's quite a unique feeling and I can't think of anything similar.

If you're a content creator both reasons 1 and 2 apply to you as well but if you're serious about this stuff then it makes much more sense to invest in a next generation platform that's going to be such an important part of your life/career.

Steem also wouldn't be passive investment it's valuable far more to you by way of it having practical application where as someone who is a content creator can always utilise. So many coins have no utility and those holding them are doing so on pure hopes of what it could be in the future. Steemit is pretty much the only crypto that's actually being used every day for it's intended purpose and while it's always improving and has a long way to go it's already got a functioning platform that works and has been working for a long time. You know even though steem had severely lost value over the summer, unlike other coins the community was so positive largely because the coins didn't become useless and the fact that the actual platform still kept on going. The coin also felt far more valuble at this time even compared to other coins which were of the same price.

Anyway I wrote way more than I was meaning to...

Point is, there is a reason to get steem. If you're earning a lot through your posts being upvoted so much then this is almost less of a reason to care about i. But I would suggest to anyone which this applies his should be an indication maybe that you don't need to buy any Steem with your fiat savings, i do think content creators that get large payouts really should be accumulating steem. This isn't supposed to be any old investment for them it's what they're own life will be revolving around. Someone who is less of a creator and more of a consumer it's really more of an investment choice, harder to afford today because how much steem has gone up , but i will still say it does improve your experience of the platform.

@edb1984 I really like the kind of comment you drop. It's very engaging. It seems like you have more knowledge about how this platform works and so I did really like to have a personal chat with you and if you don't mind please add me up on whatsapp +2348161290771. Bless up!

Well someone with 2M subscribers of course will make 551 STU which transferred to normal currency, around 206 SBD times 8, USD 1648 liquid and a little less to be invested in Steem Power. So of course that is much faster than YT, where you get 1 USD per 4000 views.
Thing is for the rest of us minnows, you either invest some money into this to help you get noticed or you will spend months just waiting to be seen. Anyway is a much better platform that all I have seen around.

I was holding off on buying STEEMIT until I read this post. It helped me understand how whales mentality works a little better. Now i will buy around 4k work so I can have some influence My following is not near as large as @tjkirk or you @edb1984 but it will be once I get more knowledge of how the system works. Dtube will be my next step.

In times of universal deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act.
-George Orwell.
I have run FFRnews on Youtube for a number of months now and the demonetization and straight censorship is out of control. If you want to know the truth about a society, study who you can say negative things about and who you cannot say negative things about. That will tell you where power is truly held. The narrative we hear from the establishment is that right learning white males hold institutional power. Yet it is far left progressives who control all information. They control social media, the mainstream media, Hollywood, and academia.

So there is scope for youtubers on steemit!

well said my man... this steemit thing (and all of crypto) really does feel like the future. feels like when the net was first getting started. feel it in my loins in a similar way

very ıntersting repply supper

I'm liking that idea very much @edb1984

Great to see more people sticking a fork in YouTube. It couldn't happen to a more tyrannical site!

Welcome to Steemit!


ınterestıng ı follow you my friend

Beautiful ! That’s one More for the good guys ! Welcome aboard !

That's gonna be good..

Can't say I'm a fan of what you do and I disagree with your position entirely, however, it's great to have higher profile people expanding to this platform because it increases the value of Steem and contributes to the community. Good to have you.

Thanks. I'm glad there exists a place online where people of divergent viewpoints can get together to discuss them in a real and authentic way. I look forward to any shit you wanna give me for my views in the future, and I appreciate you being so welcoming, despite not being a fan of my content or ideas.

This is what we need more on steem! Welcome @tjkirk, we are glad to have you.

I am followed you

My first question to you is, if advertisers aren't paying you here, then where is all the money coming from?

Steem represents blockchain cryptocurrency mechanics in a different and novel form.

A lot of people couldn't understand it at first either which is why even those in crypto can be seen calling it a scam/ponzi until they apparently got used to it sometime this year. Although that's not saying much in crypto as accusations of "scam" is thrown at just about everything and as soon as someone so much as sneezes or a websites page takes slightly longer to load. Ethereum and Dash are similar to Steem in that they also imagined blockchain mechanics in a different way to Bitcoin... and also they got called scams at first as well. ^_^

For example I saw Dash called an obvious scam on forum posts about a year ago accusing it of being some kind of criminal plot to create a free money printing machine on the account of it's masternodes where if you have enough coins to qualify can allow you to generate many many more and without all the expense involved with Bitcoin POW mining. These Dash masternodes will have become incredibly profitable had someone started a masernode last year when Dash was as cheap as peanuts

The simplest way to think of it is to remind yourself of how Bitcoin works. New Bitcoins come into existence through Bitcoin mining. MIning is necessary because they are validating transactions. From the miners point of view they aren't trying to validate transactions they just care about getting those Bitcoin mining rewards and the Bitcoin from peoples transaction fees.

Where is the money coming from to pay Bitcoin miners? The system itself.

Bitcoin miners earn Bitcoin, the value of that Bitcoin is completely up to us. In the early days you wouldn't be asking where the money comes from to pay the miners because Bitcoin mining didn't really pay anything valuable at the time even if you'd mined thousands of coins.

The point is you're not really being paid in USD on Steemit, you're being paid in Steem and Steem Backed Dollars. No new money is needed to find it's way into the system to pay people like we're used to thinking it needs.

The difficulty in understanding is that cryptocurrency is less like money as we know it and more like an asset that can also be used like a currency. We find Steemit valuable, therefore it's assets (the coins) become more valuable. In an indirect way it's us that bring in the money to pay people but not in the same way as we're used to thinking. Regular fiat money is only worth something because the government/banks say it is. Something like Steem or Bitcoin is worth something because WE say we think it's valuable.

Steem is allocated as a reward for using the system, which (at least as I understand it) is something created by the genius idea to represent blockchain mechanics with a blogger/reddit type front end. Using the system is what allows it to work, the reward in tokens are like the nearest equivalent of coins which use POS mining to validate transactions earning staking rewards.

These coins don't need to be worth anything for the system to run, it works independently of what we decide to value the system in terms of price. Like the Bitcoin blockchain doesn't know or care how much we value Bitcoin, whether it's $0.05 per Bitcoin or $20,000 per Bitcoin it doesn't matter. The system is it's own economy and would function regardless. WE give value to the coins it pays. The SYSTEM is what pays people, it does this as part of it's block reward for keeping the system functioning. From our perspective the payout reflects a reward for creating valuable content.

i like how u have explained the concept of value on the blockchain. nice one.

Upvotes from fellow Steemit users mate.

I wanted him to answer!

he gets 4x more for this one post than my whole blog is worth, so lol, how does he get paid? I don't know, I have not figured it out. Oh, wait. He has a name on youtube so gains immediate payment when switching platforms. Yeah I get it now. I needed a name to make money, oh right, not good content. I get it now.

I got my name by making content that at least some people thought was good. Everyone has to start from the bottom, sir. But, I'll tell you what, I'll give you a follow to help you out.

Not having a go at you at all mate. I am not here for the money, I am here to try and build the best blog I can manage in the hopes it helps the community grow. I was just amused at the previous comment asking how you were going to make money.

I have been subbed to you on YouTube for years, watched the DP episodes and followed along the dramas. So yes, I know you have built your following honestly and with hard work and diligence, and a hell of a lot of perseverance. So please do not take my comment as sour grapes.

Love your work and hope to see it just get better as it builds up Steem!

And thanks for the follow.

1million subscribers on youtube! lets anticipate a min of 10mil on steem...welcome to d club.

An interesting rant-like way of expressing yourself....the effect is cool, @tjkirk has decided to be your follower. kudos

So if I am following him and he is following me, who is leading who?

@louisthomas asked that question in one of his posts: "Is Steemit Just for Popular Content Creators?"

Well, I feel like I am a good example of how you don't have to have an existing audience to succeed quickly on steemit.

I joined June last year and made my first post early July. I did not know a single person on steemit, did not know of any chatrooms or discussion forums, had no audience on any platforms (apart from 400 followers on twitter, lol), and did no external outreach. Yet, my introduction post got 336$ worth of upvotes at a time when STEEM was well below 2$, 1,060 views, 333 upvotes and hundreds of comments since gone on to obtain a reliable size of upvotes on my posts ever since. All of this is completely unheard of for any traditional social media or blogging platform. There would be no way to get such traffic without lifting a finger, but instead letting the platform and community do its own thing, and it would take months to achieve a similar level of monetizing and regular following.

I then went from 0 to 400 Followers in 3 weeks, again without anything but the organic growth of engaging with steemians and receiving upvotes.

Now I feel like I have established myself well and hope I can contribute to taking the platform to the next level to compete with mainstream alternatives. I may not hit the trending page at all times, but occasionally which means I'll have periods where I get a fair amount of new steemians finding my content.

All it takes, imo, is showing the determination and desire to make valuable contributions to the Blockchain and the platform, which may come in many different forms. Finally, there is certainly something in steemit also for those who are not "Popular Content Creators", but simply making positive engagements with others and contributing to fruitful conversations. At least anyone who does that on my posts are guaranteed an upvote from me. So if you struggle to get seen with your posts, spend a bit more time engaging, positively, in comments on posts that get a lot of views and gain traction that way.

You noticed the amount if steem dollars this post is already worth, didn't you? :)

It beats YouTube where videos get demonetised if they have the "wrong" opinion or go against the narrative. I'm sure criticising Christians is perfectly fine to YouTube, but the moment you mentioned Islam you'll get hit within minutes. I know that you're a bit of a lefty, but you're at least consistent in your liberalism. Straight-shooters can earn my respect.

But man, that sky wizard dude is pretty important when it comes to morality and the foundation of society. We'd be lost without him.

I don't know if you actually do anything too good (tried to watch a random video), but I assume you got some political views differing from anarchists (those guys are fucking flooding here). If so, it is nice to get some people, who drag more of their kinds, here. I hope to grab few persons to check my blog post about new goverment form.

Cybele, our omni-creatrix of the many multiverses, doesn't like your apostasy and nihilistic atheism. How is she going to sustain the cosmic spirit if you apes don't believe in her any more?

I disagree with your position entirely

Which position?

Of atheism.

This seems like the opposite of the average YouTube comment. Aha

Welcome TJ you are going to fit right in my friend... You know how to reach me... and don't hesitate to do so, if anything gets confusing...


these one is quite interesting

I love a morning feed like this. Let them corporates bleed oh holy cow. Welcome, it can be awesome here and some days are ugly too, it's a real world thing, wishing you good luck but i see you won't need it.

Awesome @tjkirk..... This is your 1st post and less than 24 hour you get hundreds of followers, 55 rep, and more than $1,000 already. That's really a great achievement. I believe you will get a great success here... specially if you bring all your a million youtube subscribers here.... giving a great value to the community !

Welcome TJ, although I was never successful on YouTube I also grew tired of the constant road blocks put up by them to build an audience. Even worse, the fact that to some degree I was engaging in self censorship. I think you will find Steemit and Dtube a much better platform to freely express yourself and probably more profitable too.

Would it be too much to ask, if you could make a dtube video on
"James Kirk diploma mills"

I am followed you

I was just about to ask to confirm this but you already did on your twitter! Welcome man I have been following you for years!

Wow! You are a great addition to the community! Good luck!

When I look at how you work on YouTube, you see that you are in control.I can learn a lot from you, so your presence is very welcome. If we manage to work at least 10% as successful as you do, we won. Respect for you

PREEAAACH!! Great post, glad to see you here :D

I feel you bro. I told my 49 subs at youtube I'm out and goin to steemit!

Is Kirk your real name?

Awww yes.. now were talking.

Censorship is going to be the downfall of many of the great youtube channels, here on Steemit and DTube you will be free to say what you want and not have to worry about whether you'll be demonetized because your opinion doesn't agree with that of a faceless corporation.

You're so nice for commenting on this post. For that, I gave you a vote! I just ask for a Follow in return!

Steemit is the new way forward! Out with the old in with the new:)

Choice either Steemit or D-Tube.

We steemit community welcome you from the bottom of our hearts, hopefully you'll have a great time here :) God bless you my dear

friends are better off to be themselves, rather than shadow people, because by shadowing the shadow of others, it is very painful, because in any case we want it. If we in the shadows of others we will never achieve as we want it or as we hope my friend. Sorry if I am wrong to give advice.

Let's hope your million subscribers follow you :D. YouTube is reducing payouts for those with small followings in a time when crypto is making it possible for all to benefit. Only a matter of time before they cut the heavy weight accounts with reduced payout.

Welcome! We are all so happy you have made the move! Thank you!

Welcome to steemit - and I hope I may be able to say welcome also to as many as possible of your 1m subscribers on YouTube. May this be profitable for you - then it will be profitable for us as well!


Oh no! TJ is finally on steemit, this is huge :)). I've been a fan and I know you'd fit in here very well. You get to say whatever you want in here and hey, keep on spreading the truth.

Welcome to steemit!

I am followed you

Great, welcome to steemit!

Welcome to Steemit and Dtube! WE are excited to have you and your followers on this amazing platform! Congrats on all of your success and STEEM on :)


Grats for leaving the goolag.

I was wondering when the sjws were going to start strangling the good things google had going for them. I hope Steemit, Dtube and the likes will push hard against the Dim future that Orwell painted in 1984, because hoping that google will become less of big brother is a fool's errand.

I hope your raw content is gripping, and that the experience you have gained on Youtube will migrate over to Dtube seamlessly.


Congratulations @tjkirk, this post is the most rewarded post (based on pending payouts) in the last 12 hours written by a Dust account holder (accounts that hold between 0 and 0.01 Mega Vests). The total number of posts by Dust account holders during this period was 9916 and the total pending payments to posts in this category was $3967.41. To see the full list of highest paid posts across all accounts categories, click here.

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Welcome to true Freedom of Speech and Expression.

Welcome to Steemit. :)

Tub Cat welcomes you @tjkirk and respects your atheist views.

Tub Cat also appreciates a well constructed post and quality original content. It's posts like these that give Tub Cat that warm fuzzy feeling of a belly rub as he pushes the small green upwards pointing arrow thingy.

In addition, Tub Cat also warmly welcomes those who have the ability to bring a large number of followers from another platform to the amazing world of Steemit. Tub Cat encourages you to promote this amazing platform to your loyal community.

Tub Cat Out!

Welcome to steemit. Great post.

That, is a massive pay for a post, well done.

I use steemit because my amateur drone videos cut with my favourite music obviously has problems on youtube.

I do however feel it is easier for a steemit user to access a linked youtube clip Still.


TJ can suck on my big 10-inch​ record of jazzy blues!

Why are being nasty to him? Let the guy be after all he's an atheist and it's a free world so to speak.
P. S : I haven't seen any of his videos but the Steemit network is open to all. Welcome @tjkirk.

Trust me TJ is antifragile and can handle a little good-natured​ ribbing:) But I agree, Steemit should be for everyone​:)

And lol was that meant to even be an insult???? Looked like banter to me. Like when Australians affectionately call each other cunts or wankers

No, cunt, we do it very differently. Don't be a wanker and confuse people ;)

It is taking the piss, sure, but not in the same manner.

I'm surprised no one is asking if it's really 10-inch​ vinyl or a 45! Okay, I'm done with you faggots until a real atheist like Jaclyn​ Glenn shows up:D

As an Aussie, I just assumed a 10 inch vinyl was an American thing, was I wrong? Is it a 45rpm?

I have been ingoogling recently too. Not a huge following, but they have a huge amount of data on me and I am sick of it. Welcome to Steemit! It might take a while to get the numbers up, but the pay is better here for me!

TJ!!! Welcome mother fucker what a pleasant surprise. Site has been lacking some real edgelords.

Cool to have you here. Been a subscriber of yours for a few years on youtube but hated the way you had to tone down and lose 'The Amazing Atheist' name. Looking forward to seeing you return to the days of glory without fear of 'The man' shutting you up.

Agreed, I couldn't believe my eyes :D
So happy for TJ, gloves off, FINALLY

Welcome TJ. Glad to see you finally joined the party.

It's interesting to see some Atheists here. It could spark some debates...

awesome , dear friend!

nice to read it and welcome bro ,all the best for your wishes

Welcome @tjkirk. Looking forward to your posts on dtube.

welcome to steemit! upvoted and followed, here here!

Welcome to steemit sir 😊

Welcome to Steemit tjkirk. Let me know if you got any questions about Steem/Steemit. The official FAQ can be found here and is quite extensive - Also, Steemit is just one of the sites using Steem the blockchain. We also have Dtube, Dsound and Steepshot if you prefer videos,music or pictures instead of blogging content. And many more of course!

I am quite confused about dtube and dmania... what exactly it is?

Dtube is our very own Youtube like service. You should check it out here:

And Dmania is our 9gag like site. So if you like memes, you now know where to go -

Welcome to Steemit!!!!! Well said! Numerous Youtubers are being controlled in light of the fact that their substance doesn't fit Youtubes account. Here you will discover opportunity and an awesome stage to get your voice out there,

Welcome to steemit @tjkirk, I am also a newcomer hopefully we can learn together

not sure how to take this but I will sit back and watch. Collect my 28 cents worth of sbd for working on a post for hours....... welcome

Welcome to the blockchain gang!

Welcome to Steemit! Happy to see more folks leaving youtube! It annoys me when I go to watch a video there and they front load a 7 minute “commercial” onto a 20 minute video. The biggest problem: you were never their customer, you were just the content provider. Let’s see how well they do without you. Not well I would imagine!

New Resteem Service!

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Your introduction does excite me and makes me look forward to reading and hearing from you regularly. Are you truly an atheist? (Nothing wrong with, I must add. It's your life and your opinion and you're squarely entitled to both). If you are, it'll be my first time to engage one - I like to engage the thinking mind that produces atheistic thoughts.

To show I like you I have followed you, upvoted you and resteemed you.

Fantastic, D-Tube is going to take over, though I do fear eventual copyright infringements if it gets even bigger