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I'm Tigerlilynz,20180209_113814_resized.jpg a nature and outdoor loving teacher and mother. I'm fortunate enough to live in Aotearoa New Zealand which gives me scope to follow my passions. I started with photography fairly recently as a way to capture the details and beauty of what I find around me. Where ever I go I have a habit of fossicking and to this day I have a hard time walking on a new beach without collecting some small stone or shell. I love colour and patterns in nature all the way through to sacred geometry.
In what seems like a previous lifetime I also trained as a Reiki Master and Reflexologist and have a keen interest in spiritual life, meditation, travel and generally living a healthy life to the fullest.


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Lovely sunset @tigerlilynz. Welcome to steemit.

Welcome to Steem @tigerlilynz.

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Hi and welcome, fellow kiwi! :)
You should find a good number of like-minded people here. <3

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Hello :) I'm byungchan from south korea
I hope i can make global friendship with you as Mutual followers
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Thank you ^^


@tigerlilynz - Lovely, having you on Steemit! P.S. Cool Pics

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