A Get-to-Know-Me Post; Hello Steemit!

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Hello Steemit world! I bet you don't know me since I am a newbie in this platform so this is a short introduction of myself.

Who is @thisone?

Hello! The man behind this username is Christian Mantahinay, 25 years old residing at Hindang, Leyte, Philippines!

I am 6th among the 7 products of love by Mrs. Gemela Mantahinay and Mr. Emelio Mantahinay.

(We are quite a lot right? Haha!) Currently studying Bachelor in Marine Transportation at Philippine Maritime Institute (PMI) in Tagbilaran, Bohol.

I am 5'7 in height, loves to play Basketball (but I'm not good though haha),

aiming to be a captain in the future

and happily in a relationship with my half Filipina half monster pure maldita girlfriend @allerie00. (hope she doesn't read this part haha)

Let's dig up more about my life!
You may be wondering why am I still studying at this age. Well, we faced a lot of major circumstances in our family that caused it plus my silliness. Our family has a small bakery that is our major source of income.

I can say we don't have much difficulty in monetry aspects, not that rich and not that poor so basically we are on the average level. I can freely decide which school to enroll and what course to take. By that, I took it forgranted. I did not studied well,

had a lot of friends that influenced me to drink and smoke, went to bars and wasted a lot of money on worthless things, had enjoyed life but in a wrong way. I transferred from one school to another and shifted from different courses until such time, I got sick. I suffered from dengue.

We thought it was just a mere fever but its already been days since I got it so they rushed me to the hospital. Only to find out that I already had a very low platelet count, spent a lot on the hopital bills and medicines and I almost lost my life.

I thought it was God's way to charge me for everything I have done but it was a reminder that I should change my lifestyle and live with a purpose. So now I am living the second life God gave me. I am thankful for He still gave me a chance to live and enjoy life here and surely, having Steemit is one of His great plans for me.

Then life went on and we thought big waves are done but we're wrong. My elder brother got sick.

He got psychiatric disorder due to Cannabis or marijuana.

Yes! That da*n leaf! He was always with this guy that was way older than him, going to places right after he graduated high school. Without our knowledge, that guy became a bad influence to him, pushed him to abusive use of cannabis that triggered his anxiety.

We brought him to different rehabilitation centers in Manila and Cebu. We sold our properties to sustain the financial needs of his medication and even got a lot of debts. We did everything but until now, he didn't get well for the doctor said, if he is not helping himself to be better then every medication we do is useless.

Now I am doing my best to show my parents that their sacrifices are not worthless. Then I met Ella, my girlfriend.

I became more eager to succeed and am taking my second chance and now studying here seriously for the betterment of my future and now I have this goal to help my parents take my brother to medication again for him to get well and this time, I will be there to help him financially and morally.

With the help of my ever supportive girlfriend, my study is going well. She guides and helps me whenever there's a need of assistance. She motivates me to reach my goal. I am taking the right path with her, my life now has a clear direction.

How did I found Steemit?

Me and my girlfriend were chatting, since we are in a long distance relationship most of the time for I am currently studying here in Bohol, when she cheerfully introduced Steemit to me.

She said her friend @ediah

introduced an amazing platform to her where she can share her knowledge about random stuffs then earn. And in fact, she said whether she earns or not, still she is amazed by the platform for she have read a lot of quality posts where she can gain knowledge and she can also share her first-hand experiences and help other people. Unlike other social media sites, she added, non-sense posts in Steemit is minimized. That is how she introduced steemit to me. She didn't encouraged me to join to earn a lot of money but she urged me so I can share knowledge and gain in return for she said, those are more precious than the money that will be earned though on her part she really needs to earn to help her grandma.

As I look and observe her, she enjoys this platform, gained and shared knowledge, and earned a lot of new good friends. I became interested to Steemit. I registered for an account last January but wasn't lucky enough to have my account approved. With the help of @surpassinggoogle I got my acc just last Febuary 14, 2018. (what a Happy Valentines for me!) I would like to thank my girlfriend @allerie00

for introducing to me this platform and @surpassinggoogle for helping me have an account.

What am I looking forward to this platform?

As I have observed here, since I've been reading a lot of posts before I have decided to finally white my own introduction, I've seen and read a lot of posts where I can gain tons of informations that are priceless.

So in this platform, I am not just looking forward for the earnings but the knowledge that I may not earn inside the four walls of a classroom. I am also excited to share my own knowledge that could possibly help other people who seek for answers. Give and take! Additionally, gaining friends is the other factor that urged me to be part of the growing community of Steemit. Lastly, I want to witness how my girlfriend @allerie00 grow in this platform. I want to be one of those who would applaud her in her triumph.

What posts are you going to find in my blog?

Well, I don't have specific sort of posts for I want to share everything I know as much as I can. So basically, you can find random stuffs here.

Where will my income be spent?
Well, I really haven't planned specifically as to where my income here in steemit will go. Maybe a portion of it will be spent for my studies, another portion will be givin to my girlfriend's grandma for her medicines and of course to power up!

Before I end this, I would like to leave this to you.

Steem not to earn money but steem to share knowledge. By that, everything will follow

So I think these will be all for now. See you on my next post!


Welcome to Steemit @thisone!

I wish you much success and hope you find Steemit to be as rewarding and informative as I have.

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Let me know if I can help.
Many blessings! @bycoleman

Wow! What a story...its good to hear that your fine now...having a dengue is not a joke...anyway welcome to steemit world...hope we all enjoyed here...

Welcome to steemit world @thisone! Happy steeming! Goodluck

Welcome to Steemit.

Your introduceyourself knocked me away and i really liked some of the things that you shared.

A lot of us indeed falter and fail to find our way but I am happy that you are able to focus and with the help of Allerie I know you will do well.

Hey @Maverickinvictus! Thank you so much for reviewing my post. I've read your chat and I'll take note of those. Thank you also for helping @allerie00 in her steemit journey. I've heard a lot about you on how you help everyone! God bless you. Followed you!

Yes coach, hindi na ito mahirap turuan, push lang ng konti sa consistency siguro in which I know 90% of us struggling with that din naman. I was kinda shocked when he shared something about his elder brother. Basta I know it will not take a genius for you to figure it out if you are going to visit my page though.

nice post .

follow me @zahid2511

Welcome to Steemit @thisone... Life has full of struggles but I'm glad you are so positive in facing it.. Have fun here..😉

Thank you ate @ediah! Heard you've been a good mentor to @allerie00. Thanks a lot! Followed you.

Sobrang independent ni @allerie00.. Di mahirap turuan..She's @allerie00 the explorer for me.. Kya you're with the perfect mentor din..

Hello And Welcome To Steemit!

It is a platform like none other. You can get to know people from all over the world. If you continue to post great informative content you will grow a following in no time!

Start following some authors that post good content and upvote them as well. Follow Me! Make some friends and you will be well on your way to earning some nice curation rewards and growing your following.

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Best Of Luck!
Spencer Coffman
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Welcome to steemit. Thanks for sharing your story here.

Thank you @fukumineko! Followed you. :)

Welcome to Steemit.. and Best of luck to your study..

Thank you @cinderz! Followed you.

Welcome to the group @thinsone! Excited to read your up coming posts. Explore the steemit world and enjoy!

welcome to steemit buddy...😀

Thanks buddy! Followed you.

Welcome to #steemit and good luck on your steemit journey...

Glad to have you too in our group #steemitachievers.

Keep on steeming!

Welcome to steemit love! I know you can do good here and a better steemian! Know that I am willing to help you in all aspects may it be about steemit or other matters! You even have a better introductory post than me haha! Very good! Keep up the good work.

Thanks love! :) thank you also for your help!

It was nice to read your life story;welcome to steemit @thisone. Wishing you lots of success on this amazing platform :)

welcome to steemit sir, and your girlfriend is maam ella pala. hehehe

welcome here in steemit @thisone

Thanks @queenlouise07! Followed you!

Half filipina half monster. Haha

Welcome sir. (=^・^=)

Congratulations! You are featured in our newbies post.

Welcome to steemit!

Check out our @steemph hubs and initiatives:

Welcome to steemit bro! Happy to know that you have a supportive girlfriend who is selflessly willing to help you out not only to be that financially free thru your own efforts but the stunning way we could actually channel out the feelings that wanna burst inside of us is thru posting it here on steemit. I was kinda shocked that you have just posted out things about your brother. I didn't know the "leaf" can make someone like that psychologically. Hoping to hear more from you not being initiated by @allerie00 >> followed you already!

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