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Our vision is to develop a unified blockchain platform with a complete ecosystem for the masses, which will eventually become a one-stop solution for all financial services including trading and exchange, payment solutions, and merchant solutions.

TechCoin is an advanced blockchain platform that aims to shape the future of cryptocurrency. A complete ecosystem is built around the program, including an exchange, a secure wallet, a marketplace, and a payment solution.

The expert team behind this breakthrough have developed and implemented hundreds of successful software and IT systems in the forex and trading industry in the past 20 years, including advanced blockchain versions since cryptocurrency was introduced in 2009. With many protocols being developed on the daily, some of these solutions are flawed and run on unstable formula, which makes them prone to manipulation and debacle.

With TechCoin's cutting-edge innovation, it targets to overcome the common limitations of many existing blockchain technologies, aiming to provide a system that is scalable, faster, and user-friendly. Its one-of-a-kind blockchain protocol, alongside an integrated ecosystem that features the co-existing and sustainable components of the system, is designed to take the crypto space to the next level.

The TechCoin Ecosystem

  • TechCoin as a Cryptocurrency

    The TechCoin cryptocurrency is the primary functional currency of the TechCoin ecosystem. The ecosystem, being backed up by its own custom blockchain, aims to follow all the best practices of the fiat currency world, making it easy and functional for its users. Therefore, even if people are using the TechCoin on the backend, they won't have problems interacting with it because of the familiar general banking user interface.
  • Decentralized Blockchain

    TechCoin works on a fully decentralized blockchain using its own custom algorithm called “Quantum node”. This technology is a hybrid blockchain with private and public access simultaneously, offering a better and a more advanced performance in terms of speed and data synchronization, and providing a reliable framework for individuals, businesses, market makers, as well as regulators.
  • Block Explorer

    A web-based responsive explorer is developed to track and report the digital tokens in circulation. The users can view the details of their digital tokens in circulation, as well as their transactions using this web interface.
  • TechCoin Exchange

    The TechCoin Exchange is an advanced state of the art ultra-low latency aggregation, smart order routing and reporting engine that is capable of sub-millisecond order processing. A trading solution that is fully scalable, the TechCoin Exchange is supported by more than a hundred liquidity providers in the market. It facilitates a transparent service level while operating with no conflict of interest to the traders and partners, ensuring long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationships.

  • TechCoin Marketplace

    The marketplace in the TechCoin ecosystem enables end users to buy and/or sell products and services via a web-based platform. The users can register as a buyer to obtain products and services, or as a seller/retailer to provide them to the buyers. Online payment for the product and services in the marketplace is done using the TechCoin.
  • TechCoin Payment Solution

    The TechCoin payment solution enables end users to submit and transfer funds across the world. Users are able to register on the platform and send funds to other users across the globe via their Unique Identification Number (UID), mobile number, or e-mail. Once registered, users are then able to get funds into their wallet and take advantage of this feature. In addition to this, the funds can be withdrawn against fiat currencies at any time. The TechCoin's payment solution can also be utilized by merchants as a payment gateway for their e-commerce transactions. This advantage opens the merchant's business to a larger available market.
  • TechCoin Wallet

    The TechCoin wallet provides a secure storage of private and public keys as it interacts with various blockchains. It is a multicurrency wallet with support for most of the cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies as well.
  • TechCoin Payment Platform

    A cashless payment platform with a multicurrency debit card is incorporated in the TechCoin ecosystem. It enables users to perform cashless transactions worldwide with no additional fees. The debit card supports both cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies that are automatically converted.
  • High-tech Mining Infrastructure

    TechCoin's team of phenomenal developers and IT experts manage the mining data centres of the system. These data centre facilities are in a climate controlled environment 24/7 with a special cooling system, which enables the efficiency of their GPUs and Asic's. Currently, TechCoin has five mining facilities in various strategic locations all around the globe.

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