How to make the most out of your introduction post

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This is the "how to" to introduction post. This is not a second introduction post. I've already introduce myself here!

You'll want to share it with everyone!


Steem Power holders are incentivized to vote and this governs a lot of Steem's behaviors, in particular in regard to upvoting.

If you understand this, you can jump to the next section.

Whenever Steem Power holders vote, they make money, so every Steem Power holders are incentivize to vote.

The sooner someone casts a vote, the better for them in regard to how much curation reward they'll get.

There’s only so many good posts for Steem peeps to vote on, in a day, so if someone sees a newly publish introduction post, with no or few upvotes, then it is mathematically sound for them to upvote these posts. As long as the post isn't plainly stupid, wrong or plagiarized, then other people will come afterward and also upvote it. The firsts to upvote, will get bigger curation rewards than those who upvote later. Steem Power and voting power has to be taken into account.

The problem and the solutions

People making multiple accounts and posting multiple introduction posts to unfairly profit from the system are hindering Steem's growth, thus nobody wants to upvote these introduction posts and would prefer upvoting any introduction post, with proof of them being genuine, over any other post that don't have those proofs.

This means, if there's proofs your post is genuine, the better its chance for greater reward compare to all other introduction posts.

Also we don’t upvote posts that vehicle values that are in contradiction with our values.

Hold Steemit Signs

Yulia ( @jlove ) made one of the most valuable introduction post of the last 2-3 days. It’s worth 362$ and counting. She's holding a sign Hi Steemit 07.07.16 :) :) :) written on it, so we know it’s not someone who took whatever photo and use it to make a fake introduction post. Sure, someone could Photoshop a sign, but the higher the bar to make fake introduction post the fewer there will be.

Get verified

If you know someone on Steemit, get him or her to “verify” you, with a comment saying, he or she knows you. He or she will be very please to do so for you. I might even recommend mentioning his or her Steem account’s name in the first line of your post, so that it shows up in the post’s summary. The better the person who’s verifying you is known, wealthy, or both, the better we can be sure your post is genuine. We know this person wouldn’t risk his or her reputation for a couple $ on introduction schemes. The sooner your post is verified with a comment by such a known person, the better it is, so coordinate yourselves. Also state who he or she is in regard to you. I would be much more willing to upvote somone close to someone I know than someonw he or she barely knows.

Link to your Facebook or any other place where you can verify yourself

If you don't know anyone on Steem yet, but have Facebook, you might want to link it in your introduction post and post something on your Facebook page to verify you’re the owner of this Facebook profile. It can also work with other account from other websites.


  • Post a picture of yourself holding a sign with Steemit written on it and the current date.
  • Get someone to verify you if possible. (most powerful thing of the 3)
  • Link your Facebook account in this post and make a reference to your Steem post on your Facebook account.
  • These give a clear advantage over other introduction posts, as they prove of strong willingness to make Steemit the best it can be.


In some cases, posts without any message and containing those 3 things could even be argued to be better than the same posts with a message. Let me explain. If there is a message, the upvoter has to read it. This is so, in other to determine, if the post contains anything that goes against the fundamental values of the person casting the vote.

So maybe, one would be better to just post those 3 things mentioned above with no or the shortest message possible and keep anything else of value to write in another post. This last part is debatable and how it plays out remains to be seen. This has to be weighed against trying to post some unforgettable first impression with some picture, quote, funny anecdote, signature or anything else really.

The undebatable part is: do the most of the 3 things stated above and it will greatly help your introduction post before better compare to all other post and also it will discourage fake introduction posts and thus will facilitate Steem's growth.

Also I highly encourage you to link to this very post, with this link: so that people reading your post know what you did and why you did it. This will incite more people to follow those guide line. People who look to better the Steem's overall value will be more willing to upvote your post if you are actively working to stop people from rigging the system. This will lead to a virtuous cycle and a faster adoption rate for Steem, better reward for your introduction post but also for your future posts.

Don't forget there should always be a place for people who prefer to stay anonymous. I don't oppose this.

One more thing: -#introduceyourself this is the tag you should use for your introduction post

The ultimate guide to Steemit (written by me @teamsteem)

Edit: Sorry I hadn't read steemit today before posting this. I usually read everything before posting. So I was totally unaware of the fact that many people have been posting introduction video and have been posting a lot more photo of themselves holding Steem sign. Anyway my post still make much sense as it give a lot of other ideas but also precisions on some aspect of introduction post and Steemit in general.


Whoa, I couldn't be any luckier than coming across with this very helpful post. Thanks to @kennyroy @steemph and @dreamiely for their helpful posts that led me here. I'm now thinking of doing a re- introduceyourself blog. Perhaps we can do this together @payatz07 LOL

You should! In a way we are re-introducing ourselves with every posts.

Couldn't agree more :) Thanks @teamsteem.

P.S. I just voted you as a witness, best of luck to you and the MSP community. I'm so glad I already registered.

We'll yeah we should! Thanks for introducing this to me ❤️

I will not reveal my identity in public for SECURITY purposes because I am planning to post scam apps and if I become a whale it would be scary to walk on the streets without bodyguards because our Steemit wallet is public. LOL! BlockTrades knows me anyway because I created my account thru them and allowed them to back up my password (I will not change it so in case I lost it BlockTrades could help me).

I'm going to hold a steemit sign in my next post and have it say "need steemit votes for beer!"

You should! That would be funny!

I had to steal this joke and tweak it slightly for my introductory post!

Debated putting a shoe on my head as per @frankjones comment, but decided against it :D

good post, which will help beginners to start

Indeed, this post will help me make my first introduction post enjoyable, maybe. :)

One question before I post my introduction post, does steem like trees? :)

Trees are so great! I love them so much. I love fruit. I love trees. I love fresh air. I love climbing up trees. I love forest. I love the smell of forests. I love trees. Humans have a special relation with trees and fruits. I haven't seen any treecisist here.

If you add a second picture with a shoe on your head it may or may not improve the validity of the post.

Cool tips there but am still confused as to introduce myself on my first submit story or at about at the settings drop down.

in 'submit story'

Thanks @teemsteem this article is very informative i am going to introduce me on steemit and this article help me very for introducing me on steemit thanks a lot.....

Thanks for the info.

I'm glad you enjoyed my post!

Thanks @teamsteem for this article, but i cant upload Foto or Video, can u teach me how to do that?

A Great read and informative! Bookmarked!

I'm totally necro posting here - I hope that's not frowned on here! Newbie-ish to Steemit. I totally understand that people want to know who we are - but, then again, one of the drivers of the crypto world is anonymity. What's the general consensus on creating an alias ? Or two accounts?

Not to hide anything perse, but working in certain industries can make it difficult to voice opinions due to company policies - or a host of other (non nefarious ) reasons why someone doesn't want to be identified :-)

It's all good my friend.

I really needed these tips/suggestions as I just joined the Steemit community a couple days ago & I have yet to introduce myself.... I will definitely use this to my advantage, thanks a-lot. Upvoted & Followed!

Hey @teamsteem thanks for the article, this helped me out immensely getting started! The format was really well laid out and stylized and loved the summary at the end. I know its an older post but keep up the good work!

Great Post, very helpful thanks!

Awesome! Thank you, I really appreciated reading your post. I hope that I have a great success on Steemit because of what I learned from your post.

Great advice, following it now for my own introduction post

You're hot, man! Two GREAT posts in a row! I was hoping someone (other than me) would write a simple guide for introductory posts like this. Nice job. It is very much needed.

Coming from you I'm so please to hear this! Seriously man! I... well thank you! It's always a pleasure to talk with you and to read your post. Even though I might not have upvoted all of your posts, I read almost all of them, except maybe the old ones. I didn't upvoted them back then cause I didn't knew much how steem was working or how to vote or what to vote. I look forward to talk to you and read you.

this post is very beautiful . i like it sir . sir you can help me sir please . your groups add me please . i work the groups . i am helpless . please add me

This is great! I have not made one yet. I'm gonna try all your suggetions. Thanks a lot @teamsteem.

very helpful for us newbies.. i hope you can help us go through this

I assume using my #KeyBase account for verification of my identity would work even better than posting using #Facebook? My #Twitter, Facebook, #Reddit, etc.. are all verified through


Thanks, hope i'll remember it when I have the time to write :)

Your post has been really helpful,now i will apply it.

Great Post! Thank you! Would I be able to do this with a twitter?

Thank you for sharing this idea. This post has been a great help, not just for me, but for all beginners as well. Keep inspiring.

very good post

This help me a lot! Now i have ideas on how to make my very first blog here in steemit! Thanks @teamsteem and @cestlag for introducing this to me! Looking forward for another post from you guys! I know you'll be my reference on writing my own blogs here 😉❤️ Godbless!

I love the tip about asking someone to 'verify' you! I have a few friends here that can do that and I hadn't even thought about that. That will surely be helpful for me- and others! Thank you @teamsteem!

Really helpful for beginners. Thanks.

Great to have you in the community!
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Delighted to have you!