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My Name is Sheikh Tanvir Ahammed.I am 21 years old.I live in Mirpur,Dhaka,Bangladesh.I am a Honours Student.I like College and My Favourite Subject is Math,English.My Favourite Hobby is Playing.I am a good Boy but I don't know that, all people said me you are so Good with fully free mind.Man is Born to be free.So Every Man likes Freedom.

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I have a one brother and one sister.My Father is a Businessman.My mother is a Housewife.I am Bengali so i like all Bengali Food.My many friend are using Steemit id .we know about #Steemit form my Friends.Thanks all my dear #Friends.
This is my most likely picture in my life.Man can not gain success without hardworking.I am a hard working person.Of all time i say true never false.i like Honest person because honesty is the best are reading #introduceyourself and my first content on Steemit.So Like it.
Also i like Swimming and Fishing.Most of the time I am travelling Sea-beatch.Because it's a amazing place with good weather.So never miss that place.Do you have like visit this place?
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That's all my Friends.This is my First day on my Steemit account and my first content.I am so happy bu using Steemit service.that is really great.So many many thanks Steemit.Bye bye.

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Greeting @tanvir224! Welcome to Steemit community!!!

Hi @tanvir224

I really love your well informed introduction. Thanks for telling us about yourself.
I’m Kingsley, I’m a graphic designer and a writer.
You're very welcome to steemit. I wish you success. I hope you'll enjoy steemit as time goes on. I'll like to follow you so I can share ideas with you here on steemit. I'm now following you. Feel free to follow me back if you want.

You are most welcome and many many thanks.all time i beside you by upvote and following.please you besides me and help me.

Welcome to Steemit @tanvir224!

I wish you much success and hope you find Steemit to be as rewarding and informative as I have.

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Oh yea, I have upvoted you and followed you. Many blessings from @introbot & @bycoleman

you are really great because you help me a lot.i am a new user so alaways besides me.thanks a lot.

Witamy cieplutko na STEEMIT... Tanvir

Hi @tanvir224, you have made a very nice intro, I just put your post link in my blog, if you like it then please upvote and follow me, otherwise please comment in that post, then i will remove your link.

Hi, nice post! You have introduced yourself to this content. I also live in Dhaka. I am a Digital Marketer and SEO exert- A former BAF member. If you are interested, please visit my profile and Steemit contents.