Guys and girls, I want to talk to you about MONEY.

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Working is seen as the necessary evil by most of us. We rather do different things with our limited time but we need the money to survive in this society. Although working can be fun and pushes you to improve yourself, it also limits your time spent on things that are really important.

Growing up in Western society I learned that as an ‘average’ worker you had to work till your late 60's and then retire comfortably. I figured that this would be the general outline of my life too, as I didn’t have the ambition to become the next entrepreneur that made millions.

Until I stumbled upon the idea of early retirement…


I initially got inspired by Mr. Money Mustache. A whole new world opened to me of others who followed similar paths to financial independence. It turns out that a lot of people have achieved early retirement within 10 to 15 years on regular (middle class) wages!

Retiring in your 30's (depending on when you started the journey) and living the rest of your life with a modest income. Free to do as you see fit.

By saving a large chunk of your income and invest it in the stock market or real estate. This means that it is possible for almost everyone to retire early. This information is already outdated because cryptocurrency’s have come into the equation.

So, I set out a mission to become financially independent myself. I devoured books and blogs on investing, real estate and frugal living.

Financial independence isn't just about becoming rich. It’s about a mindset. Being happy with less and becoming financially resilient for anything that life throws at you.

I’m starting this blog to share my knowledge and insights with YOU, the people of Steemit. I hope to inspire others to break free from consumer society and have in-depth discussions on various subjects.

This is a blog for ya'll who didn’t start investing after the stockmarket crash of 2008 and missed the boat on bitcoin/ethereum. Or if you already have a shitload of money and want to make it work for you, the rest of your life.

Follow me as I try to answer questions on the road to financial independence.

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Goodlock in

Welcome to family :)

First of all, welcome! And thanks for your sharing. It's very detailed and would like to hear more sharing from you.


Tnx! I'll keep up the research and blog about it :)

Welcome to Steemit suuzieq!!

I too am working towards financial independence and believe that is possible to become financial independent within 5 to 10 years.

Will be looking out for your next post :)

keep steeming!

Hi, thank you for your post. I think the same and am on my way to financial independence as well. The working structure in countries like Germany or Austria are not good anymore and so I want to do my "own thing". Have a good time!

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