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Hi everyone :)

My name is Minh, but I prefer to be known online as strongerbeing.

I have been meaning to make an intro post since I signed up, but other priorities were constantly popping up, sapping away what spare time I did have. Thankfully, I am now officially on holidays, and during a long flight to China, I managed to make a good start on it.

So here it goes....


How I came to Steemit

I first stumbled upon Steemit in early November when I was reading an article on some of the more interesting uses of the blockchain technology. I like the concept of Steemit, in that the consumers of the social platform have a direct impact on how revenue is distributed to content creators.

Additionally, I am a big fan of decentralization where it makes good logically sense to do so. In my mind, something as important as news, and social media should never be so heavily owned by a few bodies. The risk for censorship, bias news and information is simply too high. I point to the Venezuela riots/protests as a prime example.. Millions of people in protests for months!! Mass media coverage, almost non-existent (at least in Australia). And I only come to know of its existence because of my time on Reddit.

I think a lot of people are drawn to steemit as a means to making money. I will say upfront that while it would be great to earn some coin while producing content I find interesting, I am not pinning my hopes on it, and rather see my time on steemit as the opportunity to participate in a very young and evolving social media platform. I also secretly hope that steemit will help break up the monopoly that facebook has on the social media world.

A Little Background

So a little a bit about me. I am from Australia, and currently live in Brisbane with my lovely partner. I like my food a little too much, and this has led me to gaining some extra pounds over the last year. This is pretty clear in the picture below :P. Overall, I am very grateful for the life that I live, and the people that I have in my life.

grilling some meat.jpg
Here's me grilling some meat, in an unflattering pose, and looking a bit pudgier than I would like. Picture courtesy of my lovely girlfriend

In the past, I worked as an engineer, first for a sustainability/green building design firm, and then later on for a mining company, essentially helping them extract raw minerals out of the ground faster and more reliably.

More recently, I have found myself taking on casual teaching gigs at universities, and working at a software company that deals with large energy distribution firms and the government agency that regulate these monopolies. While my role at the software firm is not 'technical' per se, I have a natural curiosity for trying to understand how things work, and am (slowly) working to upskilling my understanding of software development. I just love the whole process of taking an idea, and turning it into a piece of usable software that people find valuable. I would love to eventually be able to build just simple applications!

What I plan on contributing to steemit in terms of content


Journaling is one of those things that I know I should do, but simply do not do regularly enough. For me, writing a journal entry helps me declutter my mind, and puts things in perspective. Additionally, past journal entries helps me track my progress on my goals and ambitions. It helps me identify what works and what doesn't in practice. I hope that by writing on here, it will motivate me to be more consistent. Perhaps by some miracle, my own personal reflections may also help some readers tackle some of the challenges they face in their own life.

I plan on writing heavily about my weight loss efforts, exercise routine, my relationship with food, as well as the general ups and downs of everyday life.

Gaming & Dtube

I always tell my friends that if I no longer needed to pay the bills, I would probably spend a substantial amount of time playing games, while travelling the world.

Some of my fondest memories as a little kid was playing games like Roller Coaster Tycoon, Day of the Tentacle, Z, MechWarrior 3, and Theme Hospital. I am still amazed at what a fantastic job the devs and designers did with the limited technology they had back then. If you have never heard of the above, look them up, the graphics are dated, but the gameplay still stands strong today!

I haven't played games for what seems like an eternity, but perhaps I can use steemit to rekindle my love of gaming, while also making me feel "productive", and in some way also deliver entertainment value to others.

The cut-scene in Z are just pure gold

Politics, Sustainability and the Social Good

If money was no object, in between all the gaming, I would probably spend a significant chuck of my time trying to pressure politicians into making decisions which were actually good for us in the long-term, and as a society. Having worked in both "green" and "dirty" professions, I feel like I can sympathize with both parties. It is very easy for a politician to over simplify complex issues for votes.

What I want to provide here is my perspective on political debates revolving around sustainability, and life-sustaining infrastructure such as water, energy, and information. I also want to spark discussion about these important issues among other individuals. I think it is important that we try and understand the point of view of individuals for and against certain ideas/agendas. Perhaps through this process, we can resolve the underlying drivers of that conflict, and also create a better world for everyone.

Thanks and goodbye until next time.

If you made it this far, thanks for reading. I hope I can become a productive member of the community.

As a reward, here a picture of me going a little crazy on my 12 hour plane trip from Australia to China... and yes I wore the neck pillow like this for longer than I am proud to admit.. but hey, you got to keep yourself entertained somehow :P

Until next time.




You are hilarious, I love the mini video at the beginning! How do I do that? Also, food is life. :) I love dessert over any other type of food :) welcome to the steemit community. Very excited to have you. I’m part of an Australian group on the minnow support group discord. Come join and meet some over really cool people too! See you around!

Thanks for the kind words @kubbyelizabeth! I took the video on my phone and converted it to a gif. Surprisingly it uploaded on steemit like a normal image. Will definitely head over to the discord. Thanks for the link

Welcome to Steemit! Lets follow and upvote each other! i blog abount Recycling and envorinment!

Welcome on board :) (somewhat belatedly by the looks of things? XD) I like the sound of Minh, but will go with whatever you prefer :)


Haha ryivhnn, u can call me whatever you like :).

Dude, awesome intro! Definitely worth an resteem with @welcoming, my service where I showcase promising newcomers!
Glad you already heard about @dtube, otherwise I would have needed to link you to it! Looking forward to your videos! Do you play Age of Empires?
Greets from Austria ;)

Hi @theaustrianguy! Thanks soo much for the resteem. Really appreciate the support.

And yes, I do play Age of Empires. I loved Age of empires 1 and 2, and played a little bit of Age of Empires 3 as well. Been a while though, so I would be steamrolled by even the easy AI atm.

So onto more serious discussions... What do you consider the superior siege weapon, the MIGHTY trebuchet, a machine blessed by the gods themselves or the catapult? :P

Clearly the Siege Ram ;)
If you happen to wanna play a round with fellow steemians, check out @steemleague :)

Hell yeah. Up for multiplayer age of empires 2 game anytime. Do you guys organise friendly matches by any chance?? Im guessing you guys r on the steam platform?

Yeah, on steam ;) we definitely can do a friendly sometime! Do you have discord?

Yep, but really new to the platform. My id @strongerbeings#8990

Let me know if that doesnt work. Just checked my steam account I only have vanilla AOE2 none of the expansion packs atm.

Welcome to Steemit!! @strongerbeings the video is great!! Minh , the Steemit is amazing!

G'day mate and welcome to Steemit! I'm also an Aussie (Townsville, North QLD) and Brizzy is like my 2nd home :D Steemit for the money isn't really worth it too much since our pays are quite high. My time is much better spent working my real job than posting on here, I just do it for the love of it.

The amazing thing about Steemit is we all grow together! Stay committed and post great content every chance you get. I've just started putting a lot more effort into mine and am really having fun. Check out my blog for my recent game review of Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice if you like games. If you want to improve your blogs and earn some good Steem Power and SBD I'd suggest Follow and Resteem people who love to help the community grow.

P.S. Nice hat 😄

You are definitely right about the pay, its weird but posting and writing on here appears like work, but I really enjoy.. maybe its because I cant really say what I think in my day job. Will definitely check out ur blog mate. Followed.

Very well-written intro post. Believe it or not, I still play Alpha Centauri and love it! Steemit needs creative people like you on the platform and I can't wait to see what you will share with the wonderful people we have here. Welcome! :)


Just looked up Alpha Centurion. Looks awesome and its a sid meier game.. If its anything like civilization, that stuff is literally like crack cocaine to me. I remember playing a 15 hour online Civ game with 4 others, coming 4th after being backstabbed by my initial ally, and then watching the sunrise... thinking to myself i may need to go to civ rehab...

Its like "Civ in Space" Give it a shot, you'll love it! But watch out for the faction led by Miriam Godwinson, she's a nasty little backstabber! lol. I usually play as Morgan for the economic buff. If you get started on this game your family may never see you again! Enjoy! :)

Haha.. I laugh at that last comment but deep inside I am afraid it might be true. :)

hi there Minh! welcome to steemit:)

Thanks for the warm welcome :) its good to be here.

Welcome Minh - love the neck pillow :D I'm actually currently on the Gold Coast doing a bit of traveling - good to see brissy's are taking to Steemit too :)

Hi @travelmarcus, thanks for the warm welcome. The gold coast is great this time of year :P. Sweltering heat but u got beaches and beer to help keep you cool.

@choogirl I'd love to but on my way back to Europe for chrissy. Coming back soon though - I'll send some friends along, how's that :)

Bah! Europe. Cold.

Sure, feel free to let other steemians know of the meet-up. I'd prefer not to be there on my own.

Bah. Cold indeed! But it's actually quite nice over chrissy.
Yes will do!! Can I send total Steem retards? Will you perhaps give an intro the whole world...because then I can send down a lot of people who would benefit greatly from meeting you...

Sure. Why not. I might refrain from calling them steem retards though. 😁

haha sorry i meant people who has no clue what Steemit is :D

@choogirl...ok I've recruited one already

G'day mate! =) Greetings from Sunshine Coast! Your post makes me smile, haha... I also did my self-intro some hours ago. Glad to see you here! Upvoted and followed =D

Awesome intro post itchy. Went over and gave u a comment :). Thanks for the warm words :), I never thought everyone would be so welcoming and supportive!!

Mate, I think you should join Team Australia even if you can't make the meet-up. Check out this link for the instructions on joining https://steemit.com/teamaustralia/@choogirl/team-australia-new-recruits-update-08-12-17-and-the-minnow-support-project-needs-you

@choogirl just checked out the post, I will definitely join, the community here is great, and the teamaustralia discord is actually active and friendly! I will DM you on discord once I finish all the tasks to sign up (Hopefully done by mid-next week)

Welcome to steemit. I hope you wll enjoy your stay here. If you need help with anything at this platform please do not hesitate to ask me or anyone in the community. Everyone here is eager to help one another. Have a wonderful day!

@benedict08 thanks for the offer mate. Really appreciate the warm welcome.

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A big welcome to you @strongerbeings , I really love that GIF at the start of your post. It's glad to see someone who also loves food. 😀😀. I can't wait to see all the lovely stuffs you'll be writing on here. You welcome.

I just resteemed, followed and upvoted your post also,so that more people will see this post and support it too.

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And then check the comment section for the logo above, and then upvote the logo. My user name is @lucyc.

If you are good at designing logos, you can join the contest also. Thanks so much for your help.

Thanks for the resteem :) I will definitely check out your logo.

Welcome to Steemit!
Just followed you, help me out and follow me back.

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