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My name is Kamil aka @mowilimi. I'm CTO at I would like to inform, that we are working on polish version of steemit, that will be soon available under address

At this moment we have several thousands of users, including a few hundred active. When the new platform starts, we will strongly recommend our users to visit it.

Follow @strimi and stay in touch with us :)


Welcome Kamil! This is great news. I'm the Community Liaison for Steemit Inc. feel free to reach out to me directly if you have any questions!

  • Andrew Levine (Community Liaison, Steemit Inc.)

Is there a German mod already?

Technically no, but in practice latest licence change convinced us, that in case of any incompatibilities , we will always have a choice to fork. We would like to emphasise, that we want to avoid forking chain, but right now, we do not have to worry so much that some unwanted by us change in the steem code, will kill our project, because we always have a possibility to fork, but as I said - we would like to steem close to Steem :)

Have you considered building the code base in such a way that you could build platforms for other languages easily as well but still use the steem blockchain? Would be great to be able to service users on their mother tongue around the world. Better yet would it be to have it built such way that people could offer translate help themselves.

That's dope! I just moved to Warsaw from Chicago, awesome to see the Polish crowd getting involved with this as well :) you have earned my upvote.

I guess, you know Polish language at least a little: please join our Polish channel on :)

Oh yeah, I'm fluent in polish (definitely helps with bartering and getting better deals haha). Thanks for the link

oh! By mistake I paste wrong link. Thank you for pasting correct one :)

@avilsd: wpadaj do nas! :)

And now everything is clear :D

it is just worth to mention, that it is not coincidence, that things are happening in Poland:

There are another Polish projects worth to support:

And... more things are coming :)

The selling SBD directly for PLN is awesome news for someone like me, I just moved and that's dope that I don't have to go through too much hassles. Thanks for the update!

Very exciting to hear about. :)

Um, "directly"?

right now, to sell SBD for PLN, you need to first sell SBD for BTC, and then transfer BTC (additional 30 minutes), and sell BTC for PLN.

Goal is, to have mechanism to make everything with 1 click :)

Great work @strimi, the more languages the better :)

Looks cool, is it based on the steem blockchain?

So it is an altcoin right? Are the rewards in steem?

So it is an altcoin right?

No. will be based on Steem blockchain.

Are the rewards in steem?

Technically speaking - yes, however there is a possibility that we will display all values in Polish Złoty

How did you fork the steem code without witnesses's permission? This is the part where I'm confused :)

We are not going to fork Steem blockchain.

http://Strimi.IT/ will be like, but optimised for Polish users.

Goal is to migrate already existing service http://strimi.PL/ to steem-based http://strimi.IT/

That really fucking sucks, man. I was hoping to hop onto your site and make HUGE amounts money immediately. What a disappointment.

I love that. I'm Polish so that would be great.

Dzięki :)

I am Polish living in Canada...hello.

It would be nice if condenser had support for multiple languages. Something like a subdomain:


Great idea. Wish u luck :)

Welcome to Steemit @strimi!

wow this is superb!! steemit all over the world is expanding, it's really awesome that you've been part of the steemit family :-) Upvoted !!

Welcome to steemit.

I'm very pleased to see this; Looks like a great project! I'll be coming to Poland in the summer. If there's anyway I can help you when I'm there, let me know.

This is fantastic news and I hope that many more languages will follow!

Why I do not see any wallet?

If you are asking about the answer is: because Strimi.PL is not migrated on to Steeem yet.

In other words, steem-based version of Strimi is not ready yet, nevertheless we decided to inform you, that we are working on this and when we will finish, we will replace old strimi with new (based on Steem) version. Then, few thousands of current Strimi users will join Steem eco-system.

We are going to publish frequent updates about progress of our work :)

I like the darker color of the website.

welcome to steemit Kamil....^^

A Polish version of Condenser ? What are the technicals of what is currently at ?

Fantastic! My mom got really interested in steemit but as she can't speak English she was looking for polish version. I will surely pass it to her! Thanks 🙏🏻

Awesome work. Up-voted and Following.

That's awesome!!

great news! the big steem family ... or relatives... whatever...

are you utilizing the existing network for this or do you plan to bootstrap a whole new p2p-network with a currency of it's own?

Steemit is spreading

Excellent post! I like your work My friend

I visited the site and its good.. more power gudluck !! Cheers

Welcome strimi.

Welcome! :)

OK so do I understand correctly that this be on the existing Steem blockchain?

I think that would be a fantastic way to build value on the existing currency whilst also catering to Polish language users.

Personally I think that would be a better proposition than using the Golos example of creating a new blockchain - something which I never really understood the point of.

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Welcome to SteeMit @strimi

Hello, interesting your information on the advances in these platforms of communication

For your future release you should add #steemdev, BTW #bitcoin isn't really appropriate for this.

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