Introducing STEEMITALIA.COM the new Italian platform for the Steem blockchain

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@steempostitalia is a dynamic project created almost two years ago by a small group of Steemit Italian users. Since the beginning, our goal was to make the experience on Steem Blockchain and the use of the blogging platform Steemit more accessible and usable for Italian users. So we created a community, based mainly on DISCORD that supports the Italians, (and the Italian speakers) helps new users with no knowledge of the blockchain ecosystem and tries to spread steem as much as possible in our country. For this purpose, we offer specific guidelines and personalized "tutoring" processes to @steempostitalia users.

We knew from the beginning that it was a long-term goal, so we made our maximum effort to encourage the growth of the community both as a group and as single talents hub. This is why the next step to improve the Steemit experience and the growth of the community has been the creation of a specific blogging platform for the Italian community.
Steemitalia is exactly this: the first Made in Italy blogging platform based on the Steem Blockchain.
One of the main motivations that led us to design and realize an all-Italian frontend was the will to bring as many people as possible to the Steem universe: Unfortunately in Italy there's a low knowledge of the English language, so in our opinion, a user-friendly frontend designed entirely in Italian is of strategic importance. Our goal is to widen to the maximum the number of users involved in the Steemitalia platform.

screen steemitalia.png

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We’ve completed the first phase of the platform creation and finally, after the necessary conceptual and development stages, today the beta version of the website is ready to be tested by those who will bring this platform to “life": the Steemit's Italians users.
This gift that @steempostitalia created is a further step of heading forward: being independent from other platforms will enable a better way to express community's image and give bloggers a tool more user-friendly, catchy and easy to use.


What prompted @steempostitalia to invest time and resources in the Steemitalia project has been first of all the analysis of the difficulties of the new users using the Steemit platform and the will to try to give a solution to the lack of engagement and participation. Indeed, thanks to the problems encountered by users, we understood the need to have a simpler tool and to give to the less experienced users the possibility to share their own space on Steem.
Steemitalia is a custom tool that wants to go towards the users' needs: an easier text editor to set the layout of the text without using Markdown codex. A more effective and catchier design, a structured and intuitive home page, ​easier management of your own blog and account pages.
Steemitalia is, therefore,​ a valuable Italian option to the most advanced frontend used on Steem Blockchain, like Busy - at the moment one of the most complete frontends​ of the Steem Blockchain - of which Steemitalia is technically a fork.


screen steemitalia.png


  • Ad hoc interface: through Steemitalia’s interface it’s possible to visualize all Italians’ published posts, without any weird trick or lists.
  • Two is better than one: having two posts columns instead of one or four represents an optimal solution for posts' layout, allowing ​quicker navigation and a more efficient and well-ordered reading experience.
  • Showcase: the posts selected by the SPI curation’s team to be part of the PostIT daily digest, will be displayed in a roller always in the forefront.

POSTIT section

This button will transfer you directly to the postIT's daily digest page, that collects the best posts drafted in Italian.

CONTEST section

This button is used to check the new contests and their evolution or the results of the ones in progress.

PROJECTS section

This button is used to check the development of new projects within the Italian community and to be informed about the new ones.

FAQ section

In this section, which is designed specifically for newcomers, you’ll find the answer to the most asked questions.

TOS section

Steemitalia's Terms and Conditions.


The classic search bar with the feature of showing usernames as first option and secondary topics search-related.

To know about advanced features, a specific post will follow shortly.


Steemitalia created a completely extendable tool, so it will be possible to personalise the website and dynamically make changes to fulfil​ the community’s needs. Thanks to users' feedbacks, customization will be tailored to​ improve the navigation experience.


  • Important communications, news and updates feature​
  • New international posts feature​
  • Suggestions and feedbacks feature


Steemitalia is both a gift and a mandatory step forward in the evolution of this little great community, that has achieved important results in this year and half of activity. Steemitalia's call to its users is to join and partecipare to this launching phase, which is also an important beta test to spot strength and weaknesses, bug and features that could be improved. @steempostitalia's team is proud to introduce you this project that, as all community activities, is made with effort, passion and dedition.

>>>ACCESS TO STEEMITALIA NOW<<< has been created independently and entirely financed by private funds.

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Congratulations for the new project! How did you solve new accounts registration? Obviously Steemit stopped to open new accounts. How do you get new Italian users?

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For the moment they contact us directly by mail or discord and we buy for them the new account or if it's an aware user we explain him/her how to buy an account from Steemconnect, Blocktrades, Get on steem and so on...


Yeah, that isn't particularly good UX. But I was also thinking in that direction. Right now there is no other way unfortunately.

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exactly! thx for your comment btw

That is exactly what is needed. Language specific social media platforms that utilize the STEEM blockchain. I'm really excited that you are making this a reality. Congratulations.

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