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RE: Steem Express online | Resteem and upvote can participate in a 100 STEEM lottery

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Your account has delegation from another account @steemscan.
Generally if you want to launch a project on steemit, become active on steemit and legitimize yourself. Familiarise yourself with how other projects are launched and how commenting that you upvoted posts isn't the best way to promote your project. People flag unwanted copy paste engagement on their posts. If they write an article and someone doesn't look at their post and only wants attention for themselves it doesn't look well. You could have engaged with other users on the site for several weeks or months and then launched your project.

To promote post you could invest in post promotion in services on so that the payout from the post rises and your post becomes more visible on the site, up higher in the rankings on trending on the topics you pick.

The other problems with your post are we don't know who you are or who the user @steemscan is, we don't know if we can trust you, you promise a giveaway but don't have the funds to give this money away.

And above all we don't know if your project is trustworthy or not.

In your next post, try to explain it in better detail and don't comment about it under other people's post. Let it be found organically by people on the site or use post promotion.


Thank you for your advice.
We have stopped those incorrect promotion methods.

@steemscan is another of our projects that are not online yet. These two accounts temporarily have the same avatar.
Furthermore, this project was launched first,so we took the SP for this account.

I agree with @imisstheoldkanye. You start dropping links on peoples posts, and they will downvote you to oblivion. Two things that you might investigate, or think about, beyond what has already been said. You might try to connect with a few of the Higher Ups in the steem community or at least someone who knows the ecosystem, otherwise, you will be lost. Unless you throw an ungodly amount of money at the platform.

I understand that you are not a native English speaker which is fine, but you should be aware that another quick marker of typical spam/scam is a poorly translated/written post. Especially when it is supposed to be from company's marketing efforts. There are some communities on the steem blockchain that can help with translation services as well.

I promise the @steemexpress and @steemscan belong to the same team!

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