STEEM PARK : The First Public Design Project Funded By Cryptocurrency [Press Release]

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What is STEEM Park?

STEEM Park is a public garden designed and funded exclusively through, a social media website that rewards impactful content with digital currency (STEEM). This garden within Herbert von King Park represents an entirely new way to empower community projects and celebrate special places within our own neighborhoods. The project was created and executed by designers Kirk Finkel ( @voronoi ) and Michael Lee ( @hansikhouse ).

  • When? : STEEM Park opened July 16th, 2017
  • Where? : Herbert Von King Park in Brooklyn, New York.




Why is STEEM Park important?

STEEM Park is the first public design project fully funded by cryptocurrency. The physical components of the project were financed 100% by blogging rewards and engaging with the Steemit community; no private donations or municipal support was provided. In short, it is the first public-interest project supported completely by public interest. STEEM Park is a proof-of-concept that local community projects can be initiated and sustained through a global attention economy.



Upvotes = STEEM, the digital currency tied to With the rewards of each blog post, the Hither Yon design team was able to purchase materials, fabricate furniture and assemble STEEM Park.


Hither Yon raised money through blog posts and cryptocurrency donations. This strategy funded the design, prototyping, fabrication, installation and collateral production of the project. The site for STEEM Park is Herbert Von King Park in Brooklyn, NY. Over the course of 30 blog posts, @hitheryon wrote about the history and story of the neighborhood, local community leaders, design process and final installation. Using the narrative of place, the team raised an equivalent of $10,000 USD.

Total Value Raised = ~ $10,000 USD


Furniture and planters in STEEM Park all have sponsors (those who donated STEEM or SBD directly). The STEEM Park project was a success due to an outpouring of support from "Steemians" all across the globe (listed below). Their upvotes and direct donations translated directly to funding for furniture, events, park maintenance, beautification and restoration for a neighborhood in need.

@steemitblog @andrarchy @surfermarly @fulltimegeek @dylanhobalart @gardenlady @good-karma @virtualgrowth @clayop @thejohalfiles @natureofbeing @steemed @abdullar @prufarchy @hansikhouse @voronoi @heymattsokol @orenshani7 @meesterboom @yogi.artist @madlenfox @da-dawn @kanedizzle08 @vip @lighthil @inphiknit @airmatti @velimir @leesongyi @preparedwombat @dwolfe @cassidyandfranks @lovejoy

What is Steemit and STEEM?

Steemit is the social media website supported by the STEEM blockchain. The website allows content creators and curators to earn STEEM (a digital "crypto" currency) through blogging and curating content. Learn more -

Who is Hither Yon?

Hither Yon is a design collective with a focus on public-impact and collaborative projects. Learn more -

Project Partners

  • Steemit Inc.
  • Wayne Devonish - Founder of the Herbert Von King Conservancy
  • Brian Chu and Conor Coghlan - Principals of A05 Studio
  • Ryu Kim - Principal of Base 15 Studio


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Excellent work @hitheryon and all those involved! What an amazing effort and a wonderful community project!
Cheers to all!

Thanks so much for your support @gardenlady! We couldn't have done it without your engagement and enthusiasm all the way through :D

My pleasure :-). You all did the heavy lifting :-)

Well done @hitheryon! Glad to have attended the event. A great display of the potential of this platform to engage communities.

Awesome to have you there and thanks for helping plant the planters! Hope you had a blast! There's a ton of engagement potential and other ways that Steemit can support communities. Lot's of Steemians are stewards of the internet, sheparding in this new era of blockchain to the masses... we believe that should translate into impactful work offline as well.

Excellent post steemit online and offline

Thanks @dim753! We're all about the on/offline impact :)

Wow!!! Nice park I would love to visit it.. :)

We're hoping it becomes a permanent landmark! Currently working with the park conservancy to make it happen.

Don't loose hope bro ,everything will gona be alright. Your hardwork,efforts and dedication for this park can be seen through this images.

amazing post @hitheryon

Hey thanks @ravik2492

thanks for upvotes !!!
i followed you buddy

that is so freakin dope! i wish there was a steemit meetup in the central valley, i would be totally down to go, I love this platform so much! in the last 2 and half weeks i have generated 63 steem! Great way to spend my time off of school

I want to do a meetup in Bangkok too. I am not sure how to get started. Just post the idea here and tag the location maybe? Search the tag and post on people's posts? Not sure. But this one is so inspiring!

Letting my friend @tattoodjay know about this since he is in the neighborhood.

I'm doing nowhere as good as you, cryptotraderx - what is your secret?

just need to do a lot of commenting, and longer comments that really add value to the conversation

I will try :)

I'm sure there will be lots of Steemit meetups all across the globe in the near future :) Enjoy and explore!

Planet needs more parks 4 sure, or maybe just leave forests alone...

We could use a Steem-Tree program!


Thank you!

What could be the next big project? A steem forest? I would love to see a steem reforestation project! Maybe in Ethiopia?

Love this idea!

In my opinion this idea is amazing. It solves so many problems at once, it's unbelievable! And even though though i am a biologist i didn't know that!

cheers mate, hope they will continue it, and not leave it on its fate

We will make sure that the furniture is maintained seasonally, excited to announce updates on this soon!

Awesome post and excellent work for steemit! I love the idea of work offline

Upvoted and resteemed!

Bridging the world of on-offline is key for the growth of social platforms like this one!

So excited to see places like this all over

Who knows what a year might bring, summer 2018 could be full of Steem Parks all over the world!

Let's work as a community to make it happen

that is super cool! a steemit park @hitheryon, when are you going to come to LA since i just moved out of Brooklyn... i may have to move back now :)

:O nice, upvoted

Thank you!

Wonderful 😊😊


Great work, looks beautiful @hitheryon! :D

Thanks for the kind words :)

I think I like it :)

Great job guys!!! I'd love to see more steemit parks all over the world in the future :)

I'd love to go see the park..Buy me a plane ticket or build me one here in Hawaii??

this is dope will be visiting end of the month

hehe crazy to think that today that value is over $55,000 USD.

Great project.. Nice plan.. But would it really workout?

I love it, I have an idea that I want to start in my own local area but to afraid to mention it or even embark on it. I wanted to start a local food market where the residents in the city provide and barter their own vegetables they grow. I can build on that idea but just to scared to see what will happen .

Great post. Please read my biggest danger in crypto, would love your feedback -

Sent word about your initiative in my last post, again! :) I really like it!

Couldn't upvote this so I upvoted the other post!

If you mind me linking the picture I can edit! Cheers!

Amazing. Says a lot about what this platform can accomplish and how far it has come.

I have seen a post about the steem park before but I say again, this is awesome

Great work!

Wouldn't it be so much better if, when you are in the park there are fruit trees, you could also encourage people to, if they are eating a fruit they could dig a small hole and plant there seed from the fruit, eventually there would be beautiful areas to walk through eating and enjoying nature the way we were intended too.

wow as i was going through sndbox's previous newsletters for leisure read, i came across this article and it's super impressive...

i wish to visit the steempark in the future :) when i have enough of steem to fly all the way to NY haha keep it up @sndbox

Glad to be present in this post ..... can know the information that you are the community.