Introducing ourselves - A small indipendent game studio wanting to share progress and ideas :D

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Hi there dear Steemit community! After hearing a lot about Steemit we thought it would be nice to sign up and join the community :D

So, who are we?

We are Daniel and Angela, a couple from Germany dedicating all of their time and energy to making video games. The stuff we make is mostly very experimental - we love weird stuff! Up until now we have released a few free games, but more about that later.

Daniel:   I don't want to talk about my age. I love hardware and annoying Angela with it. Apart from SmokeSomeFrogs I write horror-stories. But they all  are in German, so you probably won't read them. I'm responsible for the stories (what a suprise!), concepts and  planning, marketing and PR, writing the devlogs and making coffee for Angela (and let me say, she needs a lot of that). I also take  care of the stuff that Angela doesn't want to take care of so that she  can absolutely focus onto her tasks.

Angela:  Right now I'm 21 years old but let's just pretend that I'm still 18. I  hate getting older. I love rubber ducks though! And guinea pigs! I also  like Daniel pretty much. Like... very much. You know what I mean. I'm mostly responsible for graphical stuff and programming. I also make  trailers, our website and our other videos. Besides that I cook very often, don't get enough sleep and do boring stuff that everyone else does.  

And why are we here?

We love to share our progress, ideas and knowledge with people who are interested in these kinds of things! We also love to hear feedback, get to know nice people and generally have a good time ♥ What to expect? Blog posts and videos about game development related stuff! Maybe I'll manage to sneak in a little rubber duck here and there too.

Here's some stuff we made!

Intra-System: Trust Issues: Our first game ever. We call it an "Audio-Adventure". It's kind of a audiobook version of a text-adventure. It's weird. It's all about decisions. It's free.

Flufftopia: Looks cute, doesn't it? Let's just say not everything is always as it seems. A free clicker game with story.

We've made some more games but we won't link them here because they are pretty small, all made during game jams.

And this is what we're working on right now!


Devastated: Andrew's Dictaphone. An attempt to combine a Walking Simulator with a Point & Click game. The thing we will be probably mostly be talking about in the upcomming weeks :'D

That's going to be it for now. Have a wonderful day and see you next post!

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Servus und herzlich Willkommen :)
Schaut so aus, als ob ihr Spaß hättet bei dem, was ihr tut. Denke das ist für hier ne ganz gute Voraussetzung. Wenn es um Spiele geht, könntet ihr euch auch "hodl the coin" von @limesoda ansehen - bzw. kommt von denen bald noch mehr in die Richtung ;)
@neuvorstellungen kommt auch gleich noch mit ein paar Tipps!

Liebe Grüße, @theaustrianguy

Vielen lieben Dank! Wir schauen gleich mal rein :)

Welcome to Steemit!! Gotta love a good team! Daniel, how great of you to be a wonderful barista to your lady and Angela, congrats on finding a man who knows the importance of getting his lady some coffee! ;) I hope you guys have a wonderful journey here on Steemit. Just a little tip, feel free to use the tag #newbieresteemday to get a little extra exposure and if its good material, theyll come show some love on your post! Good luck! :)

Welcome! I think you've found the perfect community for this--a blogging platform largely populated by tech and gaming nerds. :) I think you'll do pretty well.

Thank you! We hope so :'D

Welcome to Steemit, smoke-some-frogs! Best wish to you for a very fun journey here in this loving and caring community :)

Thank you very much! ♥

Welcome to steemit. We always try to encourage and inspire the creativity of young talent. Keep up the good work.

Thank you! We're glad to be here :D

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Welcome to Steemit, @smoke-some-frogs! Good luck!

Thank you so much! :D

Hallo @smoke-some-frogs, herzlich willkommen auf Steemit.

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Dankeschön! Die Tutorials werden wir uns auf jeden Fall ansehen, ist sicher nicht schlecht um alles ein bisschen besser zu verstehen :D

Welcome to Steemit @smoke-some-frogs!

I wish you much success and hope you find Steemit to be as rewarding and informative as I have.

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Hey dear
Welcome to steemit
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Welcome to Steem, @smoke-some-frogs!

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Which engine are you guys making this one with? Looks super cool

We're using Unity for everything we make, and thanks! :D

I have a little bit of experience with Unity. I look forward to seeing what you guys do!

Welcome to the Steem blockchain. Hope you share plenty of your work with us, as well as perhaps a few insights into what it's like being on such a small dev team.

I really like the look of your new game! Looks like it might be interesting.

Thank you very much! We will try to share as many different aspects as possible :D

Love the purple hair and yeah, frogs are great. Have not smoked frogs but maybe should haha, I'm Oatmeal.

We haven't either... but don't tell anyone! Also thanks, I like to change my hair color very often :)

Welcome to Steemit @smoke-some-frogs. Definitely going to check out your games over the weekend. Very cool that you're getting to do something that you love. It will be fun to watch as you develop your next game.

Thank you! We hope you'll have a good time playing, also feel free to give us any kind of feedback if you want to. We're sill learning :D

I don't know if you have seen or or heard about @utopia-io, they are a group of open source developers. I myself know very little about them other than a lot of the developers play around there, and they help each other out developing programs, so if you run into a development question, someone there may be able to help, or you may be able to help one of them, kind of one of those you win, he wins, she wins we all win kind of places. Other than that welcome to steemit, I think you will find for the most part people are pretty friendly here.

Thank you very much, we will definitely check them out! And yeah, it's kind of overwhelming how nice the community here is :D

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welcome to Steemit
I came to your post because @victorsilab featured you in the " Pay It Forward " contest

Oh, that's cool! We didn't even notice... thank you very much @victorsilab
And also thank you @wolfhart :)

you are very welcome
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Hello.. Sorry for that XD

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Welcome to Steemit, enjoy it. Always be genuine.


You guys are cute! Welcome to steemit :)

I found your post through @victorsilab's entry to the ongoing Pay it Forward Curation contest. Check it out and feel free to join in next week ;)

Guys, you're awesome (and the expression of Angela is hilarious!). I wish you the best and in case you want to participate in an interesting fiction story contest..mi casa es su casa. Keep it up!

Bin gespannt, was eure junge Spieleschmiede noch für Ideen hervorbringt. Viel Erfolg auf jeden Fall!