Welcome To Sky Life!

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Welcome to Sky Life!

Hi! My name is Sky Cowans. I want to first start by saying that I couldn't be more excited to be joining the Steemit community. I am so happy and grateful to be here. While I'm sure many of you have never heard of Sky Life, I started Sky Life a few years ago after graduating college. Not soon after, I had to put it all on hold to in order to find some stability in the form of a job, place to live, and the rest of things that come with being an adult. Now, I've committed myself to making this second iteration of Sky Life the best it can possibly be. Check it out!



The fear of suffering is worse than the suffering itself. And no heart has ever suffered when it goes in search of its dreams because every step of the search is an enounter with God and eternity.
-- Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

I moved to Los Angeles in October 2016 and man has it been a wild ride. I moved with no job, nowhere to live, and no idea what I was getting myself into. But my decision to move came from my heart and I never once questioned it, and after a long road my heart has led me back to Sky Life.

I started working at BuzzFeed in January 2017 as a video intern. Three months later, I became a video fellow and I was making at least one video per week. My job demanded my full attention and I wanted it to be that way. When I accepted a position at BuzzFeed I decided that Sky Life needed to be put on hold. It was important that I threw myself into my job to learn as much as I could and become the best video creator I could be. I will write another blog and make a video soon all about my experience at BuzzFeed and what happened in between then and now. For the time being, let's talk about my new vision for Sky Life!

There is so much information and research emerging in the health and wellness space, it can be overwhelming. It seems like every day there's a new trend that promises to help you achieve "optimal health." From various diet and fitness trends to biohacking and mindfulness, I am fascinated by it all. Sky Life is about exploring these topics and sharing what I learn. My goal is for each video to be informative, entertaining, and hopefully help to improve your life in some way.

Gut health, EMS, nootropics, medicinal mushrooms, kratom, breathwork, hypnosis, neurofeedback... the list is endless and I am here to investigate it all.

I will be releasing videos on my YouTube channel once a week, so be sure to subscribe and hit the bell button so you can be notified whenever I post a new video. Be sure to also subscribe to my newsletter which will include exclusive content, more in-depth breakdowns of these topics, and links to research, because sources matter!

The reason I am reviving Sky Life is that something in my heart is telling me to. It started as a whisper, which then turned into a shout, and then a scream. Really, it's because these ideas inside of me cannot stay ideas anymore. So I am using what I learned at BuzzFeed to make videos I care about and hopefully they will contribute to the world in a positive way.

Sky Life is NOT about telling you how to live your life. It's about giving you solid information that will hopefully allow you to make better-informed decisions about how you can live your healthiest, happiest life.

Because we all have the power to thrive.


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Welcome to Steem Community @skylife! As a gentle reminder, please keep your master password safe. The best practise is to use your private posting key to login to Steemit when posting; and the private active key for wallet related transactions.

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Thanks for the tip @newsteemians

Hello @skylife. Welcome to steemit! Hope you'll like being here :)

Hello @skylife, you are most welcome to steemit, and I know you have the visions of adding so much value to the community and the world at large. Steemit will give you an enabling environment to achieve your dreams and above all grow, but that largely depends on how much you interact withing the community.

I love to see newbies grow and that is why I am introducing you to #greetersguild, a community committed to helping newbies grow, you can follow us @greetersguild and also feel free to use the #greetersguild tag in your posts, if you have any questions feel free to ask me @royaltiesboss-eu, that is also my discord handle, you can also join #greetersguild here on discord, I will also recommend you reachout and interact with @terminallyill, he is also going to be a great help in seeing that you grow here on steemit.

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Cool channel for the beautiful ppl ;)

Welcome !


:) So many beautiful people out there! @jaybird Followed!

Sky, you are amazing.


@joeyarnoldvn Thank you so much! Excited to have you along for this journey! followed :)

nice intro skY


Thanks @wheellife !

Hello @skylife, thankyou for beautiful intro, in order to support you i showed your picture in my blog. Please feel free to check the link below and if you like my effort then kindly donot forgot to upvote and follow me too. ;). If you donot like your reference in my post then just comment under that post, i will remove it.

This looks awesome. Can't wait to see the content to come! Happy to have you in the Steemit community, Sky!


Thanks @fellowhuman I won't let you down! A lot of awesome things to come. Happy to be here!

Welcome to steemit! Don't forget to check out @dlive and @dtube as a second platform for your video's. You never have to worry about your content disappearing as is often the case on youtube.


Cool. Thanks for the tip! @erodedthoughts

Followed you. Look forward to seeing more content in the future.


thanks so much! @mccrypto

Welcome to the community. Good for you for following your heart. You will do very well here. I look forward to seeing more of your content.


Thanks for the kind words! @mccrypto25 Excited to be here !

A very warm welcome to steemit @skylife. Steemit is an awesome community and You'll have a great time here.

I am from Nigeria and have made a lot of friends on steemit, and I'm glad to meet you.

Join #steemschools discord channel https://discord.gg/eTZqQvk and we'll teach and support you to grow on steemit, make quality posts and comments on steemit, how to sell your products, business strategies and tips on how to earn more money in steemit and life.


Thanks! @evarich Will do.

Welcome @skylife!! glad to see some more youtubers and online aficionados moving over to the platform!! Wish you tons of success :)


Thanks! Excited to be here! @trismegistuz followed :)


Thanks!! Appreciate it :)

Welcome to Steemit @skylife!

I wish you much success and hope you find Steemit to be as rewarding and informative as I have.

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Thanks for spamming the newbies!

welcome to Steemit , I hope your journey exceeds all your expectations .
Make sure you use your posting key to log into steemit and not you master key .
if you have any questions I be happy to answer them . you can look at my Blog to check how I assist newbies . I don't mean for this to be a spam you will get enough of them .
Again welcome . Nice to have someone from L.A. here 😎


Thanks for the tip! @wolfhart

Welcome to steemit @skylife. It's a friendly community, you will love it :)
I Love nature and science.

A few suggestions to make your journey successful:

1.Comment a lot. This is the best way to get new followers and be noticed
2.Don't be disappointed if your blog posts are lost in the ocean. This is totally normal. The more followers you have, the more money you will make over time
PS: I've followed you and upvoted this post. If you like, you can do the same so we can support each other


Appreciate the tips @timewarp ...Will do! Followed!