Every journey starts with the first step

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Surely everyone who’s ever tried to lose weight or get fit knows the difficulty of getting started. That big threshold between thinking about it and actually doing it. All the questions…How? When? Where? And several more along those lines. The excuses you come up with to just postpone it one more day. Just one more day. Tomorrow I’ll be more determined. Tomorrow I’ll try harder. Getting started is never easy, but believe me you, it will be worthwhile.

Much the same is how I have been feeling about starting a blog. I really want to. I know I have much to say and share with the world, but there’s always that great threshold. There’s always an excuse to wait just one more day. Tomorrow I’ll be more creative. Tomorrow I’ll have a better flow. As with fitness in the past, however, I firmly believe that it will be just as rewarding once I face whatever fear is holding me back and simply get started.

It’s not fitness I wish to talk about. It merely serves a personal reminder that there is nothing that can’t be achieved with the right mindset and the right motivation.

It is life and the world I wish to talk about. To advocate for peace, unity and understanding. To motivate and empower. To encourage people to be themselves and to encourage people to go after what they believe in.

I have faced many challenges in my life, but it wasn’t until 2017 when I spend 3 months in South Africa that I realised how much I had been taking for granted and how very fortunate I truly I am. What I saw and experienced changed me and my life forever. It left me with the strongest of desires to make a difference. To live up to the fullest of my potential and to bring about change in this world.

It has become my life’s mission and the very reason for my existence.

I am originally a biotechnologist who has (among other things) worked in medical technology and economic research. At the end of 2018, I left my office job to become a freelance consultant/project manager and translator/editor. I collaborate with organisations, companies and individuals furthering the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (the Global Goals). I specialize in communication consulting, (technical) documentation, change management, problem-solving and efficiency. Additionally, I translate (scientific) texts, studies and other documents from German and Finnish into English and vice versa, plus I edit/proofread English texts of all sorts.

For me becoming a freelancer is an opportunity to gather experience and knowledge about several fields and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. I seek to learn as much as possible and eventually go back to university to study international relations, global governance and psychology and thus one day be part of actively shaping this world.

Personally, I identify most strongly with SDG16 Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions and SDG17 Partnerships for the Goals, but I want to participate in projects related to as many SDGs as possible, so as to grow my overall knowledge on all topics.

As the title says "Every journey starts with the first step". This is mine. I hope there will be many more to come.


Welcome @sinikka!!! I'll leave it to @nateonsteemit to give you a proper welcome, and his welcomes are SO much better than mine, even though he'll say exactly what I MEAN to say...

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Ah, a wonderful introductory post! I've not heard of the SDG system, perhaps it'll be a good topic for future posts :)

I know completely how you feel about blogging. Sometimes it's just not there. I've got a post I've been cooking for a month or two. In the meantime, I occupy myself with #dailychicken posts and other short posts, as well as with steem introductions.

Thanks, @riverflows! Sorry I took so dang long. I've had this post open since you tagged me, just got distracted... For four days. Finally getting around to it, and a migraine is coming on 😂🤣 go figure.

Anyways, @sinikka, welcome to steem! We're very glad you're here, and I hope you can dig yourself in and get pretty well established here! You'll find there's a good group of folks here with sustainability on their mind, and some with medical experience that may be similar to your own. Not the least of which are @riverflows (creator of @naturalmedicine), @sagescrub (creator of @homesteaderscoop), @freedomtowrite and @freedompoint (creators of @ghscollective). They're the ones driving the sustainability bus on steem. Lots of others like @porters, @walkerland, @mountainjewel, @sustainablelivin (@mariannewest's profile for her Sustainable Living Podcast), @squishysquid, @senorcoconut, @vanessamidwife, @ppmsilver, @allyinspirit, @makinstuff, @simplymike, @craigcryptoking, @buckaroo, @papa-pepper, @pennsif, @wildhomesteading, and many many more are the ones in the community making it such a great group to be with. They're all well worth a follow.

Most communities on steem currently meet on discord, so that's a handy app for steemians looking to get into the swing of things. It offers a simple, user-friendly messaging place where we can all talk and keep up off chain. There are hopeful developments coming for on-chain options, but those are probably a few forks away. Til then, our three main groups are Natural Medicine, Homesteaders Co-op, and Global Homesteading Collective. The NM and GHSC ones link to discord, the HSCO link is to the marketplace built by @sagescrub where we are able to buy and sell sustainably produced goods using steem, SBD, and USD as well as gift and barter economics. It's the first marketplace of it's kind, and we're all quite excited aboit it.

Another great tool for steem interaction is @ginabot. A splendid notification service that works through discord to let you know about steem interactions on chain. She'll let you know when you're mentioned, when people send you money, when certain folks make a post, or when posts are made with your favorite tags. Very very helpful, and I think most steemians use Gina.

One thing you'll find is that there are a lot of interfaces with the steem blockchain. There's steemit.com, busy.org, steempeak.com, partiko.app, d.tube, and many others that all boast different features and benefits. I prefer steempeak, but it's a fun learning experience to try a few for yourself, as steemit is a very basic interface that leaves much to be desired. Thats an intentional situation though, as Steemit Inc (Stinc) has bigger things to worry about.

I hope this little introduction can help you a bit. Things like this weren't being done much during the hectic time when I joined steem. With the price of steem being down (you'll find nobody cares much about that), things have calmed down as the moochers and weak hands have left. The folks you encounter here are the ones that truly desire to be here and see promise in the platform. We're here for the long haul, and we hope you find value here as well. :)


Nate and the whole sustainability community of steem.

P.S. @sinikka, I've set you to be the beneficiary of 75% of this comment's earnings. Guys, if y'all upvote this one, she'll get a bit extra ;)

@nateonsteemit Thank you so much for your comment, your advice, recommendation and making me a partial beneficiary of your comment! I am overwhelmed and surprized by all the amazing feedback I have been getting on Steemit. I definitely did not expect that.

In the beginning of the year I stared collaborating with a start-up which uses Steemit to promote social projects from all over the world. Prior to that I had never even heard of the platform, so I’m completely new to everything on here. It will take me a while to properly go through all the recommendations you posted, but I am sure they will be of great value and I am excited about the prospect of connecting with like minded people from all over the world.

I like your idea about a post on the SDG system. I think at some point I will write about that. 😊 I’ve got a super busy schedule these days and I like to sit down and really focus on what I am writing, but I think tomorrow or within the next few days I’ll write a post with the title “Change stars from within” or something along those lines.

Thank you once more for the warm welcome!

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I’m happy that your first step is a bold one!

Welcome onboard, please feel free for this is your home. Welcome to Steemit @sinikka

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Thank you for your kind words @maxdevalue! I am eager to explore all the aspects of Steemit and connect with people :)

Welcome to the platform! Don't get overwhelmed but take your time.
If steps are what you're looking for...it all depends on you.
More often, it's that first that is the hardest.

Engagement and community that you're excited with are the fun parts. Enjoy and have fun!

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Thank you @immarojas! Yes, indeed - it is easy to get overwhelmed with all the aspects of Steemit, especially for a newbie like myself but I have been amazed by the warm welcome of the community. I am excited to connect with people from all over the world and it motivates me to keep posting.

Indeed! Please holler anytime as a lot like to help if needed and able. Cheers!

Hi @sinikka
Welcome to Steemit
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Hey, welcome to Steemit! I think that you will find open arms and caring support for your new adventure.

Feel free to come check out Global Homestead Collective!

Global Homestead Collective Come join us on discord! https://discord.gg/hPJs5Rb

No niin Sinikka, hauska tutustua. Welcome to Steemit.


Kiitos @sauna! Hauska tutustua :)


Hello! You came to a great place to start a blog about conscious topics. I have found that there are a lot of supportive folks here that care about making the world a better place. There are a lot of folks here that care about peace and freedom. Welcome!

I have delegated some steem power from our community account @homesteaderscoop to you so that you can have some Resource Credits/mana while you are building your account. Enjoy!

Homesteaders Co-op

A community marketplace of ethical, handmade and sustainable products available for STEEM, SBD (and USD): https://homesteaderscoop.com

follow: @homesteaderscoop

Thank you @sagescrub! I checked out @homesteaderscoop homepage and they've got beautiful things on there :)

I agree - and thank you! I am very proud of the new community marketplace that we are putting together - all of our vendors are so talented, hardworking and creative :)

Welcome @sinikka!
So glad you took that first step and hopefully having done that you are well on your way to a wonderful journey on Steemit!
By your post it sounds like you'll have much to contribute so I followed you and I'm looking forward to seeing what you have to say!

@porters Thank you so much for your kind words and for following!

Awesome! Welcome to Steem, a community where you’ll find many with similar goals. Happy to have you hear and look forward to hearing your unfurling as it presents itself 🌸

@mountainjewel Thank you so much for your kind words! I am so happy about the warm welcome from the Steemit community! :)

You are a smart girl with pretty eyes. Yes, keep going, one step at a time. I'm Joey.

@joeyarnoldvn Thank you for your kind words Joey!

Always. How are you?

I'm all good, thank you for asking! How about yourself?

Welcome to the blockchain, @sinikka! Following with interest.

Thank you @novacadian!

welcome to steemit😊😊😊

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Wow... That's an amazing picture and I love the way you write. I feel very identified with your text because I've always had that same feeling: wanting to write and not being able to start because of too many excuses.
Keep improving and doing it like that, my advise is that you don't give up, I think that you have a lot of talent.
I invite you to see my content, I think that you are going to like it as we have many ideas in common. I am also starting, so... Good luck for us!

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Thank you so much for your kind words! I will definitely have a look at your content too. Good luck for us indeed!

Welcome to steemit. Enjoy the ride!!

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Thank you!

Welcome to the Steem Community @sinikka!

I would love to feature your new introduction post in my weekly curation blog if you don't mind! You can find it on my profile, @Ma1neEvent.

You can also check out the @MinnowSupport Project (MSP), a community of Steemians on Discord Chat where you can interact, chat, network, and learn with other members of the Community! There is even a Steem based radio station there with shows hosted by Steemians, @MSP-Waves! Hop in the @MinnowSupport Pond and say hello sometime if you'd like!

Needed to read that opening. Been feeling those "tomorrow I'll be more creative" vibes lately.

I still keep fighting those vibes myself, but what I've noticed for myself is that even if I don't feel particularly creative, if I just start writing regardless of feeling "uncreative" eventually my flow starts to come back. @wildsage I wish you heaps of creativity for the future!! :)

Welcome to steem

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Thank you!

Welcome to Steemit! It looks like you will be talking about interesting topics and I'm looking forward to reading your posts.

Why did you go to South Africa at the first place? I do understand that such experience can change your personality. We have so much and we still want to get more while there are people who are happy with bare minimum. It would be nice to read about your experience.

Just a few tips here.. first of all try to post as much as possible and engage with other Steemians. It is important to join a community and to make friends. You can also join some discord groups with similar interests. It's not all about the rewards but the relationships are important too. Have fun, make friends and rewards will eventually come.

I wish you good luck and I'm looking forward to seeing you around! :)

Thank you for your kind words @delishtreats! I'll be writing more about South Africa in future posts. I never actually planned to go there. Back when I was working in medical technology I was offered a considerable promotion, but at that point, I realised it's just not what I want. I quit my job instead, sold/donated everything I owned and started looking for a new path. I saw something about South Africa in the news and I ended up buying a plane ticket there 10 days before flying out. Originally I booked for 2 weeks, but I ended up canceling my return flight and I stayed until the very last day of my visa.

Thank you for the tips as well, they're greatly appreciated! I'm completely new to Steem, so I'm learning how everything works. I joined the platform because I collaborate with a startup which uses Steem to promote social projects furthering the United Nations' Global Goals. Prior to that, I had never even heard about Steem. I fully agree on the importance of making friends and building relationships. The possibility of rewards is a nice plus, but for me it's much more interesting to connect with people :)

Hello @sinikka
Welcome to Steemit & Wish you luck - success with Steemit!

Currently, I’m supporting for the Planktons by our small upvote. You may like it, check my support here.

Thank you @haccolong! I'll check it out.

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Hello, welcome to Steem. I hope you would enjoy it here as much as I do.

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Thank you so much for your interest!

Welcome to Steemit! Maybe try Partiko out as an interface. I see they commented. It's pretty great. Be well.
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Hello Dear,

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A must for Steem, If you would be interested to know more, feel free to ask anything about Partiko or Steem ....Make yourself Comfortable and feel like home .👍


Thanks & Namaste


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