Allow me to welcome in your world, your world is my world, I am Sindy and ready to mingle!!!!

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I am Sindy from the Island of Surigao, Philippines. I am a Third-year college student, alone, single and ready to mingle hahaha. No, I'm just kidding. Ate @aoife12 invited me. She is my ate not blood-related but in a heart. She is my board mate before. I stop studying because of financial problem and since all universities now are free for tuition, I decided to continue my study and I strive so hard for my allowance lucky I have a sister who is always willing to support me.

Ate, wants me to spread steemit here in our place. I said yes and I will try this platform first, I need to familiarize all the things here.

I am happy because my account in steemit got approved. I checked my email and luckily they granted me, I automatically asked ate @aoife12 what to do. Of course, I read the FAQ of this platform. I am happy and amaze how people enjoy here. Ate also says that this platform is great for a student like me, why? Because I can continue writing and my writing skills would develop.

Do I need to consider myself as steemian now? Maybe yes! if you will accept and welcome me to this community, then I will be a happy steemian. I know I will shine in this community as I am a friendly person, I love talking to someone too especially those talkative as I am talkative also hehe.

As Ate said, people here are lovable that's why I didn't hesitate to make an intro. I follow all her advice because I knew she's doing fine here. I knew her a lot because we are so close when we are still together. I am really happy that @aoife12 share this site with me.

Once Again I am Sindy and please welcome me to the world of steemit.

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Welcome to Steemit.
@teardrops SMT imaginary of @surpassinggogle has sent you a tear of joy.
We mention you here

A Tear Now Has Value # 10

Welcome to steemit @sindy2018. Hope you enjoy steeming! Learn more from others while sharing your knowledge and brilliant ideas to everyone...

Welcome to the community! :)

Welcome to #steemit and I'm glad @aoife12 brought you here and to #steemitachievers.

I have high hopes for this wonderful platform, so far #steemit is the best so keep on steeming, by just sharing your talents and any stories you want to share, you will surely earn a considerable amount of money such that even while studying you can have the chance to help your family too, I mean financially.

I'm happy to have students in our group, and will be willing to guide and support them I know how hard to be a student without enough money to cover all expenses in school, so keep on posting okay? And don;t forget to invite your classmates and friends.

Good luck!

Hello dear! Welcome to steemit😊

Welcome to Steemit Sindy!

Hope you will find what you are looking for here. See you around!

Welcome to steemit =)

Looking forward for your future posts =)

Welcome to Steemit, nice blog following you, You can also follow me

Welcome dear! Happy steeming!

Welcome to steemit. Congratulations, you were selected for a random upvote! Follow @godwinimo and upvote my post to increase your chance of being upvoted again!

Welcome to Steemit!!
Make sure @aoife brings you to the #gratefulvibes discord chat!!
God bless you!!

hi @sindy2018 and welcome to steemit. I had never heard of Surigao before (I had to google it :)
I love it when I learn something new. It is great that university education is free in your country.
If you would like some help getting started, just watch my 1 minute intro vlog, and feel free to ask questions in the comments.
Welcome :)

Surigao is part of Philippines.

Welcome to steemit.♡♡

Welcome to steemit community @sindy2018 enjoy posting, blogging.. 😃

Welcome. Keep steeming.

Welcome aboard! Hope you'll have fun here as much as I am.. Hope to see your articles soon especially the beaches there. When I was still single I so wanted to visit that place for surfing but God made me a dad so I have to cancel that plan for now.

Welcome to steemit @sindy2018

Welcome to steem kabayan.

Welcome to steemit community @sindy2018, God Bless

Welcome to steemit Sindy..... welcome to the family......

Welcome, Sindy aka Steemian! ;)) Great to have you here. Thanks to your friend who invited you! Best of luck :)

I am into healthy lifestyle, mind, motivation and more in case you would like to visit my channel :) VALUE guaranteed

Hi there sindy, I found ur intro post bcuz I just wanted to say kumusta. I see ur posts very often on the trending/philippines page as I look on there. How are u liking steemit now? Are u on discord na?

:) ok, well, if u have any questions I will be glad to help.. :)