no, I won't
you are responsible for your choices
god will ask you not me

Good on you, I prefer to leave flagging to God as well, but God is hunting me down today...

I didn't flag you @sift666 and I will never flag you
I will not forget the good things that I saw in you
my religion made me learn to forgive
but tell me what's wrong with you?
I don't believe you are @sift666
I would like to contact you and you explain to me maybe I help you
even if you want really money maybe I can help

All of this post is fake - it's an attempt to highlight how many fake introductory posts are being posted on Steemit.

Don't worry, I'm fine, I never do any posts for money, it's all just a hobby I do for fun, and thanks for looking out for me.

oh my heart!!
so happy that It was a joke
I know well you are a good person
I really thought the account was hacked

This was the third and final fake post that pushed me over the edge and made me teeter into the realms of dangerous lunatic:

oh got it !!
but she said she is a designer not pornstar

yes I did add that bit - but one of the other fake posts I saw recently said pornstar and I thought that was funnier - I can't seem to find the other posts now, so maybe they have been changed...

don't worry @sift666, I trust you

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