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RE: Introducing HonestBot - The First Steem Bid-Based Voting Bot that Guarantees a Positive Return-on-Investment

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It's because right now it takes a little less than 1 SBD to use up the bot's entire round fill limit. I'm working on getting more delegations for the bot. Between that and its incoming profits, it's value will grow. When that happens I can raise the max bid.


I think i will like to delegate to honest bot, however i have less than a 100 steem power, can this do honestbot or myself any good?

Even if you delegated all 100 Steem, that would only be about 1.8% of the bot's total SP, which would probably only net you 0.13 SBD per day in earnings if my math is right.

I would only recommend delegation to those who can afford more. For those who don't have as much, the best way to help is probably just to simply use the bot.

okay, thanks for the feedback, i tried to bid now, but was refunded due to bid round being over, how do we know bid time?

You can bid at any time. And the round wasn't over. You simply exceeded the bot's limit for that round. If you get refunded like that, just try bidding with a smaller amount.

This is the best place for me to post this comment:
I recommend to change the message: "The current bidding round is full. Please try again next round!"
"The current bidding round is full. Please try again next round, or send a smaller amount in this round"

This way, instead of discouraging some, it will make them comprehend what this bot is about and help you optimize your rounds' income.

I like your bot, and I would have liked and used it more if it upvoted comments too.
Nowadays, with dmania, I feel like comments are less garbage than main threads.
This is based on my personal experience.
If you prevent spammers from comment farming, they will turn to thread farming, and my mega argument is that comment farming in other people's posts is actually more likely to be revealed and fought against.
Your best possible counter argument can be, what if spammers comment farm in their own threads?
The good thing about it, is that then they will at least only spam in one place, their own thread, instead of spam the created section, and make it easier for future deletion by hard forks or some future solution, hopefully.

Thanks for your comments. I agree about the return message. I'm going to work with @yapabmatt soon to make some changes to the bot and this will certainly be one of them.

As for comment voting, it's something I'll think about. I hadn't considered it in the terms that you gave. Thanks for your perspective!

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okay thanks, would do

If you have more questions about payout, I wrote this post to explain the difference between apparent value and actual value.

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