Hello from the State of the DApps frontend!

Hello everyone! I usually avoid social media, but Steem is really cool and I'm gonna give this a try. So, like Fauve, I'm also an excited noob.

I do front-end related things at State of the DApps (UI/development/product strategy/whatever hat is needed at the time), and wanted to introduce myself. This post is partially to just say hi to all of you lovely people, but also so that if the State of the DApps website goes down, you know exactly who to yell at.

I'm based in Minneapolis, USA, but seem to slowly be making my way to over Europe (why not?!). I don't have any pictures of me sitting on Lego Santa's lap, but I have one of my cat and me. Hope that suffices!


Feel free to give me a shout if you have any thoughts, feelings, suggestions, or rants about the State of the DApps website. I like talking about design and code, so I plan on posting more about that here!



Welcome to steemit !!! I'm new here and I used to avoid social media too but I
I wanna give it a try like you. By the way... You have a cute cat !!

Thank you! Looks like you have a cute cat too!

Hey man, welcome to the community! Just joined recently myself and am looking forwards to getting to know folks. State of the DApps looks really clean and well put-together! Does anyone call it Steemcharts by any chance? XD

Hey there! Thanks for the kind words. Looks like Steemcharts is a separate site: https://steamcharts.com/. There's also Steem Apps https://steemapps.com/.

Welcome to Steem! You are going to love it here :D

Thanks! Seems like a great place already!

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Welcome to Steemit @robtango. 😀 Surely you'll love it here. 😀 Enjoy your Steemit journey. 😀 You will receive a little gift soon. 😀 Thanks to @flordecar26 for mentioning you here.
Bright blessings. 😀

Welcome brother , you made the right choice by joining us :) and about State of Dapps it's a great website :)

Thanks for the kind words!

my pleasure :)

Cute cat. You are awesome.

Welcome to steemit @robtango.

Welcome the new steemians. Have a great day!

Thanks, I'll check that out!

Cool intro and great job on the site's UI! Welcome to Steemit and to Europe where you can take a new picture sitting on Santa's lap in the Legoland of Danmark! ;) It's not too far from Joris' place I guess.

Welcome to Steem!

Thank you thank you!

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