Mindful Life: Honoured to Bring this New Community to Steemit

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When I started Natural Medicine, I did so with the express intent of involving meditators and yogis into the fold. Meditation and yoga has had by far the biggest impact on my life, and is often my saviour, so despite all the wonderful plant medicines, a healthy diet, exercise and all those OTHER natural medicines, it was this aspect that was in the forefront of my mind. However, Natural Medicine is a busy place, with lots going on, and it was hard to separate that aspect of 'natural health' from meditation or mindfulness practices.

And then, last week, I came across @bewithbreath, who wanted to form a list of meditators on Steemit. What if, I thought, we ran a group under the Natural Medicine banner, getting the benefits of a Natural Medicine upvote? @bewithbreath was keen to start a 'Meditation Hall' where we could run sessions for Steemians, and @tryskele, who started the #mindfulmonday tag, would do the curations. Read their introduction bios below - I'm thrilled to have them on the team! @porters, a vipassana meditator and a long time Natural Medicine contributor, will also be part of this too, helping moderate the channel and getting involved in the sweetness ways that only @porters can.



Because of all of the incredible health benefits of meditation and mindful practices, Natural Medicine always hoped to included meditators in this collective. Now, we're doing it in a way that hopefully you'll love.


Goals of 'Mindful Life'

  • To unite meditators across the Steem blockchain so that we can share and strengthen our own practices
  • To provide a space to discuss the philosophy, science and practical application of such practices in our lives
  • To inspire and motivate each other
  • To provide support if we might be struggling, connecting with like minded people who might offer solutions

Support for Members

  • By bringing this space into an already established group (@naturalmedicine) of over 700 followers, we are in the position to support your posts about living a mindful life by resteeming well produced posts and upvoting them. Currently, our vote is quite healthy and growing!
  • We will be publishing a curation post every Monday, curated by @tryseke who began the #mindfulmonday tag on Steemit. We are offering SBI rewards for the best post each week!
  • We hope to increase engagement through post promotion in Discord - see below.



  • @bewithbreath, @tryseke and @porters are our moderators for this channel (all experienced and passionate meditators), and they'll make you feel welcome when you arrive.
  • Delegate, drop your introduction in the 'introduce yourself' section for Natural Medicine, and your blog link in 'Meditator Blog Links' so we can find people and follow them easily.
  • Feel free to use 'mindful post promo' to promote your posts. Unlike the grand 'natural medicine' post promo, it's not compulsory to comment or upvote, BUT we do expect you don't always drop and run, but spend time interacting and commenting on each other's posts.
  • Feel free to drop the links of others in the channel, and invite others to this group.
  • @bewithbreath, who inspired @riverflows to create this group, is planning to run group meditations in the Meditation Hall - watch this space!
  • Feel free to use any of the footers under 'mindful life graphics' under your blog. There's also a gif you might enjoy!


We are really excited about this community, and welcome anyone who would like to take part. We'd appreciate resteeming of this post to get the word out across Steemit.

We have set a steembounty on this post so that you might earn a small steem reward for your interaction with this idea. What are your thoughts?

Looking forward to seeing you in 'Mindful Life'!

May you be happy

May you be healthy

May you be safe

May you live with ease


Mindful Life Needs YOU! Please consider delegating to by clicking any amount below to help support this project, hosted by @naturalmedicine, and it's members.

Minimum entry for membership is 20SP (free for members under 150SP). This helps support both those interested in natural medicines and meditation or mindfulness on the Steem Blockchain.

Join us on Discord here - we'd love to have you!


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Welcome to Steemit @riverflows :)

@naturalmedicine is my favorite place on the internet and I am so grateful for all you do to keep the community vibrant and engaging. Mindful life is a beautiful addition. Meditation and yoga are areas that I am very weak and yet I find fascinating. I look forward to seeing this group grow and thrive (And hopefully I'll learn a thing or two so I find the courage I need to dig deeper in these areas).


Thankyou... it's my favourite too and it's a real honour to work for you all. A lot of people would love to start or to hang out with others to motivate them so hopefully Mindful Life can fulfil this role!

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Oh! I'm actually loving this. Mindfulness is key and essential so it will definitely be effective and helpful here. Welcome!!!!


Awesome!!!! See you in NM!!

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Hello @riverflows

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Hi dear congratulations with this new group and account. I think @tryskele is the account you mean.
Good luck blogging

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This is just an another awesome creation you have committed to here on the Steem blockchain, as well as the benefit of sharing with others.

You never fail to amaze me with your ingenuity and the ceaseless sharing of your time and heart. Kudos to you!

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You are awesome. I love holistic medicine. Love that you are on Discord. I'm sharing this with everybody. Thanks. Liked. Shared.


Awesome. Looking forward to seeing you there!

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Hey, welcome to the community ♨️ wish you all the best ☺️

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I would love to be part of this group, just delegated 100SP. Tried the Discord link but it doesn't work for me.

Any way to send me a link ( perhaps on discord itself )

Would love to learn from - and share with - all these awesome people.


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Such a wonderful initiative. Will be so supportive and encouraging. ♥︎♥︎⚖️♥︎♥︎


Thanks @allyinspirit!!!

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Bienvenido @riachuelos, saludos desde Colombia, cuentas con mi voto a tus publicaciones, un seguidor y apoyo en esta gran comunidad. Exitos !!✌

Welcome to steemit! It's really a good platform for the enthusiast writers and for the people who want to share their good work with the world! ;)