Hello Steemians, I'm a web developer guy from Wyoming, Australia but I will be mainly posting about worms, black soldier flies (BSF) farming and related subjects.

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Welcome to steemit. Seems that you are keen on travelling. I aspire to be a web developer / programmer myself. Wish you all the best andgood luck on your steemit journey


Thanks for the welcoming message. Where are you from?

Sorry for the late reply, I don’t know how to get notification on new posts, eSteem and Streemian notification feature does not work for me for some reasons.


Very cool! I live in NYC, which is pretty much the opposite of your environment, but I'm a composting enthusiast and love to support our local farmers through our Greenmarket system. I also have a science background (although am now in fashion), another reason your post intrigues me. Finally, I could use a good window into nature now and then as there isn't much of that around here! I look forward to hearing what you have to say.

Nice to meet you. For me worm farming, gardening etc... is a way to get back closer to nature when our work in the opposite direction. For some people in urban areas, their worm bin is their little patch of nature. It’s refreshing and it feels good to know that not only I’m doing something for me but also for the environment.

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Man, am I ever glad you commented on my Ingress post. I love my worms and would like to try BSF for the chickens, but I live in northern Canada. I don't know what temps they need to live, but winters are bitter here and I've never seen them in the wild.

Anyhow, I'm now going to pick through your posts.


Hmm Canada will be a challenge. Although there are producers of BSFL there but they are doing indoor breeding under climate controlled conditions. My friend @thebluewormbim is from Canada too and is very knowledgeable in the subject of vermicomposting, BSFL, soil food web and many other related subjects. Check his stuffs out too

Welcome to the steemit community from me @adimulyadi from indonesia, i hope what you share and post is available in this steemit paltfrom. do not be saturated to work through every input available and get paid according to your work. welcome my return best for you friend

Welcome onboard! Hope you'll find it great in here..

Hi, welcome to steemit.

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Welcome. I started to follow you😃

Welcome on Steem Huy! Have fun!

Thanks for the welcome message and upvote and thanks for waiting that long for a response here lol. I've been reading your posts and still going thru the audio book about Steemit. Thanks for sharing all that knowledge, I still have so much to learn on this platform.

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