Introducing Project Eleven: A Blockchain-based Organization dedicated to bring Filipino Athletes, Esports Enthusiasts, Musicians and Artists into Steemit Community

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Brief Introduction

Project Eleven is an organized group based in the Philippines with the purpose of bringing sports, e-sports, music and arts into the blockchain ecosystem (particularly steemit) and to introduce to these communities the idea of decentralized social media platforms.

The organization is founded by @asbonclz, @paulthebeloved, @ruel.cedeno and @gailbelga which aims to create an exclusive community in the blockchain ecosystem for all Filipino athletes, e-sports enthusiasts as well as those thriving bright and underrated musicians and artists.

The team believes that the creation of such group in the country would not just help those people pursue their passion but also to empower them with the knowledge of the existence of such advance technology in the country.

Principles and Idea

We believe that it is our freedom to conquer our dreams and that financial problem should never be a hindrance towards reaching one’s goal. But one cannot simply deny the fact that money is a real threat to one’s vision.

Thus, with the difficulties in life that Filipinos are experiencing each day, one tends to sacrifice his/her passion as well as forget his/her dreams in order to live a better, brighter and sustainable life by engaging into the corporate rat race. Chasing a dream should never be a privilege but a choice!

Therefore, our team would like to propose a humble solution to this issue. With the increasing popularity that the blockchain technology has gained in the present, especially the Steemit platform, we believed that the idea of decentralized social media platform is a powerful tool in solving this problem.

How will the Organization work?

Project Eleven will reach out to as many Filipinos as possible (not limited to those people mentioned above) and will try to impart knowledge about this platform. The organization will also try to get them into the Steemit platform as well as guide them throughout their journey in the blockchain ecosystem for free.

The organization will then initiate and organize engaging-events powered by the technology of Steemit. We believe that this will attract more investors as well as develop collective curiosity about such idea. Through this, an opportunity will be open for all, especially for the younger generation.

Work Plan

In order to make this vision possible, we will instigate this idea in a small area, specifically here in Iligan City and other neighboring towns. We will then extend our responsibility depending on the gracious feedbacks as well as the support that we’ll receive.

With the initiation of this project, we will try to obtain partnerships with local business establishments and other small investors by teaching them how to make use of this advance technology (particularly the steemit platform) as an instrument to increase their revenue.

We know that with our current combined SP, we would not be able to give people with decent amount of reward through upvotes but we believe that we will be able to help them more efficiently through our simple ways.

How we treat Abuse in our organization?

We will not tolerate any abuse coming from any person in our team! Therefore, we will set rules and craft laws to guide us and to help us preserve our purpose. We will publish those rules and regulations anytime soon for transparency! Thank you!

Follow us and stay tuned for more updates!

- Chris, Paul, Ruel & Gail -


Sounds like a great idea! Upvoted!!

@project-eleven, welcome and congratulations on making your first post! I gave you a $.05 vote! If you would be so kind to give me a follow in return, that would be most kind of you!!

When you have list of usernames, you can give them to me. Read this post though. I will need allowed usernames and emails and there are some terms too. Please read through

Yes we will brother, thank you so much for your support :)

Welcome to Steemit @project-eleven!

I wish you much success and hope you find Steemit to be as rewarding and informative as I have.

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Oh yea, I have upvoted you and followed you. Many blessings from @introbot & @bycoleman

This looks promising!

Good luck with the project guys!

Thank you Asher! :)

That is a very worthy cause and wish you the best to further this.

We are thankful for your appreciation. May you support us :)

I am but a humble Red fish but will try my best!

Wow, thank you for your support idol!

count me in mga bes:)

Sure, thanks!

wow...God bless to the team @project-eleven Welcome to Steemit Community. Looking forward for your next post. See you around 😊

Thank you :)

@project-eleven this is a great initiative. I hope it is not exclusive for iligan alone. (which I am sure it's not). As we have a lot of athletes and artists that are wanting to be noticed all over the country. And this initiative open doors for everyone, including me. though I can't that my music is worth

you have my full-low SP support. :)

Yes, it will not be exclusive for Iligan but we're gonna start first in Iligan since we are still a small organization, thank you so much for your support :)

Just a good concept of engaging small but concentrated areas to add up more influence in the community! Kudos

Thank you Sir :)

Likewise! and more power in your campaign!

Filipino athletes are fast, strong, beautiful. Love them. My birthday is on an eleventh. So, I love that number. A special number for me. Thanks. Salamat.

Haha that's great! What a coincidence, salamat kabayan :)

Awesome. My neighbors in Oregon were Filipinos. Love them.

Filipinos are happy people :)

This is a great opportunity to showcase world class filipino talent, I salute you for bringing this up. Hope i can participate as well and also my friends.
More power and God blessed :)

Thank you so much! I hope we could visit your place soon :)

I think i need to part of this Project. How can i join @asbonclz?

Thank you for your interest in this project, we'll post an info about that as soon as we'd figure out a way how we can accept members :)

Nice. Ill be keeping in touch on this.

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welcome @project-eleven, you have a good concept ...I will support you with this project though I am not from Iligan :) God bless and Goodluck!!

Although we'll focus in Iligan first, we will support all the Filipinos :)

interesting and altruistic idea for Filipino artists and athletes. Good luck with your project.

An initiative that is pro Filipino , and I like it! I hope this thing will go into full blast because i want to join in Kabayan :)

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I think this is a great effort and I wish you all the best... If I can help you in any way, please let me know!

ps... I agree with you about the goals and have much experience in the Philippines as my wife is a filipina.. I wish you much success and be happy to support you if I can!

Great intro post you guys. I'm looking forward to watching @projecteleven grow and be a true asset to the Filipino community on and off Steemit.

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