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Hello my name is proctologic and i have been really sick for the last few years.

I got diagnosed as servere ADHD so i have defintetly been struggeling to be active on Steemit.

I still have manged to put all my energy to help out new users in the background in Steemit.Chat Discord and Telegram the last year but my own work is falling behind.

Im getting treatment for ADHD within a few weeks and hope to be able to focus to work with my own projects and start trading again as i was very successful after learned by my great mentor @fyrstikken

I hope you still bare with me after not beeing myself for the last two years and keep supporting me and my work here.

If you missed to read my last post its here.


Here is some old pictures from a photoshoot when i young and innocent.


collage-2017-10-31 (1).png

And now for the best part. Bunnys for the beutiful @patelicho that always supported me through my hardest times in life.

collage-2017-10-31 (2).png

This is my new setup for trading when i hopefully come back to life again.

Pink Panther is alway whatching my work.

2017-10-31 06.11.38.jpg

This is my new setup for trading when i hopefully come back to life again.

Peace out


Hey.. wow...You were such a cute and energetic kid... Hope ur still now... Wil pray your treatment goes well... Read a bit abt ADHD, hope u are back in full swing soon...

Well i wasent so cute a few years after that and even worse now

hey buddy I am near to 60 :D @proctologic :)

Best of luck with your treatment!!

I love your trading setup! And awesome with Bonnie Tyler at 4 in the morning. :)

Hey , how are you ?
welcome to steemit @protologic
following you now. :D
follow me back pls.

yea sure. dont forget to aprove my witness also

lol Autobots for introduceyourself ! am i right ? @proctologic ? :D

I like your pictures and the way you write. Thank you for sharing!
If you like to read about travels and circus life please welcome to my friends @annamur

Cute 😍😍

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