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IMG_20180218_095214_123.jpgBack to Philippines and try fulfill my dream here even I know its impossible here in our country, but i guess it’s really more fun in the Philippines so I decided to stay here for good.
And yet it’s not my happy ending, just like they told people come and go.

But I am stronger thanks to you "failure"

People says "the one who fall and get up is so much stronger that the one who never fell" yes i may say its true base on my experience in life am so much stronger and am ready to fight again and start again with confident.
Despite of all bad things happen in my life I was blessed because i have a friends and my family and because of our lord.
As of now i just want to enjoy life, eat, sleep, work, save, travel and basketball because Y.O.L.O.received_10156089405759376.jpeg

I give my thanks to @tjcdc for inviting me to this awesome community of steemit and introduce to me sir @surpassingoogle. And I want also to extend my thanks to @surpassinggoogle for supporting all the new in steemit. He even hosting the introduceyourself/introductorypost to introduce ourselves to steemit community. I am hoping for a good start in my career since I am a new in this kind of community.

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You are welcome.
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Welcome to steemit my friend. I would like to tell you two things.

  1. Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. "ALL THINGS"
    This scripture has kept me strong to accomplish many things I never thought possible.
    With out the Lords help, I would surely fail. We can rely on the Lord to enable us to that which others say is impossible!
  2. You have not failed unless you quit.
    We all make mistakes learn lessons and the hard lessons help us the most. I would encourage you to believe in yourself and then believe in Him who made you. You have not failed until you give up and quit. Know that He is able to perform in you what He he designed you to do.
    Romans 4:21 And being fully persuaded that, what he had promised, he was able also to perform.

Welcome to steemit community, you finally here heheh . please contenue to post quality content.


Ok lang naman po no quality basta funny ah 😂 kung whale ako iboboto ko #dmania posts 😂


Salamat carlo 😊


post more and more and more. and they will notice you, make a travel blogs make morethan 1000 words then the curie will come to you

welcome to steemit! Hope to see your next blog..


Thanks po 😊

Welcome Jhon, keep on steeming!



Thank you long 😊


congrats sa first dollar mo hehe


Haha english carabao lng

Welcome to steemit @popoy!


Thank you 😊

Hey kabayan.... Welcome here ar steemit.. Hope you'll enjoy it here..! We are from Gensan!


Hello.. thanks po hope you like my future blogs 😊

Welcome To Steemit!

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Appreciate! Thank you for the warm welcome sir 😊


You're welcome! I hope the information will help you grow quickly. I know the videos will!
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Welcome po sa Steemit! ;)


Thanks 😊

Kater quais enta popoy taal hina sawasawa shokol steemit,egi pulos masbot.miya miya alf alf. pa hihihi

Hello po 😊

welcome to steemitachievers and steemit nice meeting you kabayan 😀🇵🇭