Psychedelics: The Key to Escaping the Pharmaceutical Industry Trap


In 2015:

Today I only use medical marijuana:


I am on Steemit to help others learn about the dangers of pharmaceuticals and other substances, while encouraging harm reduction and individual freedom to ingest what you decide to. As well as promote voluntaryism and freedom through my writing and art.

I have personally gone through mental health issues, addiction, and dependency too. Due in large part, to the current healthcare system in the United States and its limitations. In future posts I aim to be radically intimate with you about the details of my travels through these strange experiences. I encourage you to read each of them at a time when you need someone to relate to, or if you are feeling disenchanted with the healthcare system...and really government in general.
I am a bit nervous about how this will go, but I am putting aside my perfectionism and those feeling of self-doubt to open up to total strangers and friends alike. Being radically intimate with you will be a journey in and of itself!
Thank you for taking the time to read my introduction, and I look forward to your future comments and input! Peace, Love, and Anarchy!

P.s. my Facebook for verification:




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Welcome to Steemit @peacepunk. I'm looking forward to your future posts about medical marijuana.

Thank you! I look forward to creating more content with cannabis as the focus. Is there anything you would like to see specifically?

@peacepunk, A warm welcome to Steemit. This is a great community and I know you will have a great time here.

I'm from Nigeria and I've made a lot of friends in Steemit, and I'm glad to meet you too.

Please never give out your password to anyone or through any link. Any request for your password might be to steal from you so be careful. Treat it like your bank code.

I want to invite you to join the discord channel #steemschools and we will teach and support you to grow up in Steemit, to choose the right topic to attract readers, to use the right tags to get more visibility, how to make quality posts and comments on Steemit, how to sell your products, business strategies and tips on how to make more money in steemit and in life.

Thank you for your help and lovely support! I haven't used discord in quite a while, and I might not want to return there. I will give it some thought, definately!

Hi Jordan! Your introduction is really awesome. You followed the introduction rules! Hope to see your next post! Have a great time here!😀☺️

I've done some homework about how this site works! (Okay so its not a lot, but I didn't show up to the party with no gift!). I sort of regret not making it longer, possibly? Haha oh well. No going back now! Thank you for your kindness :)

It takes courage to do this, well done. I believe you are on the right track; I also am off the government pills and turning to alternative medicine to heal me as and when I need it.

I am glad to hear you too are free of these toxins! I am sorry you had to go through it at all! Thank you for your support!

Welcome to Steemit @peacepunk!

I wish you much success and hope you find Steemit to be as rewarding and informative as I have.

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Oh yea, I have upvoted you and followed you. Many blessings from @introbot & @bycoleman

It is always nice to see new people posting in the cannabis and psychedelic tags.


Thank you for the warm welcome. I hope I can provide insightful and meaningful posts, while learning more about steemit in the days to come!

No problem. You should do fine here. It might be helpful to try to engage with people in the communities that you like to post in and that will yield the highest quality of follower. Plus commenting is often more profitable than posting when you are just starting out.

Great to have you in the community. I followed you and look forward to reading what you have to say.

You have got an amazing look... Welcome to steemit 🙋💃

Join us on our Steemschool discord channel using this link and get to learn about various niches...
Photography, arts, poetry, business amongst others...
The interesting part is we have people all over the world and we help each other grow...

Best wishes 👏👍

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Hey .. welcome to Steemit. Looking forward to hearing more of your story. That looks like a scary stack of pills there!!!!

Indeed it was. The idea of waking up immediately in withdrawals sends shivers up my back. I hope you enjoy the coming posts!

Welcome to the steemit tribe Jordan.. your gonna fit in here perfectly... looking forward to some GREEN posts from you... much love from India...

This really made me feel welcome, so thank you so very much!
I love cannabis, and I love the amazing things the plant can do!
Thank you for taking the time to welcome me!

Well m glad to have you here.
This is gonna be fun.. love how many Green Folk are joining us here...
Here we dont get good weed but we get some crazy Hash.. check out my posts, i like sharing my daily smoke-post.. looking forward to one from you..

I use meds which don't even treat my issues just because they are only ones to be working the best as possible. I think their efficiency is at most 20% or something like that. Never tried marijuana for a medical purpose but I wish I had an option to try it as a treatment in my country.

I am sorry that you have to go through that. That's part of the problem with pharmas, they do indeed work, its the way that they work that causes neurotoxicity. That and these chemicals weren't meant to be long-term solutions! If you ever get an opportunity to try cannabis, I would take it, personally. However your safety comes first, and if doing so puts you in danger in any way (government kidnapping/murdering you, in the case of the Philippines) I might not risk it myself depending on your location.
Maybe you can find other alternatives going through my future posts. :)

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hi @ Peacepunk ! Welcome to Steemit ! :) your pictures are so beautiful !

Thank you for your warm welcome! At one point I was a model, but it's not the life for me💙

Hola bienvenido a la gran familia steemit, ¿Quieres aprender como crecer en esta plataforma? acércate a nuestra comunidad, te enseñaremos con clases de Liderazgo, poesías, arte, negocios y comunicación.
Hello, welcome to the great steemit family. Do you want to learn how to grow on this platform? get closer to our community, we will teach you with classes of Leadership, poetry, art, business and communication.

Thank you for welcoming me! I don't know if I will be using discord for right now. But luckily I can return and use this comment in the furure.

Welcome to steemit, I'm looking forward to hearing your stories! In the meantime feel free to explore #cannabis community a bit :)

Thanks for the kind welcome! I perused for a bit. And I will return in due time.

Hi! Nice that your joining Steemit! And I love your intentions :) Great user name! Following if course :) you are living proof of how medicine should be and I hope that criminal pharma company's burn!! That's really an eye opener the amount of pills there in your pic. What are your favorites strains that replace these pills? And are you growing where you are?

I switch out strains often. However! Space Queen is like and ADHD medication, except toned to a mellowed, gentler, flow of awareness. I was really digging Blueberry last week. It depends on what the nearest dispensary has.

Growing in Arizona seems to have some lesser known issues than I had realized, after talking to a friend yesterday. The law states if you are a certain amount of miles from a dispensary, you can grow 12 plants with the Medical Marijuana card. The catch here, per what I was told by my friend, was that there is a mobile unit(s?) that drive all over the state. So no one can really, safely grow their own cannabis in this state. If that information is wrong-I do apologize!

Cool its good to know for the future as to what strains people are finding good uses for. Does anybody really still care so much about if its legal to grow weed or not?! You just don't tell anybody that your growing it :)

I would, except...ya know...civil forfeiture. Yay! Government keeping me safe from...affordable medicine!
And then proceeding to steal from me and my Tribe, after they kindly have removed me from the civilian population to rehabilitate me back into society as they see fit? Nah, ain't no body got time fo dat.

I need to be able to tell people what I've gone through. I need to show people there are still chances for connection, and love and growth. You have to leave Babylon/Matrix to see it I think. :)

It is unfortunate though. Just another reason to keep keeping on.

Oh yes,i left society around 8 years ago and have a better perspective since ;) following you and resteeming to spread awareness 😀

welcome @peacepunk to steemit, there is a great community of like minded folk on here. I have included you in my weekly post introducing new steemians. Have fun and let e know if you have any questions, check out @kennyskitchen he wrote a post about the best anarchists on steemit.

Thank you so much!! That is so very welcoming! :D
I actually know Kenny from Anarchopulco and Rainbow Gathering last year. Part of my inspiration, was due to his and other anarchists posting on Facebook. I am greatly pleased so far, but I do have concern it might become stressful or confusing. So knowing I have someone to ask already is a sweet feeling :)
I look forward to being a part of this community very much!

Well I wrote a well thought out reply, but it doesn't appear to have taken. Anyway, I deeply appreciate you including me in your post! I most certainly will have questions, in time. I have met with Kenny at past anarchist events. He's one of the many voices that led me here, actually. :)

no worries, it can be a bit slow in the beginning but stick with it. Also @kafkanarchy84 is another one to follow xx

Welcome to Steemit Jordan! That's a lot of damn pills. I'm sure it's been a crazy ride to get where you are today! Good luck on your new turn in life!

Its a trippy experience looking back.
Thanks for the welcome! :)
And thank you for your positive vibe.

@peacepunk ...welcome to this great community..I'm positive you'll do well , I've followed you, please do well to follow back..peace!

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Perfectionism is in me too hehe. So, even with comments. But I will try to just write something quick, submit, and walk away. Love your photos. I want government to get smaller. I hate drug prohibitions or prohibitions in general. I want to give individuals and families and small communities and businesses more choices and freedoms. I'm Oatmeal. You have fun hair and a beautiful smile. Yes, you make me smile. Nice to meet you, funny bunny Peace Punk Girl.

Awesome post peacepunk! looking forward to reading more on your experiences and insight.

Hey Jordan, I saw your post on the Anarchapulco page. So very glad you are here with us! I'm happy to hear you are benefiting from the healing power this herb has to offer. As a medical grower I can relate - Patients will throw boxes full of pills away upon recieving their meds from us.
Maybe we'll cross paths next year at the conference ♡ Wishing you all the best in your endeavors. Wish I was soaking up the AZ heat right about now, myself.

Interesting to meet people who share the same thoughts as me.
All those pills look messy as hell, so good to hear that the "illegal" plant is helping you.
Good to hear more from your experiences!