Oliver Janich, best-selling german libertarian author and investigative journalist is on steemit

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I want to introduce myself to the steemit community. I was a mainstream journalist for the three biggest newspaper companies in Germany (Springer, Bertelsmann and Burda). I wrote for The Financial Times Deutschland (ftd, now out of business) for example. I mention this because many of you will know The Financial Times which was the mother company. But I also wrote for Sueddeutsche Zeitung or Focus, which is the second biggest weekly newsmagazine in Germany.

My focus in the beginning was on stock markets and economics. But then I got my own column in Focus Money, which is the second largest weekly business magazine in Germany. This column was very popular because I wrote many things you would now consider „politically incorrect“. In that column I got more and more political, which was not to the amusement of my leading editor. But the chief editor liked it, because it was very popular. I got many letters that people are buying the magazine only because of that column.

I mention this, because that gave me more freedom to write what I want. First of all I fought the cause for liberty, since I got into the Austrian School of Economics. Even in business magazines this school was virtually unknown at that time. Now it is much more popular.

But what I also did, I got more and more involved into the so called "truth movement“. I realized that this is real investigative journalism, which is what I always wanted to do. I really hate injustice from my childhood on, I could not believe how much the mainstream media is lying to the people.

Thanks to my reputation I could persuade my chief editor to write a cover story which questioned the official narrativ of 9/11. Here is a synopsis in english:


I conspired a little bit with my colleagues (which is proof that conspiracies work and are totally normal) to do that, because we gave the article so late to the publisher of Focus Money that he would have had to stop the printing press, but he did not.

I later learned that some important manager of the company really liked the article, but the more powerful ones did not. After that, one of the publishers gave out the order that every one of my articles had to go over his table early enough to stop it, without stopping the printing press. I did a second article about 9/11 and after that they stopped working with me, which was easy because at that time I only was a freelancer, because I liked to work at home. Had I been a employee it would have been much harder to fire me, because of the socialist laws in Germany. :)

At the time when I was still working there, I formed a libertarian political party, called "Party of Reason“. I did that because in my weekly column i promised to do that if i got enough letters from my readers (now you would call it „up votes“). We got the biggest response in the history of that magazine. Later I was accused in the mainstream media of „misusing“ the column to promote the party. Of course this was ridiculous, because the column was the reason why I found the party and I had to report about that.

Thanks to Jeff Deist, who is now the president of the Ludwig von Mises Institute, I got a message from Ron Paul who praised our manifesto with the following words:

“I applaud the party of the reason for having written such an outstanding manifesto of freedom. It calls for the rule of law, stable money, low taxes and a doctrine of non-interference in defense policy. These principles apply to any free society, and these are the principles on which all libertarians around the world have to fight.“

At the end of my mainstream media career I started writing my first book. It was called „The capitalism conspiracy“. It was a bestseller on amazon, despite it was almost never mentioned in the mainstream media. Fortunately enough the book was praised by many scholars including the leading german Austrian economists like Prof. Hans-Hermann Hoppe, president and founder of the property and freedom society, Prof. Thorsten Polleit, now president of the Ludwig von Mises Institute Germany and Prof. Jörg Guido Hülsmann who is on the board too and like the others a senior Mises fellow. I can not thank these men enough to bring that attention to my book.

In this book I do not only explain the Austrian school of economics in easy words, I do a lot of investigative journalism there too. I expose many mainstream media lies like the global warming hoax or the overpopulation myth. And I explain who spreads these false ideas and why they do it. In a nutshell: It is the power elite and they do it to control the people.

Between my first and my second book I read „Democracy, the god that failed“ of Hans-Hermann Hoppe, which I think is the greatest living philosopher of our time (so i am even more proud that he also praised my second book). His book IMMEDIATELY turned me into an anarchist. It is impossible to defy his logic. In this great speech you can see the core of his thinking:


In my first book I did not mention anarchy, I only said the the state should only protect life and property of the people. In my second book I make the case for a „private law society“ as Hoppe puts it. It means anarchy. But the main topic is like the title of my book „The United States of Europe“ (an ever bigger bestseller on the so-called „Manager Magazin-List). I PROOF in this book with over 1000 sources that the so called power elite wants the United States of Europe as a necessary step towards the so called „New World Order“ which basically is a totalitarian world government.

I cannot emphasize enough that this is NOT a conspiracy theory, because I found enough documents were the members of the power elite admit their plans. This documents are just not mentioned in the mainstream media or if, then only in sidenotes. A big part of my book proofs that the European Union in the structure of today was already planned by the Nazis. Later the communists developed a similar plan, which is not surprising because you can PROOF that the Nazis AND the communists were financed by the same wall street bankers.

So, now I am writing for alternative media, unfortunately for most readers here, most of it is in german. But an updated version of my first book will probably come out in english next year and I will try to do more in english on steemit.

Right now I have more than 21.000 followers on Facebook and nearly 14.000 Followers on Youtube. Some of my Videos have more than 200.000 Views. So, I hope to convert many followers into steemit-users, because I think this could be the end of censored corporate media (including Facebook) and a great opportunity for truth and real justice.

I jumped on the boat, when i saw, that Jeff Berwick is here, for whose work I have a lot of respect. Unfortunately I did not meet him in person yet, but he was on the Youtube-Channel I co-founded in Munich during the Bilderberg Conference in Dresden. Here:

There are already many anarchists and truth loving people on steemit and I am happy, to be party of this (voluntarily chosen) community. In my next book I will describe how the blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and perhaps the steemit platform can eventually destroy all governments.


I think the governments will destroy themselves. If the people focus on building out decentralized mutually supporting community hubs that are more desirable than what the state offers it will starve to death. But I admit it is a race against time - so every action should be planned well.
Expose the fraud but focus even more energy on building the bridges to freedom. Both bitcoin and steemit are excellent bridges towards those maybe not so utopian anymore aspirations ;-)

I worry that although we might get a long way peacefully ... at some point the state will start to strike out violently to maintain its monopoly on violence

did anyone read all that?

Yes, I did. Excellent reads. I`d have a hard time naming you a single contemporary german author who has done more for the spreading of Libertarianism in Germany.

Nice, I'd like to know about the story too but you know I just joined so it's not kind of my thing. Can you gimme a "TLDR"? :)

Of his two books? The book about capitalism is basically an introduction to libertarianism in german. It is very well written in the sense that it is well explained in laymen terms. As for the other book, it also explores libertarianism, but also the not well known ideological roots of the European Union and the secretive circles it has been designed by.

Nice, I may want to know more about it in future!

I also did:) i read all of his books and also bought the focus money with 9/11 because of him^^

I also did. Seems one is already considered to be different if one has a longer attention span than a fruit fly. Reminds me that the idiocracy is real. A prophetic must watch movie.

To the english speaking audience: I pledge my reputation for Oliver. He is a long time personal friend from Munich and has done more for the popularising of libertarianism in Germany than any other contemporary german author. I know it`s really him, because I gave him a crash-course into Steemit. He is no geek or nerd, neither am I, and we are both fully aware that this is a severe handicap in here :-) But I am proud to say that it was me who gave him his first Bitcoin.
Anyway, I can totally vouch for his integrity and would highly recomend to empower him for the benefit of Voluntaryism in Germany (oh boy do we need it).
And as a free man, I take pride in the words: Ich bin ein Steemian. ;-)

PS: His focus on immigration is not my cup of tea, but I absolutely respect his honest concerns and he is a much of a bigot as our common hero Ron Paul. He`s just far more impulsive, louder and not as wise as the Grand Old Man of American Liberty, Ron Paul :-) (#santosubito)

I am definetly very wise. :)

Wellcome and good luck. I read your books- they are great and will open the eyes of most readers. But a lot of people won´t change there minds. Sad but true!


Hi Oliver, nice that you made it to steemit.I hope to see even more of the German Ancaps pouring in. Facebooks censorship is getting ridiculous. It will be destroyed by the market!

If you build it, they will come. I Just sign in. Greetings to everyone.

Oli, ich habe Dich mal zu passender Gelegenheit Jeff Berwick empfohlen. Ich hoffe, dass er Dich kontaktiert!

Welcome to Steemit!
If only your books turned out to be some fictional economic thrillers... ;-)
Thanks a lot they are NOT! I'm just literally inhaling "Das Kapitalismus Komplott". Great writing! Although I must admit I had to get into some smaller works of H. H. Hoppe first, after I read his comments on the back. But even with this heavy pre-conditioning I find your introduction to libertarianism and the Austrian economics very well done and easy to follow. This and the thriller style make the book easy to get into for newcomer.
"Die Vereinigten Staaten von Europa" are also waiting impatiently on the book shelf...

Great introduceyourself Oliver!
I read your second book "Die Vereinigten Staaten von Europa" just a few weeks ago and only can recommend it.

Thank you for writing here (let's get rid of facebook and the AAS-cencorship) and for your good work.

Welcome to steemit

Hold faithfulness and sincerity as first principles.

What things do you use every day?

Ha, this is my first post on steemit. I really like the idea and love it that many libertaians are here. Oliver will be the first guy I subscribe to. I love his content!

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