She's Back: Welcome Back Charu.

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My joy knows no bound today. My friend is back on Steemit and i have missed her so much. She lost the keys to her previous account; @thatindianlady and she is no longer the one operating that account again. Still don't know the whole story behind it but the person operating it now has been given control to continue using it by her, i guess.


She is now back but under different handle; @vibesforlife. Kindly follow her so she can feel more at home and welcome, and to get her back to the level she was before she left. She was away for many months. My excitement knows no bound today; pure joy.


She used to do selfie challenge where she gives out whaleshares every week. She is just too amazing and how Steemit missed her as well. She already promised to start her challenge once again and you can watch out for it. You can read her introductory post here and give her the support she deserves. She has given so much to most of us here and she has been a blessing to this platform, this is the time we can repay her at least, to some extent.


Welcome back my friend. You light up my excitement level this day. Thank you for reaching out again.

This is just to re-introduce her and i hope we show her the support she deserves. Thank you all.

Thank you for your time.

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Still me,

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Olawalium; (Love's chemical content, in human form). Take a dose today: doctor's order.



Hello everyone, How are you all doing today? Wanna keep up with what @tangerinetravels are up to? Kindly subscribe to their channel on YouTube, click like on their videos and in Maddie's voice "Gong that bell", so as to be notified every time they post new videos.

Their progress on YouTube has been so impressive, I would love you to be a part and be another reason to make them push further. Thanks in advance.


Follow @sprtshub, @stach and to keep up with the amazing stuffs going on in this amazing community. Decentralizing the offline and making impact everywhere. I am glad to be a part and it would be nice if you would too.

Join the discord server here:



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All the Best!!!

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Welcome back Charu, wishing you a the very good days on stomach just work harder and make new interesting and useful contents for us for steemit.. I appreciate you to come on stomach and one more thing if you don't mind I want to say to you that you are so beautiful

She is very beautiful. Thanks my friend.

Ohhh you knew her as well...😕 no doubt she is pretiest lady...👌 Good to see her back👍

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Really excited to see her back too. I have missed her too much. Thanks my friend.

Hey watch out....."to see her back"😕 make alot of meaning 😝 hahaha.....

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Hahahahahahahahahaha. Whatever meaning it has, i can live up to it.

Hahaha.....dont meant anytjing...just many people would take it diferently👍

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They need a very good scrubber and a cleanser to wash their thoughts hahahahahahahahaha.

Thanks my friend.

Lol.....may be need some hand too 😝

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Wao. This is nice @olawalium you always make everyone count. And to Charu @vibesforlife very good and without doubt all pleasure to have you here. I must also confesd you are very beautiful
Welcome back to steemit.

She is absolutely stunning. Thank you for your kind words brother, always appreciated.

Hello olawalium, welcome to Steemit. I will be following your work, Please feel free to check out my work and follow me. perhaps we can converse on each other works.

Hahaha did you even read what i posted?

Beautiful, glad she got it back.