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I'm Nigel, a 50 something photographer from Wokingham in the UK.

Not been known for my blogging but in an attempt to promote my work I need to start adapting.

I shoot both digital and film with a variety of cameras, most recently a Pentacon 6TL which this picture came from:

I'll add more as I go but looking forward to seeing what is going on.


welcome here....good luck

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Thank you

Hi @nigels. Welcome to steemit! Hope you'll like being here :)

Thanks :-)

Hi @nigels, thanks for beautiful intro, in order to support you i showed your picture in my blog. Please feel free to check the link below and if you like my effort then kindly donot forgot to upvote and follow me too. ;). If you donot like your reference in my post then just comment under that post, i will remove it.

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Thanks for the intro

Good Stuff, Welcome to steemit. Cant wait to see what content you will make . Have a great day

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Thank you